Saturday, September 22, 2012

Draper Estate Update!

Hello lovely readers!

I have to apologize that I've been a bit neglectful of my blog recently. The good news is that the reason is because I've been hard at work on writing projects! I've finished and submitted my manuscript for At Her Feet. Again, that is due for publication early next year. You know I will be blogging and tweeting about it closer to the date to let you know all about how you can download it. 

A second project I was working on hasn't gotten the green light yet so I am going to hold off telling you about it until it's certain. But I am extremely excited about the possibility! It is a new direction for me and one I find very intriguing. I hope you will too! 

Now I must get back to poor little Lilly and her nasty affliction. Have you missed her? I have! So I am very excited to get into Book Two of the Draper Estate Trilogy. What I thought I'd do for you blog readers is let you in on a little reveal here. And that is the title! Book Two is going to be called Sapphic Secrets. That gives you an idea of where Lilly's journey will take her this time around!

Would you like a little preview? I thought so! We pick up right where Book One left off...

Lillianne awoke with the now familiar aching throb between her legs.
                Oh! It seemed now there was never a moment’s respite.
                The air of the master bedroom was cool, almost cold and she hunkered down under the bedclothes and savoured the warmth they held. She was alone. Blessedly alone.
                In the soft, warm confines of her bed her hand sought the ache at her centre and cupped it, pressed down on it, tried to assuage it. It felt like that, like a comfort, at first.
Of course, the more she kneaded and pressed it, the more the ache grew, like a fire being slowly stoked. She pressed the covers to her mouth to stifle a groan and rocked herself back and forth in anguish. She shouldn’t. She knew she shouldn’t. Because of Dr Samms she was constantly monitored. Who knew when someone could come in? James. Celeste. Her darling Ewan who’d arisen from their marital bed but ten minutes earlier. But the ache persisted and once she’d started touching she felt powerless to stop.
                It felt so good. Ah, god, so good to have pressure there. Her body needed it. Craved it. And it wasn’t really so bad, was it, to just hold herself there? That’s really all it was. But after a few moments more her mind flitted back. To thoughts. Oh nasty thoughts. She shouldn’t be thinking them! Especially not in this way! But they were insidious little things, those perverted thoughts about what her housemaid Celeste had done to her.
                Celeste! Not only her housemaid but her confidante. Her best friend. What had the shy little blonde creature been thinking? What could have possessed her? But as the pressure and the pleasure mounted where Lilly held herself between her legs she couldn’t help but remember again how it felt to have Celeste do what she did.
                It’s the affliction, Lilly thought. My affliction makes me think these things! It will drive me mad! But once the memories took hold they cemented themselves there. Celeste, shaving Lilly bare between her legs per the doctor’s orders while Lilly’s arms and legs were pinned and powerless, leaving her skin exposed and oh so sensitive. And then. Oh god.
The unthinkable.
Her housemaid put her mouth there.
Her tongue! Right on the burning centre of her need, the pounding pulse of what drove her madness. And the worst part, the absolute worst part was what Lilly scarcely allowed herself to acknowledge. That to have Celeste’s slick tongue licking and licking that tortured bud of flesh was the most exquisite bliss.
                Out of her mind with lustful thoughts Lilly parted her legs wantonly, all thoughts of propriety and repercussions gone. In her mind her finger was Celeste’s tongue on her again but this time, oh this time it would finish what it started.
                The first touch of her finger on the sensitive tip of her clitoris was like heaven. Lilly gasped out, her starved body grateful, hungry and eager at the sensation of wonderful firm pressure directly on there again, just like Celeste had down with her talented tongue. Giddy now, she slicked her finger up and down fast and hard, feeling the paroxysm build, not slowly like the evil doctor forced her to endure, but quickly like her body wanted. ‘Oh god!’ she cried, as her body bucked beneath her hand. Her eyes squeezed shut, she couldn’t help but imagine her sweet friend’s blonde head between her legs, moving and working, that tongue laving. ‘Yes! Yes! Please! I need it. Please, Celeste. Please!’ Lilly whispered her tortured pleadings into her bedclothes as she frigged herself hard.
                Just as her body began to thrash over the edge of the most powerful paroxysm she’d ever endured, the bedroom door opened and then … Celeste was standing there.
 There you have it! If you're new to this blog and aren't familiar with this story, I invite you to click here to find out all about it. 

If you have ideas about the direction you'd like to see this go in, I would be very interested to hear. I can't promise to incorporate all ideas but the last time I invited people to email me story premises I was thrilled with the imaginative responses. It inspired this fun story that I am happy to report will be featured in Mischief's Bound and Bonded anthology due out soon.

Thanks for visiting and reading everyone! Hope to hear from you.



  1. Very nice. Good to see you hard at it, so to speak.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, JK! I do like being at hard things. Er, I mean hard at things... ;)

  2. KC -like most straight guys, images of two women enjoying each other explicitly is wonderful for me but, as ever, you portay this better than the best anyone else can do!!! Cunnilngus is a delight, the image of Celeste shaving Lily's pussy(God love to watch that!!) and then savouring, tasting her clit,her juices licking and sucking her swet hot bud, hot, u really should be marked with a health warning honey!! It isn't fair that u can do this to your readers but, er......please please don't stop, okay? XXX

    1. Thanks Alex! Hm, maybe I'll suggest to the publishers to put a health warning on. ;) I'm glad you enjoyed it so much and that it conjured such lovely images for you. I won't stop! It is a trilogy after all... there needs to be three!


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