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Kay Jaybee Visits My Blog!

I'm trying something new today, friends! Today I welcome author Kay Jaybee to my site. Kay is on a blog tour promoting her latest book and is graciously stopping by here with yours truly for a visit. Kay, welcome to my site! I hope we get lots of visitors to see you take my blog tour virginity. ;)

 The Voyeur - Blog week-Kyoko

Many thanks for letting me visit your site today to talk about my brand new e-novel from Xcite, The Voyeur.

Inspired by a two-part short story called Fantasy 13 which I wrote for the erotica web site Oysters and Chocolate back in 2007, The Voyeur tells the story of lovers Anya Grant and Clara Hooper, and how they help their employer to fulfil his list of kinkily erotic dreams.

Blurb- Wealthy business man and committed voyeur, Mark Parker, has a list of thirteen fantasies he is intent on turning into reality. Travelling between his London flat, his plush Oxfordshire mansion, and Discreet, his favourite S&M club; Mark is helped to realise his imaginatively dark erotic desires by two loyal members of his staff. His Personal Assistant, Anya Grant, and his Housekeeper, Clara Hooper.

Upon the backs of his willing slaves, Mark has written out his fantasy list in thick red pen. Only Fantasy 12 awaits the tick of completion against their flesh before Mark’s ultimate fantasy – Fantasy 13- can take place.
But have the girls performed well enough to succeed in the final challenge? And what hold does the Bridge's Gentleman's Club, Anya's previous employer, have over Mark? A place Anya was only too delighted to escape from.

In order to find out, Mark’s girls are going to have to face some of the fantasies they thought they’d left behind them all over again; and while they do, Mark will watch...

Despite their slave status, both Anya and Clara are professional women, who have chosen to be in Mark’s employment of Mark Parker- the ultimate voyeur. In the six months they have worked for Mark, he has barely touched them- but boy has he watched them in action!
As the novel progresses, we learn that Anya had been sworn to secrecy by Mark as to how she came to work for him; but if Fantasy 13- the toughest challenge on Mark’s list- is going to be completed successfully, then Clara is going to have to learn everything about Anya’s appointment as Mark’s PA, and her previously job at the antiquated, and rather strange, Bridge’s Gentleman’s Club...
Mark was behind his desk in his study, a mug of fresh, piping hot coffee in hand, when the knock on the door came. He snapped his open notebook closed, sat up straighter, and called, ‘Come in.’
He gestured toward the two leather seats in front of him, and the women sat, both crossing and re-crossing their stockinged legs, betraying their unease. They were only ever asked to sit down when they were about to hear something that would hurt, even when that something turned out to be physically worthwhile in the end.
‘I will fill in the boring background, Clara. Then, Anya, I’d like you to take over the story. You, after all, were the key player in that particular show.’ Pouring two extra cups of coffee, Mark passed them to his assistants, a considerate move that confused them both further. ‘So, it was almost six and a half months ago. I had been at a meeting at Bridge’s gentlemen’s club, trying to end my membership with them – and, more to the point, extract myself from my association with its antiquated attitudes. Anya –’ he gestured to the redhead fidgeting in her chair ‘– was working there as the sports and social secretary’s administrative assistant. A job in which she was totally wasted.’
A blush crossed Anya’s face, and despite the lingering ache that throbbed through her, she felt a warm glow. Mark had never praised her work before.
‘Anya was taking the minutes of a meeting of the club’s cricket team. There was a major match coming up if I remember rightly, and the Bridge’s manager had his sights firmly set on winning it. So much so that he decided an additional incentive was to be awarded along with the trophy, should his team win. I should also point out –’ Mark directed his attention to Clara ‘– that Bridge’s conditions of employment are not that dissimilar to my own, but without the luxury of choice. In other words, Anya had no idea that sexual services would be called upon alongside her excellent ability to type.’
Clara’s mouth fell open as she realised what Mark meant, but as she turned to question Anya, Mark shook his head. ‘No, not yet. You’ll have your chance to comment after your colleague has told her story. Anya, please take up the story. You needn’t go into all the details that occurred prior to you entering the study that day, just go from when you walked through the door, and tell Clara everything that happened.’
Shifting uncomfortably in her seat, Anya, looked at Clara apologetically, mentally counted to ten, and began.
‘I hadn’t been with the club long, and on that day I had been sent to Bridge’s main study by my immediate superior, Ms Hill, to take notes. Well, that was what I was told I was going to have to do. When I went in, the meeting had already started, and the manager, Dr Sparrow, was furious with me for interrupting. Ms Hill had set me up.
‘Anyway, Craig, the captain of the cricket team, was arguing with Dr Sparrow.’ Anya paused, and gestured toward her current boss. ‘Mark was sitting in the corner. I was sure he was there under sufferance.
‘Dr Sparrow’s face flushed angrily when he saw me. I’ll never forget his derogatory tone when he spoke. He pretty much snarled at me. “Miss Hooper. We are having a team talk. Perhaps Ms Hill did not explain to you that we asked not be interrupted.”
‘I stood there like an idiot, not sure what to do. Meanwhile, the team captain, Craig, totally ignored my presence and continued his argument. He went on and on about how Sparrow “couldn’t change the goal posts now”, before he was stopped in mid-flow by Dr Sparrow. I remember feeling as if a hundred eyes were fixed on me. Each team member appeared hostile, searching and hungry. All except for Mark. He just stared at me with open curiosity.’
Anya paused, licking her lips. She knew Clara would want more information, more details, so, after gaining permission from her boss, she continued, ‘Dr Sparrow was short, with a waistcoat under his suit, and small half-moon glasses that made him look like a retired banker. But it was Craig who was the centre of attention in the room. Pure lust radiated from his face. I felt as if he was silently screaming at me, “I will be in your knickers and have you begging before the day is out.” He was one of those men who is incredibly handsome, and is very well aware of the fact. A peacock; all perfect red hair, green eyes, and muscles. Too arrogant to be appealing, but at the same time hypnotic, and you just knew he’d be able to give you a good time, even though it was easier to hate him than like him.
‘I wanted to escape from the hostile atmosphere, so I simply said sorry, and retreated from the room as quickly as possible. As I shut the door behind me I heard Dr Sparrow say, “A punishment due there already, and for Ms Hill too; she should have explained the situation fully. Volunteers?”
‘Every fibre in my body told me to get out of there. Yet something stopped me running. As I said –’ Anya paused again, face flushed, feeling more uncomfortable in her confession than she had the previous night, when she was being fucked by a group of strangers ‘– there was something dangerous but very tempting about Craig. The way he always stared at me with open desire seemed to have seared itself onto my brain. I couldn’t help it; my nipples hardened at the thought of him. As I hurried back along the corridor to explain our mistake to Ms Hill, I could see Craig in my mind’s eye kissing my tits, his tongue moving over my breasts, teasing my teats.’
Lowering her eyes to her lap, watching her own hands as they clasped together in her lap, Anya went on, ‘I was really worried about what would happen when I told Ms Hill. All I could think about was what punishment I was due. I kept telling myself that the worst they could do was embarrass me with a telling off, but my imagination was simply running away with me. I’d heard so many exotically sexual tales about what that team got up to, and what happened at Bridge’s after I’d finished work for the day that I became more worried by the second. Until then I had dismissed them as jealous gossip from those who couldn’t afford to join the club in the first place.
‘Ms Hill was waiting for me in the office. The moment I sat down at my desk, she towered over me, telling me off for going into Dr Sparrow’s office during a match talk, and that, as it was her error as well, we would both be reprimanded.
‘I couldn’t believe it. The situation was getting more surreal by the second. I told her I was sorry; that it was simply a misunderstanding. I was determined to remain calm on the outside, but my heart was thudding like mad. I didn’t say anything else, but Ms Hill went crazy. She was like a banshee, shouting that I should never speak to her like that, and that I was ungrateful, and how “a little discipline would do you good, young lady”, even though I’d not spoken a word!
‘Rather than move away from me, Ms Hill loomed even closer, seriously invading my personal space. Her hand came to my throat, and she held it tightly, while her other hand gripped my right breast. I honestly can’t remember what happened next; it was all a bit of a blur. Somehow I extracted myself from her grip. I think I shouted at her to let me go, telling her I wasn’t into old women. That lie was definitely a mistake. The secretary grabbed my wrists and, pulling them behind me, her teeth came to my neck, biting into my skin before licking over the marks she’d made.
‘I know my body reacted to her touch. I know my breasts swelled and my pussy became damp, but at the same time I was repulsed by her – not to mention confused as fuck. With hindsight I wonder if she had actually wanted me to give in to her, or if she’d wanted me to fight harder and overcome her instead – seduce her somehow. All I did was struggle and squirm until I was out of her grasp, leaving her breathless, and very angry.’
Observing Clara’s struggle to keep her expression neutral, Mark was satisfied that Anya had kept her word, and never spoken about how she was introduced to this life. The more he watched his staff, the more convinced he became that he’d been right; this was the perfect way to ease them into Fantasy 13. Although he wouldn’t tell them that – not yet. As he inclined his head to Anya, encouraging her to go on, Mark’s dick stirred privately at the thought of the memory she was about to share.
‘Anyway, before Ms Hill could do or say anything else, the office door re-opened and Dr Sparrow came in, wordlessly ushering Ms Hill and me back to his study. The cricket team was reluctantly filing out, all except Craig, who sat proprietarily in a wing-backed chair near the window.
‘Although it was the presence of Craig that seemed to fill the room, it was Dr Sparrow who spoke. He told Ms Hill how disappointed he was in her; that I was new, and so could be excused this infraction with a warning, but that she needed reminding of her place.
‘Ms Hill demurely lowered her head, and Craig was told to get me a seat so I could witness the result of my superior’s error!
‘Pressing me into a large leather armchair, the cricket captain stood at my side, a hand placed firmly over my wrist to confirm I was not to move. I remember I began to tremble. There was an air of expectancy, and I could feel the presence of my own fear; it was almost tangible as the manager removed his secretary’s outer garments. I honestly couldn’t take in what was happening. Yet I stayed stock still, watching every move with an unreal fascination. All the while the heat of Craig’s hand grew on my arm.
‘Reduced to her underwear, Ms Hill didn’t appear any more vulnerable than before. Her steely eyes remained black and clear, and her greying hair was immaculate in its neat bun. That was when I realised the secretary was actually enjoying herself. In fact, it seemed appallingly obvious that she’d engineered the entire situation.’
Mark leant forward, his hand blatantly rubbing his cock through his trousers as he listened to his PA. ‘Tell Clara more. Everything that happened in that office. Every detail you can recall.’
Taking a mini-sip of her fast cooling coffee, Anya continued, ‘Pulling the belt from his waist, Dr Sparrow bound Ms Hill’s arms behind her back, removed her bra, and feasted on her small globes right in front of me. I felt hot and awkward as I was forced to observe, but every time I attempted to avert my gaze, something in me made me look again.
‘I simply couldn’t believe all the rumours I’d heard were true! Bridge’s was supposed to be a respectable establishment, for fuck’s sake, not some Victorian whorehouse. I tried to get up then, to get out of the room, but Craig had been expecting me to move, and increased his pressure on my wrist.
‘Dr Sparrow ordered Ms Hill to lie prostrate on the carpet. Once she was on the floor, the doctor pulled down her knickers, grabbed a ruler from his desk, and smacked her bony arse, forming a pink criss-cross pattern across her skin.
‘Ms Hill whimpered, and despite my instinctive revulsion, a treacherous want welled up between my thighs as I fidgeted on my seat. That was when Craig whispered, “This is doing it for you isn’t it?” into my ear.
‘I didn’t reply. I hadn’t trusted my voice not to betray me.
‘Dr Sparrow turned to Craig, and said, “Over to you captain.”
‘Craig let go of me and casually stripped. There was no denying it; he was gorgeous. Ms Hill said nothing, but the yearning in her eyes spoke volumes as Craig freed her arms and helped her to stand, positioning her against the edge of the desk. I could only stare as he entered her snatch, pumping fiercely until they both groaned with release and Craig pulled away. What really astounded me, was Ms Hill meekly saying, “Thank you, captain,” when it was all over, and she was retrieving her clothes.
‘Then, abruptly, Dr Sparrow and Ms Hill left with some excuse about making tea, and I was on my own with Craig. I remember every inch of me feeling as though it had been doused in ice, and yet I burning with some sort of fever. I was almost paralysed with erotic uncertainty.
‘Saying nothing as he pulled me forward, Craig tugged at my bra so my tits were pushed toward his greedy eyes. I’m embarrassed to say I knew that, there and then, he could do anything to me and I would welcome it. Panic rose in my throat, only to be overtaken by unbelievable lust as Craig worked on my breasts. First the left, then the right, winding his tongue around each nipple, moving at a leisurely pace across my aching globes. I was shaken with an orgasm before he’d even touched me with his elegant fingers; an orgasm I knew I should be ashamed of. Yet all I could do was think about what the hell it might be like if he touched my clit. Then Craig pulled away.
‘I can remember precisely what he said to me. The memory of his words will always haunt me. “You’ll have heard tales about us, I’m sure, and by the expression on your face, I think you’re beginning to believe them. They are mostly lies, of course, but this is London’s most exclusive sports club, and we take every aspect of sport very seriously indeed.” He sat up straighter then, held my chin in his hand, and forced me to meet his eyes, saying, “I think that will do for now. Tempting though it is to skewer you here and now, I think you should learn restraint; you climaxed far too quickly.”
‘That was it, really.’ Anya risked a look at Mark. ‘That was when I noticed you.’
Clara scanned the space between her lover and her employer, her mouth open, a million questions queuing up in her head. However, Mark spoke first, taking up the story.
‘I’d been sitting in the shadows in the far corner of the room. Dr Sparrow and Craig had known I was there. It had been Sparrow’s idea to let me observe events secretly. He knew of my voyeuristic preferences, and hoped if I saw the sort of thing that happened there I would be encouraged to stay as a club member. In fact, all he did was increase my desire to have a specialist staff of my own, a staff who I could enjoy in the same way; but a staff I knew wanted to be there, who were not cornered into a position like Anya was that day.
‘Once the others had gone, and Anya was left alone, shocked and aroused, I came out of hiding. It took some major reassuring to let her know that I wasn’t about to jump her. I asked Anya quite bluntly if my assumption that she liked women as well as men was correct.
Once Anya, blushing a beautiful crimson, told me this was indeed the case, I offered her a job, and got her the hell out of that place.’
Clara’s mouth hung open, and a faint stab of betrayal prickled through her. ‘You had a similar life to this before?’
Anya spoke softly, willing her partner to understand. ‘Not really. I wasn’t there more than a few weeks, and here I have choice. Here I can say no. Here I have you.’
Clara lowered her head a fraction, thinking hard about what Anya had said, knowing it was mad to feel jealous of Anya’s encounter with Mark. An encounter without her. After all, she should be grateful to her – for it was Anya who had found her and bought her here in the first place …

If you’d like to know what happened next, discover how Clara became Mark’s second slave, and see how the girls cope with Mark’s extreme list of fantasies, you can buy The Voyeur from Amazon UK, and all other good e-retailers.

Many thanks for letting me visit you today. xx

Bio- Kay Jaybee is the author of the BDSM erotic threesome novel The Voyeur (Xcite, 2012), e-novel Not Her Type: Erotic Adventures With A Delivery Man (OC Press, 2011) and the BDSM novel The Perfect Submissive (Xcite 2011), as well as the best selling novella, A Sticky Situation for The Secret Library anthology, Hungarian Rhapsody (Xcite 2012), plus the e-anthologies Yes Ma’am (Xcite, 2011), Quick Kink One and Quick Kink Two (Xcite e-books, 2010). She also wrote the sexy anthology The Collector (Austin & Macauley, 2008), which features the adventures of a writer, forever in the pursuit of tales of sexual adventure.
As well as being a regular contributor to , Kay has a number of stories published by Cleis Press (Best of the Best Women’s Erotica 2; Lips Like Sugar; Lust; Best Women’s Erotica 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012; Best Bondage Erotica 2012, Best Lesbian Romance, 2009, Sweet Love, Smooth, Gotta Have It, Sweet Confessions), Black Lace (Sex and Music, Sexy Little Numbers), Xcite Books (Ultimate Sin, Seriously Sexy Stocking Filler, Boy Fun, Sex at Work, Threesomes. Best of Both, Power Play, Tricks For Kicks), Xcite e-books (Pleasure Me, Perks of the Job, Cocktales: All Night Long, Kingmaker, Three For All, Flogging the Scarlet), Mammoth Books (The Mammoth Book of Lesbian Erotica), Penguin (Oysters and Chocolate; Erotic Stories of Every Flavor), Seal (Oysters and Chocolate; Nice Girls; Naughty Sex) Sweetmeats Press (Immoral Views) and Forum and Foreplay Magazines.
Kay is currently awaiting the publication of the novel Making Him Wait from Sweetmeats Press...
Details of Kay’s work, past, present and future can be found at


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