Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Get "Nymph" in Xcite's sexy new anthology, Dark Desires

Think vampires are sexy? Maybe if you’re in high school.

Vampires feed off human blood. But then there are Nymphs.

Nymphs feed off another kind of bodily fluid.

When Charlotte meets Ben the chemistry is instant and she knows there’s something different about him. More intense, erotic and alive. But when she finds there’s a certain oral act he seems reluctant to perform she wonders if she’s made a mistake. Maybe he isn’t for her. Then she finds out the reason why.

What Charlotte learns leads her into the most fiercely passionate and challenging sexual conundrum she’s ever experienced.

(Also available in paperback soon!)

Here's an excerpt:
That night Ben went down on her for the first time. But not without some strict ground rules.
“I’ll go slowly,” he told her as he caressed her and licked at her hardened nipples. “As slowly as I can. If you get close, you tell me. Give me a number, ten meaning coming, so I know when to back off.”
“What do you mean, ‘as slowly as I can’?”
“As you get excited, your nectar becomes more potent. It’s like your passion increases the vitality and makes it even sweeter, even more fulfilling. That’s why with Julie, it’s impossible to be sated. She doesn’t get excited. She’s only a temporary measure. But you…” His hand pressed gently against her mound and his eyes gleamed as some of her moisture leaked out into his palm. “You are so sweet,” he whispered as he brought his hand to his mouth and took her essence on his tongue.
Charlotte never knew there would be a difference between being licked and being tasted. Ben knelt before her, held her labia gently open with his thumbs, and when he dipped his tongue into her quim, he swirled it around as though he were licking delicious cream from a bowl. Then he placed his tongue very delicately on her clit and, true to his word, began to lick the swollen flesh very slowly. But the intensity of their union seemed at an ultimate level, her sensations felt as though they were being heightened by some unknown force. Her clit was so sensitive that, despite the slowness and the softness of his lapping, Charlotte could not help but cry out in ecstatic delirium. She felt the wetness pouring out of her and then Ben’s tongue dipping down to take in her juices. Then he went back to teasing her clit. Back and forth from her hole to her clit he worked his tongue. And even as she struggled against it, she could feel her orgasm looming. He kept his tongue moving slowly, but the slowness created its own delicious frustration. She panted and thrust her hips up as he lapped. She could tell how hard he was trying to hold back from increasing his pace. As he licked he moaned out how good she tasted.

Excerpt from "Lesson Learned"

One night Marcus had been teasing her for over an hour. Longer than usual. Hard and fast. Slow and soft. Stop, start. Over and over. Her pussy juices were everywhere. She was a quivering mass of jelly Marcus had strapped to the bed. All she could do was lie there helplessly and beg. ‘Please, Sir, please let me come.’
Marcus just chuckled, told her no, not yet, and continued on. Finally, he stopped.
He pulled his hand away. ‘I will let you come today,’ he said.
I get to come!
‘If you are obedient for a change, if you can follow instructions for once and be a good little slut, then I will gently rub you until you come. I will sail you over the edge and softly land you on the other side.’
Marcus paused. ‘But...’
Uh oh.
‘You have to follow instructions. I want to see you come. I want your eyes. But,’ he sighed, ‘I'm not in the mood to deal with any of your other bullshit today. You will lie there. You will keep your eyes open. You will look at me. You may breathe and you may blink but nothing more.’
‘One little move, one little gasp, you close your eyes one second longer than a blink and you will be punished. I will rub you hard and fast. I will throw you hurtling over the edge and then I won't stop.’
Oh no. Not that. Anything but that.
‘You will come hard and fast. Just like your horny little pussy wants. But then, for disobeying me, the clit torture will begin.’ He smiled then, looking down at her terrified eyes, a slow smile, sinister. ‘Oh yes, I know how sensitive your tiny clitty gets after you’ve come. Your punishment for disobedience will be me continuing to rub that sensitive little button. Maybe I'll lick it too. Mm, yes I think I will. Then you can scream and beg all you want because it won't fucking matter.’
Oh god, no.
‘Are you ready?’
‘Answer me.’
‘Yes, Sir.’
‘Then let's begin.’