Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Contest to Say "Thanks!"

Hello lovely readers!

Guess what?? I have BIG news! I now have my very first contract for a whole ebook all to myself. HarperCollins digital erotica imprint, Mischief Books, has offered me a contract for At Her Feet. Are you excited? Well, not that kind of excited, I know. But still! 

I owe a lot to you. For reading, for encouraging me, for being a muse, of sorts, with all of your posts on Tantalism. I want to offer you something to show my appreciation.

Let’s celebrate! Anybody interested can leave a comment for me, tweet me, send me an email, choose any method you like to send me a story idea. Choose a topic, a theme or a scenario you would like to see in words... I’ll choose one (I don’t know how I’ll choose. The most interesting? The most kinky? The most sordid? Or maybe I’ll just close my eyes and point…) and I’ll compose and post a brief story based on your suggestions. Your very own story written to your specifications!

What do you think? Do you like the idea? I hope so. Because again, I’m really thankful to you for your support of me.

So start sending your ideas! I can't wait to hear what kinky things you've been thinking. 


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday 5/26


Sorry there hasn't been much activity on my blog the past week. But I plan to have a little contest posted soon that I'm pretty excited about! So check back this week. The contest will be to celebrate my first novella contract with HarperCollins Mischief. And so I thought it fitting to have an excerpt from that novella, which will be titled At Her Feet, for Six Sentence Sunday this week. Here is subPaul seeing Mistress's new boots:
They were black. They were leather. They had straps and buckles twisting all around them. But the best part, the very best thing about them was that these boots – the straps and buckles of which announced I am your Mistress, don’t you dare fuck with me – were also open toed. And those red toe nails that peeped out whispered: Now bend down. And lick.

For information about Six Sentence Sunday click here. Comments? You know I love your comments! You know what to do. Remember to check in later in the week for the contest. Cheers everyone!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday 5/19

Hi everyone! I'm on my family final Canadian tour and I'm half in the bag as I post this. (In my defense, it's the long weekend, Victoria Day, May 2-4. We're celebrating the Queen. That's my story, blah, blah, blah.) So I apologize in advance; I have no idea if this is good or not. But this is a story that just got the green light last week and my editor pointed out this bit in particular as something he liked:

Her beautiful, slender, exquisite feet. Holding one in his hand after holding one in his dreams for so long made him yearn to kiss it. He looked up at her and she nodded knowingly. ‘One,’ she said. So he placed one reverent kiss on the top, as he inhaled her scent, the nylon brushing his lips.
The shushing sound of the nylon of her stocking against the hard leather of her shoe and the subtle pop as her heel slipped into place made his cock ache.
 As always, if you want to know more about Six Sentence Sunday, check out their website here.

Friday, May 18, 2012

I got interviewed by Carla Croft!

Carla Croft, a terrific writer of adult erotica, recently interviewed me for her blog. It was an honor to be asked and a lot of fun answering her questions! Here is one tiny excerpt from the interview...

CC: Okay, now there is one thing I've been dying to ask you. Can you remember the first erotic thing you ever wrote?

KC: I used to sit beside my boyfriend in English class in high school and we would pass smutty notes back and forth to each other. This was my first introduction to the power of the written word, particularly the written erotic word!

Now rush right over to Carla's blog to read the rest of the interview and learn more about all her hot words. Trust me, once you go the first time, you'll have to go again and again.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Interview with Ms. Carla Croft!

Friends, I'm doing something new today. My new friend, indie erotica writer Carla Croft, and I got on the topic of self-publishing the other day. Here is the resulting interview: 

KC: Carla, your stories are scorching hot, uh, I mean, they're self-published. Have you ever submitted your work to a publisher?

CC: Why thank you Kyoko. It's always nice to know that your work has hit the spot!
Yes, I have submitted my work to a publisher. My first book Letters Around Midnight: 12 Confessional Style Stories was published by Andrews UK.

KC: What were the pros to working with a publishing house? What were the cons?

CC: The pros are definitely that they take the strain of publishing off you. Andrews formatted the book and have pushed it out to many different outlets. They also did the cover design. In my view having a publishing house behind you still gives you more veritas than being an indie author. The publishing house will also make sure that no one is plagiarising your work. There are a lot of pros to working with a PH.

The cons? For me, I like control. So the cons are giving up that control. I like to write it, I like to edit it, I like to proof read it, do the cover, do the design. It's all me. I don't want to come over like a control freak, but I have a certain image in my mind of how I want the book to be. Doing it myself also means that I can keep costs down. The only thing I shell out for at the moment is the cover image. 

KC: What do you love about self-publishing? Is it a labour of love?

CC: It is a huge labour of love. Unless you've done it you don't appreciate how much work goes into it. But I enjoy everything about it. From the first moment the germ of an idea ferments into a story, to the pain of rewriting it time and again, to searching for a cover image, to the pushing of that edit button, to the looking at my sales figures every morning: it's all me. I have done that. I have created something from nothing. I love the whole process. I still get a thrill out of hitting that publish button. I do a happy dance around the room. It gives me such a high. And I learn a little with every book.

Believe it or not, I am the worst at starting things and not finishing them. I take up hobbies and leave them. But here I am working on my sixth book, five of which I have produced entirely by myself.  

KC: How did you learn to do the self-publishing? There are many options out there for doing it online...how did you sort it out? If someone else wanted to go that route, what are some of the mistakes you made in learning the process that others should avoid?

CC: That's a great question Kyoko. Typically of me I just dove straight in on my Kindle. The process was surprisingly almost painless. The instructions on the Amazon site were quite easy to follow, even for someone as bad with computers as I am. The thing I found most difficult was the formatting. You really do have to go step by step. But, if you are careful, then you should be able to work it out. I did have a screaming fit at the computer when it came to doing the Table of Contents. It wasn't pretty for an hour or two until I realised how to use Headings in Word properly. Once you figure that out it's plain sailing. When you upload the book to Amazon you get a preview of the book so you can make sure it looks okay, then you hit publish and bingo you’re an author.

Creating the covers is fun. I do my writing and covers on my Mac and have to download images, work them on iPages, use the Grab utility to get a ttif image, save that as a jpeg and then email it to my PC and use that to upload to Amazon. One day I will probably work out how to do it in half the time. I'm a great one for making my life difficult, LOL.
After I had done several books I found a free ebook from Smashwords on formatting. That’s my big tip: Get The Smashwords Style Guide by Mark Coker. It is a brilliant guide to formatting and setting up a table of contents. I wish I’d had that when I started. It works just as well for Amazon as it does for Smashwords.

My other big tip is to have fun doing it. There is no point otherwise. If you can't stand part of it and you want to make things easier, then you can outsource whatever part of the process you don't like. There are so many people out there who can format or do cover work for little cost. But it does mean you have to sell more to start making a profit.

KC: Speaking of profit, does it always pay for itself? I'm not going to ask you for your last tax reporting but just tell me, do you make enough to treat yourself to a new pair of Louboutins on a fairly regular basis?

CC: Well it hasn't made me rich yet! There are a lot of very talented people out there just scraping a living. But, this is a Cinderella industry. One break and you can make it big. That is part of the thrill. If you do make it big you have created something colossal. I am a great believer that you create your own luck in this world. I do not begrudge anyone any luck that they have. I wish everyone well. If I have been slogging away and get only a few sales and a newer author gets picked up by Tinsel Town with their first book well done to them. They obviously got something right.

KC: Carla, you obviously pour your heart into your self-published material and you can write. But let’s face it, not everyone does or can. Self-publishing can produce less than stellar results. There is great indie stuff out there but sometimes you have to search a bit to find that diamond in the rough! What tips would you give a reader who is looking for quality self-published material?

CC: There are so many authors out there and so many different approaches to the genre that it's very difficult to find what you are looking for. I review books that I have read if I enjoyed them. If I don't like them I don't review them. Some of the work I have reviewed is what I would call experimental and loved it. I suppose the only advice I could give to someone is, if you like reading, read. Read lots. Cram a whole load of stuff on your e-reader and just read. With prices as they are there is always good stuff to be found and you can get it downloaded on your e-reader straight away. There has never been a better time to be a reader and because of that there has never been a better time to be an indie author.

KC: Thanks for talking to me today, Carla!

CC: Thanks for having me. I have really enjoyed it.

To find out more about Carla's work, including how you can purchase her smoking hot anthologies and books, visit her blog.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday - 3

It's that time again! If you want to play or know what it's about, check it out here.
This week I am giving you another bit from my newest character: recently dumped cougar who's exploring her underlying sexuality for the first time. This is from earlier (than last week) in the story, when she's found her broken heart has one silver lining: she's lost weight.
I took my skinny ass to the mall and bought the hottest, sluttiest outfit I could find. Black, lots of skin, lots of cleavage. I put on all the makeup my mother forbade me from wearing in junior high.
And I went out.
Oh yes, there’s a new sheriff in town.
She’s fucking guys and not taking last names.
 So there you go! Comments? You know I want 'em! Don't be shy, post below!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Chapter 7

I haven't posted any of Lillianne's struggles recently so I thought I'd give you the next bit. FYI, I have submitted it to a publisher as a series so if you like it, wish me luck and send me all of your positive energy that they give it a green light!

James sat on his narrow single bed in his butler’s quarters, frustrated. Enraged. Damn that Lillianne. He knew from the beginning there was something about that woman. Harlot! How could he have let the wedding proceed?
            So much for the quiet, conventional married life he’d envisioned for his master. Lillianne became part of the household and turned everything upside down. Now that ridiculous Phillip Samms was here! Ewan was more distracted and unavailable than ever. Samms and his preposterous treatments. Using Draper Estate like his own nefarious playground. How could Ewan not see he was simply a misogynistic ne’er-do-well that was reeking havoc and making a mockery of his private life?
            All James had ever wanted was success for Ewan Draper, his lord and master. That was his duty to his profession, his calling, as butler of Draper Estate. Helping his lord have an appropriate, respectable home life so that he was free to achieve greatness with Draper Industries was James’s ultimate goal. Couldn’t his lordship see that?
Damn! James pounded his fist on his bed, let out a frustrated sigh and lay back, closing his eyes. An image of Ewan and Phillip in the library as his master dismissed him flashed in his mind. He grimaced in frustration even as the familiar stirrings took hold. He tried to ignore it. But the more he battled against his feelings the more his body insisted.
No. I will not, he told himself.
Sitting up he adjusted himself so that he could go to the kitchen and get a knife.

‘Please, Doctor! PLEASE! Oh god!’ Ewan could hear the shrieking and pleading as he was coming down the hall.
            He felt a potent mix of horrifying guilt and pounding arousal. He was late. He hadn’t meant to be. There had been a mix up with a vendor for the mill, a problem only he could attend to. By the time he’d finished up he was two hours late for his session with Lilly.
            After those first few days under Phillip’s care she’d pleaded with Ewan to do something, to change her treatment. It was the justification Ewan needed.
Ewan could barely admit it to himself, didn’t want to think too long about what it meant, but he hadn’t been enjoying fucking his wife after her therapy, her limp body lifeless under him while he pumped his seed perfunctorily into her. Not when the memory of what her thrashing pulsing body had felt like lived in his head. Lilly’s unhappiness was the excuse he gave himself to tell Phillip that he now wanted to be present to oversee his wife’s therapy. Phillip had initially balked but Ewan insisted. As he explained to Phillip, he felt it was only practical that he eventually assume management of his wife’s affliction himself and how could he learn to do so unless he was privy to how it was managed. They eventually came to a compromise. Phillip could begin with some testing, research to better understand the limitations and parameters of Lilly’s body and how it was affected, as he explained to Ewan. But he would not begin treatment and definitely not bring about paroxysm until Ewan was present.
            Now Ewan was two hours late. He could only imagine, based on the desperate pleading emitting from the lab, what kind of testing Dr. Phillip Samms was conducting.

It hadn’t been Phillip’s intention to break the agreement he and Ewan had come to. His session with Lillianne began quietly enough. He decided that the break from her physical treatment gave him a chance to delve into her psychological state, so he commenced with questioning her about her background. When had feelings of this nature started, what brought them on? As he continued along this vein he made a fascinating discovery. He couldn’t wait to do some testing based on what Lilly confessed to him about her time working at the mill.
            Next Phillip began showing Lilly various pictures, photographs he’d been able to come by thanks to his affiliation with Ms. Rodham, depicting men and women in various compromising positions. From what he’d read, only men became aroused by visual stimulation. Normal women did not. Hence, he wanted to gauge the nymphomaniac’s reactions to these explicit pictures. Lilly was initially shocked at the explicitness and looked away. But he could see that she was a naturally curious person. Or maybe it was her illness that compelled her to want to see these graphic portrayals. Yes, of course that’s it, Phillip thought. At any rate, he insisted she carefully study each flailing limb, each ecstatic expression, every exposed bit of flesh. At that point it was necessary to have her undress so he could proceed with a pelvic examination.
            As he suspected, he parted Lilly’s pubic hair and labia to reveal shining wetness inside her soft pink folds. She’d even gasped at his touch, so he naturally felt it necessary to restrain her.
            Ewan still had not arrived so, with his patient undressed and available in this way, Phillip decided to conduct some further physical testing. When Lilly protested, saying how her husband would be displeased he said, ‘Now, don’t worry Mrs. Draper. I’m not going to start slow paroxysm without Ewan. I’m simply checking some reactions and reflexes.’
            Phillip had seen before how his patient’s clitoris would stiffen like a small penis when aroused. But now he wanted to do more intensive investigation. Gently easing back the clitoral hood, he carefully used his finger to test the clitoris’s sensitivity in different areas. As Lilly panted and sighed, Phillip rubbed gently on one side, then the other. He flicked the little button rapidly, then stroked up underneath it. When he put his wet finger right under the stretched back hood and massaged in lazy circles, the volume of Lilly’s cries increased.
            ‘Now Lillianne. Control yourself,’ he admonished. ‘I haven’t even started your treatment yet.’  
Next, he took an artist’s paint brush, a tiny one meant for creating very intricate detail, and with its silky soft bristles dipped in Lilly’s seed, he painted her tiny nub with easy up and down strokes.
            Lilly’s limbs were shaking now. ‘Please, doctor,’ she said. ‘Remember,’ she puffed out, between gasps. ‘W-what my husband, oh god,’ she said as he continued with the paint brush. ‘He doesn’t want me to, ah! AH!’
            Phillip took the brush away. ‘Lillianne. I’m only using this tiny brush. It’s bristles are the softest, the lightest I could find. Surely you can manage to control yourself while I conduct these simple tests.’
            He went back to using the brush but Lilly simply could not seem to calm down. Phillip marveled at how, even with this tiny tool, her clitoris swelled and stiffened as big and hard as ever, possibly even more so.
            ‘The degree of this affliction never ceases to amaze me,’ Phillip murmured, flicking softly with the brush as he gazed at his patient’s bucking hips. Her cries reached a crescendo when he stopped. ‘Lillianne, Ewan will be here at any moment. You don’t want your husband to see you writhing and gyrating like a whore, do you?’
            ‘Well, do you?’
            ‘N-no, doctor.’
            ‘Very well,’ Phillip said. ‘Why don’t you take a second to breathe. Relax. Regain your composure. In a moment we’ll begin again, this time, I’m certain with more control. Ewan should be here very soon and then we can get on with your paroxysm.’
            ‘Yes, sir.’
            But of course, Ewan wasn’t there very soon.