Sunday, May 27, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday 5/26


Sorry there hasn't been much activity on my blog the past week. But I plan to have a little contest posted soon that I'm pretty excited about! So check back this week. The contest will be to celebrate my first novella contract with HarperCollins Mischief. And so I thought it fitting to have an excerpt from that novella, which will be titled At Her Feet, for Six Sentence Sunday this week. Here is subPaul seeing Mistress's new boots:
They were black. They were leather. They had straps and buckles twisting all around them. But the best part, the very best thing about them was that these boots – the straps and buckles of which announced I am your Mistress, don’t you dare fuck with me – were also open toed. And those red toe nails that peeped out whispered: Now bend down. And lick.

For information about Six Sentence Sunday click here. Comments? You know I love your comments! You know what to do. Remember to check in later in the week for the contest. Cheers everyone!


  1. There's a challenge in visual art: paint a portrait by painting a still life. Don't show the person, but show the table or desk or boudoir table from which they've just arisen to depart the room. You take up this challenge here, to great effect: one article of clothing, which gives you the sexual personality of the one who's about to wear it.

    1. Wow! Thank you so much for that amazing feedback E.P.! I really appreciate it!


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