Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Contest to Say "Thanks!"

Hello lovely readers!

Guess what?? I have BIG news! I now have my very first contract for a whole ebook all to myself. HarperCollins digital erotica imprint, Mischief Books, has offered me a contract for At Her Feet. Are you excited? Well, not that kind of excited, I know. But still! 

I owe a lot to you. For reading, for encouraging me, for being a muse, of sorts, with all of your posts on Tantalism. I want to offer you something to show my appreciation.

Let’s celebrate! Anybody interested can leave a comment for me, tweet me, send me an email, choose any method you like to send me a story idea. Choose a topic, a theme or a scenario you would like to see in words... I’ll choose one (I don’t know how I’ll choose. The most interesting? The most kinky? The most sordid? Or maybe I’ll just close my eyes and point…) and I’ll compose and post a brief story based on your suggestions. Your very own story written to your specifications!

What do you think? Do you like the idea? I hope so. Because again, I’m really thankful to you for your support of me.

So start sending your ideas! I can't wait to hear what kinky things you've been thinking. 



  1. Well honey u have had my idea, turned me on just telling u, lol!!! but all ur devoted fans know that whatever u choose 2 create will be erotically thrilling, provocative and deeply, primevally white hot.......keep exciting us all, KC please!! XXX

  2. One of my favorites has always been a team of teasers capturing my wife and I. In this scenario I am tied to a straight back chair at the foot of our bed facing it and she is tied spreadeagled on the bed. It can be any combination of teasers doing just about anything that teases. I almost always imagine a feather being lazily ran up and down and back and forth on my cock and her being teased unmercifully and tickled relentlessly.


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