Thursday, February 21, 2013

More release day fun!

Hello everyone!

I have more fun news to share with you on the eve of my book being released. That is, I have a release mate! If you're familiar with many of the other authors over at Mischief or with awesome UK erotica writers in general, then I'm sure she needs no introduction. Ms Justine Elyot is one of their best! And today she has a brand new book out too, Confessions of a Kinky Wife. Great title, huh? And check out the fun cover:

Justine and I thought it would be fun if we did a little cross interview in light of our books dropping the same day. So today you get to learn a little about another Mischief author and her kinky new book! Without further adieu, I give you... Justine Elyot!

KC: How did you start writing erotic fiction? Did you try any other genres? Do you write any other genres now? 

JE: I started with fanfiction, wanting to peek into the bedrooms of my favourite characters. For some reason they didn't tell me to get out. Perhaps they're exhibitionists. 

I hadn't written in any other genre before selling my first erotic story, but always wanted to write historical fiction. Watch this space. 

KC: Tell us how the magic happens! Where do you write? How do you get inspiration? 

I write in my living room and inspiration comes from all over the place. Really, most of what I write has been in my head for a long, long time – decades, in some cases. Now and again I'll get an idea for something new, but it usually creeps up on me with a cosh. I don't go looking for inspiration – it's an elusive swine anyway. 

KC: How much of Justine Elyot is in Philippa? Have you wondered what being a submissive woman in the 21st century means for sexual equality? 

JE: I wanted Philippa to be as close as possible to an 'everywoman' kind of character – and I'm certainly not that, so she's not terribly like me, although we do share some characteristics. An interest in kink for one thing…haha. 

As for wondering about the implications of being a submissive woman in the 21st century – I rarely do anything else! I always felt guilty for having these feelings when younger, as if I were spitting on the grave of the Pankhursts or whatever. To be honest, I don't think I've come to terms with it even now. 

KC: What are your thoughts on the balance of power between a Dom and a sub? 

I know it's called power exchange, but the whole relationship hinges on how much each partner is enjoying it. So I think it's actually pretty balanced. 

KC: What do you think drives people who want to explore spanking or other types of corporal punishment in their sexual relationships? 

It turns them on. Before trying it out, people will have been fantasising about it. I think it's predisposition in some people, curiosity in others. 

KC: Do you have ideas about how to approach a partner if you want to explore aspects of BDSM and your relationship has been vanilla? (I’m asking for a friend…;) 

Hahaha! Buy one of my books and leave it lying around? I think it's easier nowadays, with information about sexuality and kink being much more freely available and accessible online. It takes confidence and nerve to just bring the subject up, but that's probably better in the long run than trying to drop a million hints. 

KC: What’s your favourite kinky movie and why? 

I haven't watched that many kinky movies, strangely enough. I get embarrassed. I do love Secretary though. 

KC: What’s your favourite quote and why? 

I don't have one particular favourite. Re-reading Pride and Prejudice the other day I clapped my hands at Miss Bingley's line 'How much sooner one tires of anything than of a book'. Well said, Miss B (however insincerely). 

KC: What’s your favourite part of writing? 

JE: Living in a fantasy world and getting paid for it. 

KC: Can you tell us what you’re working on at the moment? 

JE: I'm working on several things – a Victorian erotic novel, a country house romance and a non-erotic historical series. Two of these have homes with publishers, the other is still at an early stage. 

Thank you to Justine for stopping by! To get your copy of Kinky Wife, here are the links:

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Next Big Thing Blog Hop!

My friends, my book drops tomorrow and I'm such a scatterbrain that I didn't realize it was tomorrow until someone pointed it out to me a mere hour ago. Gah! Somehow I got it in my head there were still a couple of days. This is where being in Australia helps. We are ahead of the rest of the world, time-wise! Helpful for scatterbrained authors who need time pulling themselves together. :)

So as part of the introduction for it, I am participating in a blog hop. What is a blog hop? When I first looked at it I thought, oh no, this is a chain letter! What have I gotten myself into! Fear not, fellow authors and good readers. You don’t have to send annoying missives to friends and family, nobody is promising you a million dollars and nothing drastic will befall you if you decide to turn away. (But please don’t! :) Basically, it’s a way for readers to discover authors new to them. I hope you'll find new-to-you authors whose works you enjoy. On this stop on the blog hop, you'll find a bit of information on me and one of my books and links to three other authors you can explore!

Thanks to fellow author Tenille Brown for inviting me to participate in this event. You can click the following link to learn more about Tenille and her work. Website:

In this blog hop I have answered ten questions about my book, giving you a sneak peek. I’ve also included some behind-the-scenes information about how and why I write what I write--the characters, inspirations, plotting and other choices I make. The other authors on the blog hop will do the same. I hope you enjoy it!

Please feel free to comment and share your thoughts and questions. Here is my Next Big Thing!

1: What is the working title of your book?

There’s actually a story here. First, a little confession. I hate coming up with titles! Well, I shouldn’t say I hate it. I just find it really difficult. What’s in a name, and all that. How do you put together a few words to encapsulate the essence of your book? You want something intriguing and alluring but not trite or cheesy or wordy. I take it very seriously. For this book I brainstormed, I researched, I sent a short list to my editor and I even posted a poll on my blog. At long last I came up with At Her Feet. I loved that title! And then the powers that be came along and changed it to For Her Pleasure. Lol. That’s the way it goes, my friends! And I had to trust that those ‘powers be’ for a reason. So For Her Pleasure it is. I hope you like it.

2: Where did the idea come from for the book?

It came from two short stories I wrote that appeared in the Mischief titles My Secret Life and Captivated.

3. What genre does your book come under?

Like my previous books, it’s erotica. Unlike my previous books, it’s my first foray into femdom. 

4: Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?

While I wrote I strongly had the image of Christina Hendricks as Joan in the tv show Mad Men in mind as the character of Mistress. I even named my character Joan. For subPaul I envision someone very straight looking, attractive but not glamorously so. Someone like Colin Firth. . If you want to see more of the images I had in my head while writing, have a look at my Pinterest board here.

5: What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?

When a married man with a secret shame chairs the sexual harassment committee at his work and comes under the spell of his bombshell colleague, he finds submitting to her plunges him into his deepest desires…but threatens everything he has.

6: Is your book self-published, published by an independent publisher, or represented by an agency?

It’s published by HarperCollins UK erotica imprint, Mischief Books.

7: How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

The characters and plot had been brewing for quite some time but the actual writing took approximately four months. Also, I was writing in the midst of moving my family from Canada to Australia! So that impacted the writing time.

8: What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?

Believe it or not, I hadn’t read any femdom before I wrote my book. Since writing it I’ve read a little bit, but I’ve only just started scratching the femdom surface. One of the few I’ve read is Charlotte Stein’s Power Play, the cover of which, incidentally, was the inspiration for the lovely big orange heel on my cover! I’m a huge fan of Charlotte’s work and while I think we approach this subgenre differently, I would recommend anything of hers.

9: Who or what inspired you to write this book?

The idea of a person transforming shame into a source of powerful arousal is something I find endlessly fascinating and was really the inspiration for me to give these short story characters a whole book. That a person could find the strength to embrace something that has tortured him and turn it into something positive just makes me want to stand up and applaud!

10: What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?

Anyone into foot play, anyone with a shoe kink, anyone into sensual domination and erotic humiliation I hope will find this book enjoyable. And if you’re new to any of those things but have an open mind and a fun, playful attitude to exploring sexuality then I would invite you to have a look too! I’m always interested in hearing what readers think, positive or negative. So always feel free to tweet, comment or message me!

Below you will find authors who will be joining me by blogging, next Wednesday. Do be sure to bookmark and add them to your calendars for updates on WIPs and New Releases! And stay check back with me tomorrow when I will be doing a special blog swap with the amazing Justine Elyot... who just happens to be release mates with me over at Mischief Books.

Happy Writing and Reading!

Lula Lisbon 
Madelynne Ellis
Carla Croft 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

For Her Pleasure

Hello everyone!

As I'm gearing up for the release of my first HarperCollins single author title, it occurs to me that I haven't actually talked about the content of this book for quite some time. While I was writing and submitting it I would often post excerpts. Plus, it is based on previously published short stories (that appear here and here, if you're interested). But if you're new to my blog and/or haven't read either of those stories then you won't know anything about this new book. I should probably do something about that, huh?

For Her Pleasure is a femdom novella. If the idea of femdom scares you or doesn't interest you or is something you think is really weird and you don't get it... I'll ask you to go with me a bit on this. You might be surprised. Because, before I started writing in this subgenre, I was like you. But when I started delving into these characters I found a great new source of kinky fun! And if you are already into femdom then I hope you'll find a fresh perspective here. 

This story is about what happens when you have a secret shame... that you start to embrace. Instead of running away from it you run towards it. This is what happens to subPaul. Together with his Mistress he learns that sometimes, when you accept the thing that torments you, it can be the beginning of a brand new life. 

Here is the blurb:

Imagine an average guy with a wife, a job, average house, average car, average sex life… Well, not exactly. He has a secret he finds so embarrassing that he never talks to anyone about it. And then one day he meets her…

An architect chairs the newly formed Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Committee. When the consultant he hires to help him organize the new committee turns out to be a red haired bombshell, he tries to rein in his untoward thoughts.

But when she uncovers his embarrassing little secrets, this married man ends up in a relationship that’s so wrong on every level of his carefully put together life.
How long will he let his burning carnal desires threaten everything he’s worked so hard for?

Here is an excerpt:

When he got back to his office she was stretched out on the leather sofa beneath the large picture window that looked out high over the city. Her feet were up, Kate Spade heels on the floor. Again, those red toenails.

            He shut the door behind him.

            ‘I hope you don’t mind,’ she said. ‘I made myself comfortable while I was waiting. Been on my feet all day.’ The look she gave him then could only be described as imploring. Imploring in a way that sucked his gaze back to those gorgeous feet. An inexplicably helpless feeling bloomed in his chest.

            ‘Have a seat,’ she said, indicating the sofa beside her.

            He settled uncomfortably at the other end, not knowing where to look or how to position his body. She chuckled. ‘A little closer, silly,’ she said, lifting her foot up, offering it to him as he moved closer. He blushed but took it, gently. Her foot was surprisingly small and slender, the skin pale so the red toenails stood out sharply.

            His mind raced. Raced. Everything in his brain screamed how wrong this was, how they were the two people in the entire building most aware of the wrongness, charged as they were with informing the entire company on the intricacies of how wrong everything about a man touching a woman’s foot in a work setting was.

Especially when said man was pitching a tent in his pants.

But he absolutely could not stop. His dick screamed back at his brain to shut the fuck up, just shut up for once and let me have this one.

Well, what harm would a little consensual foot rub do? That was the key word, right? Consensual. He began to massage slowly.

            ‘Wait a second.’ He looked up. ‘Turn to me a little,’ she said. ‘That’s right. Now lift your knee up onto the couch.’ He did so and jumped as she placed her other foot gently but firmly against his crotch. ‘Keep rubbing,’ she commanded, gesturing at the foot in his hand. ‘I just want to make sure you’re not getting excited.’ Fire exploded in his face. He looked away from her, at her foot, then looked away from that.

She laughed. ‘It’s OK,’ she cooed. ‘I know you like my feet. And I do need a foot rub right now. So you rub my foot.’ He hesitated. ‘Do it,’ she said, not laughing now. ‘But I just need to make sure, you know, for legal reasons, that you’re not being a disgusting pervert and getting all excited about my pretty feet. I need to make sure this foot rub is just about you doing something I’ve asked you to do for me. Alright? For massage therapy purposes.’

How could he be so confused and at the same time his dick be growing? Did she mean it? Of course she didn’t, but he couldn’t be sure.

He rubbed, obediently trying to clear his mind, trying to think of anything but her slim foot in his hands. But there was also the pressure of her other foot against him. And then she started making little noises. Little whimpers, groans of pleasure. ‘Mmm, that’s right,’ she purred. ‘Ooo, right there, that feels so good.’  He was helpless. He sat helplessly rubbing her sexy foot while his cock grew with a mind of its own.

‘Oh my god, what is going on?’ She looked at him. ‘I can feel you, you know,’ she said, wiggling her toes against his stiffness, only worsening matters. ‘God, what horny little thoughts are going through your head? Was it the noises I was making?’ she chided. ‘I was only enjoying the foot rub! You weren’t thinking that’s what I sound like when I fuck, were you?’ Oh! To hear that word. To hear that word come out of her mouth. It hung in the air, like a spark, like an echo. A mere half hour ago she had been standing in the conference room lecturing on what constituted inappropriate language in the workplace! But he could not deny that he had never heard that word sound so fucking sexy ever before. A hard slap of a word and when she said it he immediately wanted nothing more than to do it. With her. Now.

He stared into his lap, unable to respond. ‘Well, if you are going to act like a horny, little dog, then that’s how I’m going to have to treat you.’

This is how it was that the chair of the sexual harassment committee of X Architects found himself on all fours on the floor in front of this goddess, pants around his knees, praying, hoping against hope that no one opened the door to his office that he didn’t think to lock, while he humped his straining shaft against her foot like some kind of human lap dog.

It was sheer and utter madness. And he was powerless against it.

Even though she didn’t make it easy for him, did things like swing her foot away, complain that he was going too fast, laugh, force him to keep all four limbs on the ground, to not use his hands, even still his little problem reared its ugly head.

He spurted, hips helplessly bucking, after two minutes.

Oh no.

Here it comes.

He knelt in front of her and braced himself. He steeled himself against the familiar onslaught of feeling – frustration, anger, shame – that always raged through him like a firestorm, burning through everything in its path. But instead of the usual reactions of disappointment, pity, anger or worse, the yawning silence, pregnant with judgments and unspoken resentment, there was something different.

Giggling. Like tinsel. Like glasses chinking together, crystal laughter.

‘My, my, my, we are the eager little beaver, aren’t we?’

Heat rose, he could hear the blood pump through the vessels in his head.

‘That’s OK, sweetie,’ she said and she leaned over, put her lips right next to his ear, so he could feel her breath on his skin. ‘Mistress has all sorts of ways of dealing with a horny little puppy like you,’ she whispered.

Oh fuck.

‘Starting with,’ she said, dipping her finger in the creamy mess on her foot, ‘rubbing your nose in it.’ She swiped her finger across the space between his nose and his upper lip. A moustache of his own shame. The sharp, acrid odour immediately brought a fresh jolt of humiliation. ‘You may not rub or wash that off,’ she announced. She took his chin with her fingers, stared right into his eyes. His heart pounded in terror. ‘You will wear your disgusting mess on your face. It will be there for all of the rest of your meetings today.’ Oh god. ‘And when you go home and kiss your wife.’ Oh god! ‘And when you put your head on your pillow tonight.’ She sighed then, closed those gorgeous eyes and smiled.  ‘When you have your shower tomorrow morning you may wash it off then.’ He realized then he wasn’t breathing and took in a gasping breath.

And suddenly he realized something else. Something astounding.

He was hard again. Harder than he had been the first time.

There was shame. But no anger. There was humiliation. But no frustration.

Pure humiliation. Not blazing, like the white hot heat of the firestorm of his secret torment, but rolling in slowly, like molasses, covering him, turning his insides liquid, enveloping him in a mass of humility, shrinking him down, making him want to place his hard, needy little cock before her in an act of complete submission.

And what she did then made it throb and ache even more.

She leaned in and placed the smallest little kiss with her full, soft, pouty red lips right on the tip of his nose. Like the period at the end of a sentence.

There it was. Just like that. Turned a hair to the left. His torment died.

His kink was born.

You can pre-order it today here or here.

Questions? Comments? You know I want to hear from you! 




Friday, February 1, 2013

Cover Love

Oh my friends! I'm so very excited this morning to tell you that I was just sent the cover art for my new book, my first one with HarperCollins Mischief Books... and I love it! 

It's clean and simple and bold with clean lines, fresh colour and a slighty retro look about it. It's almost got a bit of a Mad Men feel, which is awesome since I totally had Christina Hendricks as Joan in mind when I wrote the Mistress character. 

Do you wanna see it?? Do ya? Huh? Huh? 

Oh, come on! You know how I love to tease! 

Okay. Here it is!

So what do you think? 

Here is the blurb...

Imagine a man. Just a regular man. An average guy with a wife, a job, average house, average car, average sex life… Well, not exactly. He has a secret. A secret he finds so embarrassing that he never talks to anyone about it, he barely acknowledges it himself. And then one day he meets her.

An architect chairs the newly formed Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Committee. When the consultant he hires to help him organize the new committee turns out to be a red haired bombshell, he tries to rein in his untoward thoughts. But when she uncovers his embarrassing little secrets, this married man ends up in a relationship that’s so wrong on every level of his carefully put together life. All except one. How long will he let his burning carnal desires threaten everything he’s worked so hard for?

This is a story about perspective. It’s a story about the ephemeral nature of truth. It’s a story about what can happen when you give your power over to someone willingly, as a gift. And how it can change your life.