Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Get "Nymph" in Xcite's sexy new anthology, Dark Desires

Think vampires are sexy? Maybe if you’re in high school.

Vampires feed off human blood. But then there are Nymphs.

Nymphs feed off another kind of bodily fluid.

When Charlotte meets Ben the chemistry is instant and she knows there’s something different about him. More intense, erotic and alive. But when she finds there’s a certain oral act he seems reluctant to perform she wonders if she’s made a mistake. Maybe he isn’t for her. Then she finds out the reason why.

What Charlotte learns leads her into the most fiercely passionate and challenging sexual conundrum she’s ever experienced.

(Also available in paperback soon!)

Here's an excerpt:
That night Ben went down on her for the first time. But not without some strict ground rules.
“I’ll go slowly,” he told her as he caressed her and licked at her hardened nipples. “As slowly as I can. If you get close, you tell me. Give me a number, ten meaning coming, so I know when to back off.”
“What do you mean, ‘as slowly as I can’?”
“As you get excited, your nectar becomes more potent. It’s like your passion increases the vitality and makes it even sweeter, even more fulfilling. That’s why with Julie, it’s impossible to be sated. She doesn’t get excited. She’s only a temporary measure. But you…” His hand pressed gently against her mound and his eyes gleamed as some of her moisture leaked out into his palm. “You are so sweet,” he whispered as he brought his hand to his mouth and took her essence on his tongue.
Charlotte never knew there would be a difference between being licked and being tasted. Ben knelt before her, held her labia gently open with his thumbs, and when he dipped his tongue into her quim, he swirled it around as though he were licking delicious cream from a bowl. Then he placed his tongue very delicately on her clit and, true to his word, began to lick the swollen flesh very slowly. But the intensity of their union seemed at an ultimate level, her sensations felt as though they were being heightened by some unknown force. Her clit was so sensitive that, despite the slowness and the softness of his lapping, Charlotte could not help but cry out in ecstatic delirium. She felt the wetness pouring out of her and then Ben’s tongue dipping down to take in her juices. Then he went back to teasing her clit. Back and forth from her hole to her clit he worked his tongue. And even as she struggled against it, she could feel her orgasm looming. He kept his tongue moving slowly, but the slowness created its own delicious frustration. She panted and thrust her hips up as he lapped. She could tell how hard he was trying to hold back from increasing his pace. As he licked he moaned out how good she tasted.

Excerpt from "Lesson Learned"

One night Marcus had been teasing her for over an hour. Longer than usual. Hard and fast. Slow and soft. Stop, start. Over and over. Her pussy juices were everywhere. She was a quivering mass of jelly Marcus had strapped to the bed. All she could do was lie there helplessly and beg. ‘Please, Sir, please let me come.’
Marcus just chuckled, told her no, not yet, and continued on. Finally, he stopped.
He pulled his hand away. ‘I will let you come today,’ he said.
I get to come!
‘If you are obedient for a change, if you can follow instructions for once and be a good little slut, then I will gently rub you until you come. I will sail you over the edge and softly land you on the other side.’
Marcus paused. ‘But...’
Uh oh.
‘You have to follow instructions. I want to see you come. I want your eyes. But,’ he sighed, ‘I'm not in the mood to deal with any of your other bullshit today. You will lie there. You will keep your eyes open. You will look at me. You may breathe and you may blink but nothing more.’
‘One little move, one little gasp, you close your eyes one second longer than a blink and you will be punished. I will rub you hard and fast. I will throw you hurtling over the edge and then I won't stop.’
Oh no. Not that. Anything but that.
‘You will come hard and fast. Just like your horny little pussy wants. But then, for disobeying me, the clit torture will begin.’ He smiled then, looking down at her terrified eyes, a slow smile, sinister. ‘Oh yes, I know how sensitive your tiny clitty gets after you’ve come. Your punishment for disobedience will be me continuing to rub that sensitive little button. Maybe I'll lick it too. Mm, yes I think I will. Then you can scream and beg all you want because it won't fucking matter.’
Oh god, no.
‘Are you ready?’
‘Answer me.’
‘Yes, Sir.’
‘Then let's begin.’

Monday, May 9, 2011

Tinder James's "Surprise" Anthology wins Bronze

My second published story appeared in this anthology that won an Independent Publisher award (see catgory 41, Erotica):


Here's an excerpt from the story about a writer who gets distracted by the construction work going on outside and how his housekeeper helps out:

Her usual expertise had him stiff in no time and he started to think maybe, if nothing else, it would be a nice distraction, when the banging started again.
Bang. Bang, bang, bang, bang. Pause. Bang. Bang. Even his housekeeper’s talented tongue couldn’t pull his brain away. This is hopeless, he thought, his cock hard but his mind distracted.
After a couple of minutes he began to notice something. Something was different. Her stroking was always expertly timed, she was almost perfunctory in her ability to extract the desired reaction, his orgasm, in the least amount of time. But now the tempo had changed, the efficiency vanished.
She was matching her strokes to the banging.
And not only was she matching the timing of her strokes but also the manner in which they were delivered. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Five loud, heavy bursts from the hammer next door gave his cock five strong, demanding strokes in quick succession that left him gasping. Then nothing. He waited, his cock straining now, as he listened for the banging to restart. Bang! Bang! Two little, quick ones and his cock got two light, feathery strokes. Bang. Pause. Bang. Pause. Bang. Each bang dealt matching ministrations to his burgeoning shaft. Oh god. It was just enough to keep him on edge but not enough to drive him forward. The short, intermittent banging continued like this for another minute or two as he hovered somewhere between torment and bliss. And then.
The jack hammer.  
“Oh fuck!” he cried out as her mouth sucked brutally and her fist pounded up and down with the same intensity as the power tool outside. “Oh! Oh! Oh!” The consecutive rhythm, the lovely percussive bursts. He never wanted it to stop. He was getting close. He could feel his seed bubbling up, his balls tightening to his body.
Silence. “No!” he gasped as she stopped, her mouth poised over his swollen member. Bang. One stroke. Bang, bang, bang. Three short ones. “Oh god, I’m so close!” Bang! Bang! Her tongue and fist moved simultaneously over his angry, purple flesh and then stopped.
Suddenly she broke the silence.
“My,” she said, glancing at the clock. “I do hope you get to come before they break for lunch,” she quipped.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Excerpt from "The Game"

Here is an excerpt from a story I wrote recently. Not sure if it will be accepted for publication but I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, this bit had to be cut to keep the word count within the desired parameters. It's a story of a young lady involved with a domme older male and a sub younger male who hasn't yet realized he's a sub. In this scene she's being punished by the domme.

About half way in he released me from my binds and gently rubbed my wrists. He got me a drink while my breathing returned to normal after the hours of being kept on edge, but my pussy was still a jangled bunch of nerves. I thought we were taking a break. Instead, he pulled me close to him, caressed me gently and said, ‘Now, I’ll give you a chance to prove you’ve learned your lesson. How long did it used to take you masturbate to orgasm? When you would do it before bed?’
            ‘Oh, I dunno. Maybe ten minutes?’
            ‘Ten minutes?’ he murmured as he lay me down softly beside him.
            ‘I guess…’
            ‘Okay, I’ll make it easier for you, since you’re maybe a little more worked up than usual.’ He chuckled. ‘Let’s make it five minutes,’ he said, reaching for a clock from his nightstand.
            ‘Five minutes?’
            ‘Yes. And I’ll let you touch yourself. I won’t tie you up and I won’t touch you. So you can set the pace. The only rules are you can’t look at the clock and you can’t stop the movement on your clit.’ He smiled. ‘You can slow down, but you can’t stop. I’ll have it ring when five minutes is up,’ he said. ‘If you can rub that naughty little pussy of yours for just five minutes and not come then, I’ll tell you what,’ he said, opening his arms in a magnanimous gesture. ‘You can come all you want for the rest of the week. Including with your new little friend.’
            It was Wednesday. Jake and I did have plans for Friday night and ever since that night at the bar and all the teasing Bill had been putting me through, I was more desperate than ever to fuck him. I remembered how his erection had pressed into me as he was stroking me that night. Even from behind its denim prison it made a large impression, shall we say. Mm, how that hard, wide shaft would feel in me right now… I shuddered.
            ‘Ha, I see the mention of our young stud inspires you,’ Bill teased. ‘Shall we?’ He stared down at me as I settled into the bed and place my hand lightly over my pussy. He pressed a final button on the clock. ‘Begin.’
            Some nights, before I met Bill, I would lay in bed and touch myself and not be able to bring myself off. I’d be tired, distracted or just uninspired. Sometimes I would get out my little vibrator to finish the job, others I would just give up. Roll over and fall asleep. On one of those nights I’m sure five minutes would have gone by in a flash.
            This was not one of those nights.
            Although it had been at least half an hour since Bill’s punishment ceased, my pussy came alive again the instant I touched it. I was still very wet and even my labia was slippery and sensitive as I parted them to find my clit. The second my finger made contact it was as if no time had elapsed since Bill’s teasing. I rubbed back and forth over it as lightly as I could but the jangled nerve endings were desperate for that attention, that friction. I kept touching it lightly, slowly, but it felt so good to have the control back. I could touch it with exactly the speed I wanted, with the exact pressure that felt good. Despite the situation, I rubbed just a little harder, sped up just a bit. Oh god, the feeling was delicious. Exquisite. I slicked that button back and forth and when I glanced beside me I saw Bill with his cock in his hand, stroking it. Suddenly I felt my pussy clench.
            ‘Oh!’ I gasped and instinctively pulled my hand away.
            ‘You can’t stop.’ Bill commanded. He grabbed my hand and forced it back down between my spread legs. I tried as hard as possible to make my pelvic muscles relax as I obediently began stroking again. I closed my eyes, forcing myself not to look at Bill’s naked dick, and I slowed right down. As slow as I could go while still being able to call it movement, I slid my finger over top of my bursting clit. How much time had elapsed? Would the alarm ring soon? I had no idea.
‘Control yourself, slut,’ I heard Bill say. ‘Force that hungry pussy to calm down.’
I tried. ‘Ahhh,’ I moaned. I willed my pussy to stop clenching. ‘Ah! Oh god!’ I panted. But all the while my finger continued sliding over my delicate trigger. In my mind I saw Bill’s straining cock as his hand pumped it. My pussy quivered and shook and in the split second that I realized I wasn’t going to make it I decided I may as well go for broke.
            Quickly, I shoved three fingers deep inside my cunt while I furiously diddled my clit using all the fast, firm strokes it was aching for.
            ‘UNNHHH! AHHHHH! YA! YA!’ I screamed and bucked and rode my hand with abandon. I felt my pussy clenching, greedily milking my fingers while wave after wave tore through me sending my body into rhythmic convulsions.
            I looked at the clock. I hadn’t even lasted three minutes.
            ‘Such a horny, insatiable, little slut,’ Bill scolded, when my body had finally stopped shaking. ‘See why you have to be tied up?’ He refastened my restraints. ‘You haven’t learned anything. Which means, of course, we’ll have to start all over again.’

Thursday, April 21, 2011

An excerpt from "Delayed Gratification," published in The Affair by Virgin Books

He had a small loveseat in there and that’s where they landed. She kissed him and her kisses were like questions, seeking out his attention, his attraction. It was unlike anything Lola had experienced before. Granted her experience was fairly limited to high school fumblings in cars and parents’ basements. Those encounters had always made her feel like she was playing defense, blocking this hand here, heading off this pass there. Guys called her a cock tease. They didn’t understand. She wanted to be touched and caressed. How badly she did! At nights she lay awake in her bed, her head brimming with horny fantasies of faceless men working her to shuddering orgasm after orgasm. In her favourite ones, the faceless man’s head moved down, between her legs. The thought of a slick, warm tongue sliding repeatedly over that sensitive little button sent her over the edge every time. She had never experienced it. Never dared ask for it. But she craved it.
In reality the boys she had been with always went for broke way too early. They’d just barely be alone together and suddenly she’d be under attack. She spent way too much time playing defense to get horny. And the one time she had allowed it to go further, when she lost her virginity, it was over before she had time to register what happened.
But not this time. And while she was glad, no glad didn’t cover it. Ecstatic. While she was ecstatic to finally enjoy slow, passionate kisses, to revel in the way it made her feel, pretty soon she was wondering why he wasn’t trying to touch her. And that wondering gave way to desperately needing his hands on her.
He broke the kiss and she looked at him.
‘Lola, you are such a beautiful girl,’ he started. And then she saw it. The lust mixed with tortured conflict in his eyes. The simultaneous wanting and self-loathing. And she realized that, though he may want her – and she gathered by the huge bulge in his pants that he did – badly enough that he couldn’t stop what they were doing, he also wouldn’t allow himself to push forward. That would have to come from her.
So when she started kissing him again she put his hands on her body. And she guided them where she wanted them to go. She slid his hands over her breasts, her breath catching as he grazed her taut nipples under her thin Tshirt and bra. She pulled them under her shirt, undoing her bra so she could feel his bare hands on her flesh. She guided his fingers to her nipples and he pinched and pulled at them as she exhaled audibly, the sensations going directly to her increasingly wet pussy. Swiftly she pulled her shirt off and guided his head to her breast. Slowly, almost timidly, he began licking at the puckered tips. His lips surrounded it and he sucked on it softly as he continued pinching the other one between his fingers. She could barely sit still, could only squirm and sigh and moan.
She pushed him to each new level. Several times she faltered. What was she doing? This was Hailey’s father! What about Hailey’s mom? But her libido pushed those thoughts aside, urgently compelling her to act in this brazen way that seemed like a different person.
By the time he was naked from the waist up and she was clad only in her panties, her body felt like it had been plugged in and charged up, fairly humming with pent up desire. At her urging he had kissed and caressed, licked and tugged every part of her exposed skin. There was only one place he hadn’t kissed. And although she desperately wanted him to, though her clitoris was pounding a relentless beat between her thighs, she just couldn’t bring herself to guide him there.
Instead she went to undo his belt. As she started to pull the tongue out from the buckle, he stopped her. And taking the lead for the first and only time that day, he knelt down on the floor in front of where she sat on the sofa.
She could barely breathe as he slid her panties down her thighs, exposing her cleanly shaven sex. When she saw the dark spot where her wetness had seeped onto the material, her cheeks burned bright with embarrassment. She saw him notice it too. It seemed to spur him on.
Wordlessly he pulled her hips toward him so that her pussy was even with the edge of the couch. Gently he parted her legs. Her embarrassment over how wet she was almost made her want him to stop. Almost. But then his thumbs were on her labia, carefully pulling them apart. His head was inches away. She felt his warm breath on her. He dipped his tongue deep into her well, pulled the slick honey up and spread it over her clit with his tongue.
Her mind could only register one syllable thoughts. Fuck. Fuck. Oh. God. She pulled her feet up on either side of her, opening her cunt up to his mouth more fully. Her clit was beyond sensitive after the hour of drawn out foreplay. It was a jangled bunch of nerve endings all crammed into one hard little bud. And now his wet tongue was stroking it, lapping that bud over and over.
‘Oh god,’ she moaned. She was shaking uncontrollably under the slow stroking ministrations of his tongue. Then he sucked her clit into his mouth, she bucked and gasped, and he started flicking it rapidly.
‘Ah! Uh, uh, oh, uh, guh, guh ’ she panted and grasped at the couch. She was vaguely aware the sounds emitting from her mouth were like those of a heart attack victim or mental patient. But she couldn’t control it. His tongue! Oh god, it just kept flicking her clit, faster, faster, licking, licking it, over and over, harder now, harder, oh god, oh god, she was coming.
She had only ever experienced an orgasm before by her own hand. And now, to have the explosion licked out of her by his strong, persistent tongue was almost more than she could handle. She screamed wildly as her body convulsed but he held her steady, one hand firmly on each hip, and continued to lick and suck until only soft whimpers escaped her lips.

Friday, April 8, 2011

An excerpt from a work in progress

Lilly could feel the familiar pressure begin to rise as the doctor manipulated her sensitive flesh. She wanted him to stop, she wanted her husband. But soon, as his finger became wet with her juices and began sliding over and over that little button, her body betrayed her. Now all she wanted was more. She wanted him to press harder, rub faster. She cried out and bucked her hips as his finger continued to tease her engorged bud. ‘Please!’ she gasped. ‘PLEASE!’ she pleaded, her limbs taut against the restraints. And the doctor did rub a little harder then, a little faster. The pressure mounted as Lilly panted and thrust when suddenly the doctor removed his hand.
            ‘Lillianne, I know your illness makes this difficult for you, but for your therapy to be successful I need you to try and remain calm while I set the pace. I need to concentrate and bring the paroxysm on slowly or this will not be effective.’
            ‘O-of course, doctor, I’m sorry,’ Lilly whispered shakily. Her bound body twitching, her heart pounding, Lilly lay helpless while the doctor recommenced. Choking back her cries, she tried her best to control her reactions while his fingers stroked her increasingly sensitive flesh. Slowly. Ever so slowly.