Monday, May 9, 2011

Tinder James's "Surprise" Anthology wins Bronze

My second published story appeared in this anthology that won an Independent Publisher award (see catgory 41, Erotica):

Here's an excerpt from the story about a writer who gets distracted by the construction work going on outside and how his housekeeper helps out:

Her usual expertise had him stiff in no time and he started to think maybe, if nothing else, it would be a nice distraction, when the banging started again.
Bang. Bang, bang, bang, bang. Pause. Bang. Bang. Even his housekeeper’s talented tongue couldn’t pull his brain away. This is hopeless, he thought, his cock hard but his mind distracted.
After a couple of minutes he began to notice something. Something was different. Her stroking was always expertly timed, she was almost perfunctory in her ability to extract the desired reaction, his orgasm, in the least amount of time. But now the tempo had changed, the efficiency vanished.
She was matching her strokes to the banging.
And not only was she matching the timing of her strokes but also the manner in which they were delivered. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Five loud, heavy bursts from the hammer next door gave his cock five strong, demanding strokes in quick succession that left him gasping. Then nothing. He waited, his cock straining now, as he listened for the banging to restart. Bang! Bang! Two little, quick ones and his cock got two light, feathery strokes. Bang. Pause. Bang. Pause. Bang. Each bang dealt matching ministrations to his burgeoning shaft. Oh god. It was just enough to keep him on edge but not enough to drive him forward. The short, intermittent banging continued like this for another minute or two as he hovered somewhere between torment and bliss. And then.
The jack hammer.  
“Oh fuck!” he cried out as her mouth sucked brutally and her fist pounded up and down with the same intensity as the power tool outside. “Oh! Oh! Oh!” The consecutive rhythm, the lovely percussive bursts. He never wanted it to stop. He was getting close. He could feel his seed bubbling up, his balls tightening to his body.
Silence. “No!” he gasped as she stopped, her mouth poised over his swollen member. Bang. One stroke. Bang, bang, bang. Three short ones. “Oh god, I’m so close!” Bang! Bang! Her tongue and fist moved simultaneously over his angry, purple flesh and then stopped.
Suddenly she broke the silence.
“My,” she said, glancing at the clock. “I do hope you get to come before they break for lunch,” she quipped.

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