About Me

My passion for writing erotica was curtailed early on. All because of a particular… incident. My mother discovered some naughty notes my sixteen-year old self had penned to my boyfriend. Father was informed. The word ‘slut’ was bandied about. Chaos ensued.

Being the dramatic type and prone to taking myself a bit seriously in my younger days, many years and therapy sessions passed before I was comfortable writing out words like “cock” again. And in fact, the first time I was far from comfortable. But a story congealed in my head and, once there, would give me no respite. It demanded to be let out. In order to get some peace from the words rolling around up there, I finally relented and spilled the words from my head into my laptop.

The first Kyoko Church story emerged. Lucky for me, the first and only person I sent it to was Adam Nevill, then editor of Black Lace for Virgin Books. He accepted it for publication. And the erotica writer bursting to get out was reborn.

So what do I write? Well, to answer that, let's look at one of my favourite words...


vt. Arouse feeling without giving satisfaction: to arouse hope, curiosity, or especially physical desire in somebody with no intention of giving satisfaction. 

What is it about the tease that is so alluring? So deliciously enticing? Is it the anticipation? Perhaps. Perhaps that’s part of it. But more so it’s about power. Relinquished as a gift. Or taken as a trophy. Whatever the case, tease is definitely about power. Power given and power taken away. 

Tease and submission figures heavily in my stories. If you like your erotica with a helpful serving of plot, something that engages your mind as much as your genitals (but definitely does not shy away from cock and pussy; if you want Nicholas Sparks you’ve come to the wrong place), then take a peek. 

Or not.


Teasing. ;)