Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I screwed up!

This, in itself, is not big news. I screw up all the time in life, I can be an absent-minded, disorganized mess. But writing is different. I take it very seriously. I go over and over what I write with a fine tooth comb, particularly if I’m preparing it for publication.

But in my latest short story,“The Breaking of subPaul” in the Mischief anthology Captivated: My Very Own Slave, there is a mistake that neither I nor my editors caught. 

I only noticed it upon reading my contributor’s copy. Gah! I was so embarrassed. I imagined readers and other contributing authors chuckling: Ha, look at this! Rookie. I wanted to crawl into a hole. 

But then I thought, screw it. Why not just put it out there? Better yet, why not make it into a fun contest! This, my friends, is what you call making lemonade out of lemons. ;)

Captivated comes out July 26th, 2012. You can pre-order/order your copy here. The first person to email/tweet/comment with the – what is now to me, glaring – error in my story will receive a free copy of a previous or upcoming anthology of his/her choice. 

Hopefully you won’t all pick out a bunch of other errors that have gone unnoticed… *blush* That would be more embarrassing still!

Happy hunting!


Monday, July 16, 2012

Bringing Sexy Back - Part 2

Hello lovely readers!
 Well I leave tomorrow for the other side of the world so this will be my last post from Canada... at least for a very long while! I am looking forward to settling Down Under and getting to work even harder on my blog and my writing. So you should expect to hear more from me. :) As always, if you have suggestions or just want to drop me a line, I love your emails and comments. Feel free!
 While I'm flying and before I'm settled, I thought you might like something juicy to read. So here is part two of Bringing Sexy Back. I hope you like it! 
‘So what made you change your mind?’ Caroline asked, as she thumbed through the pages of the books Tracy brought her.
            ‘Hm?’ Tracy asked looking askance. ‘What do you mean?’
            ‘About the books. I thought you said I wouldn’t like them.’
            ‘Oh, I dunno,’ Tracy shrugged. ‘I guess I just figured I’d give ‘em to you and you could decide for yourself.’
            They were having a little girls’ night, just the two of them. Last week Caroline had called Tracy, pretending to be nonchalant but Tracy could tell something was wrong.
            ‘You free Saturday night?’ Caroline had asked. Bill was going on a conference up North and wouldn’t be back until Sunday, she told her. Tracy could tell Caro was worried about it, worried that it was something other than a conference that was occupying her husband overnight. And Caro confessed something else.
            ‘I have reason to be worried.’ Then, in a small voice, ‘We don’t do it, you know.’
            ‘What?’ Tracy swallowed. ‘Never?’ A little bell sounded in her head.
            They’d wondered about Caro’s sex life, she and Delia. How good could it be when she must be wondering the whole time what was going on in Bill’s head. Does he close his eyes and picture Johnny Depp to keep himself hard? Good god, it didn’t bear thinking about.
            ‘No. Never,’ Caro sighed. ‘It’s been … a very long time.’ She didn’t offer any more information and Tracy was afraid to ask. But she assured her friend she would be there Saturday to keep her company. And she brought the books.
            The ones she had previously decided would only serve to frustrate Caroline.
            ‘You guys in for Delia’s dinner party next weekend?’ Caro asked, pouring red wine into two large bowled, sumptuous wine glasses, the kind, Tracy thought as Caro passed her hers, that made her feel like curling up in front of a fire or strolling down a beach in the fall in jeans and a cable knit cardigan.
            ‘Yup,’ Tracy said. ‘You guys?’ The women settled themselves in Caroline’s open concept living room, with its high ceilings and oversized leather lounges. The one area where Bill was not lacking was as provider. Tracy had always been slightly jealous of her friend’s immaculately decorated, 4 000 square foot home.
            ‘Well, I am,’ Caro started.
            ‘Aw, Bill’s busy again?’ As soon as it was out of her mouth, Tracy wished she could stuff it back in. How frigging tactless can I be? she thought. She didn’t mean to hurt Caro. But Bill had been missing all their get togethers recently.
            ‘It’s fine, Tray, really,’ she assured. ‘I’ll be able to relax more without him there.’ There was an uncomfortable silence as Tracy decided whether or not to re-embark on the discussion of Caroline and Bill’s marriage. Then Caroline gave a big sigh, as though she were washing the topic away, smiled and picked up one of Tracy’s books. ‘So,’ she said as she took a gulp of wine, set down her glass and flipped to the table of contents. ‘Which story do you recommend?’
            They spent the next hour or so passing the books back and forth and reading little excerpts aloud. As the wine flowed and their inhibitions flowed away, the selections got racier. Soon words that they had initially blushed at, giggled over, whispered, now poured from their lips in a glorious river of smut: cock, pussy, clit, suck, lick, pound, cum, fuck, and yes, even cunt. Tracy didn’t want to admit how horny she was getting in front of her friend. Then again, she thought she saw a certain yearning in Caro’s blue eyes as well.
‘So,’ Caro said, setting a book down during a lull in the readings and apparently attempting to change the subject. ‘How’s Peter?’
‘He’s good,’ Tracy said, refilling her glass. ‘Busy as usual.’   
‘Not too busy for you, I hope,’ Caro said with a wink. Tracy’s complaints about lack of quantity in the bedroom were common knowledge with Caroline and Delia.
            ‘Oo, “actually”?’ Caro said, grabbing her wine, facing her friend and settling in for a good story. ‘This sounds promising!’
            ‘Well – oh, I really shouldn’t have said anything,’ Tracy muttered, her head spinning a bit from the wine.
            ‘Now you really have to tell me. Sounds incredibly juicy!’
            ‘It’s just, things have been a little hotter recently.’ She snuck a glance at her friend. ‘Ever since I told him a certain story…’ Tracy said, leadingly.
            ‘Yeah, go on.’ It wasn’t triggering with Caroline.
            ‘Okay, don’t freak out. I told him about the time you and I made out, and stuff, back in school. Now he can’t get enough.’
            ‘Ah, I see,’ Caroline said, studying her wine glass.
            ‘Oh, Caro. I’m sorry! I didn’t know you’d be so upset that I told him.’
            ‘No, no,’ Caro sighed. ‘It isn’t that.’ To Tracy’s horror, she looked like she might cry. Tracy moved to sit next to her and grabbed her hand. ‘It’s just – I told Bill that story a while back and, well, let’s just say I’m glad it worked for you.’ This time tears did spring to Caroline’s eyes.
            ‘Caro, I’m sorry,’ Tracy said, hugging her close.
            ‘Oh gosh, I’m being ridiculous.’ Caroline said, grabbing at Kleenex. She tried to laugh but it came out a snort. ‘It’s not so bad, really. I mean, in a lot of ways we work better than other married couples. We’re great friends. We hardly ever fight. But sometimes,’ she was looking down, paused here and looked up into Tracy’s eyes before she continued, ‘Sometimes I just miss someone touching me, you know? Wanting me.’
            Suddenly scenes were flashing in Tracy’s head: she and Peter in bed, her feeling his cock stiffen inside her as she whispered about what it was like to have Caro’s nipple in her mouth, her agreeing to stay at Caro’s tonight and bringing the erotica, the dark crimson liquid splashing into the large glasses as she and Caro read from the books, and now, in front of her, Caro’s lust filled blue eyes staring into her own, imploring her. She leaned in, moving her hand to gently caress the side of Caro’s face, closed her eyes and kissed her best friend softly but firmly on the mouth. Her lips parted and Tracy ever so slightly pushed the tip of her tongue just inside, so that it licked over Caro’s bottom lip. Caroline sighed audibly.
            ‘Do you ever think about that?’ Tracy murmured, keeping her hand on Caro’s face and moving her mouth to whisper the words, feed them, into her ear. ‘I mean, about what happened that night with us.’ 
            Caro nodded. ‘I’ve been thinking about it a lot, recently.’
            That was the last green light Tracy needed. She kissed her friend again, harder this time, and moved her hand to caress her breast.
            It had been over a decade since the first and last time Tracy had kissed a girl, kissed Caroline. But she had never forgotten the strange same-but-different-ness of it. Lips are lips. But women’s are softer, instead of stubble there’s a soft peach fuzz. Everything’s gentler, slower. Sweeter. And, with Caroline anyway, Tracy was the aggressor, the dominant. She put her hands on Caro’s breasts, she pinched her hardening nipples through the thin fabric of her blouse, she pulled the blouse from Caro’s body and unclasped her bra. Tracy could feel herself getting wetter as she put the stiffened tip of Caro’s breast between her lips. As she gently sucked and flicked her tongue against it she heard Caro sigh out her name, just like the last time so long ago. She also remembered how her friend had been nervous the last time, guilty about what they were doing and stopped her. This time, though, after a few more minutes of Tracy lapping delicately at each breast, an emboldened – or maybe just plain horny – Caro pushed Tracy’s hand under her skirt and between her legs.
            This was new territory for Tracy. She had never felt a pussy other than her own. Still tugging at Caro’s nipples with her lips, she cupped her hand over Caro’s panty covered mound and gently pushing her middle finger in between the crevice of her labia. With that finger she could feel Caroline’s clit, hard and poking up from between her nether lips, but she didn’t move it, just kept the pressure there while she continued to tease her nipples. Tracy knew that if Caro were wired anything like her, she would feel the flicks on her nipples right down to the tip of her clit, where the pressure was. Keeping her hand there she moved up to kiss Caro on the lips and just very softly began moving her middle finger in small circles of pressure between her legs.
            ‘Last time we were in this position you made me stop,’ Tracy whispered breathily. ‘Do you want me to stop now?’ Caro only whimpered and shook her head. ‘I’ve always wanted to go down on you, Caroline,’ Tracy said, her best friend’s familiar name suddenly feeling so foreign on her lips. Caro groaned and pressed her mound up against Tracy’s hand. Suddenly Tracy felt a surge of power, of mischievousness, of sexual daring. ‘The next time we do this,’ she purred, ‘will you let Peter watch?’
            Caroline had been keeping her eyes closed but now, she opened them, looked right at Tracy and said, ‘Yes.’ The two kissed passionately before Tracy broke the kiss to move down and slowly remove Caro’s panties.
            Tracy positioned herself so she was lying in between Caro’s legs, her skirt up and her now naked mound right in front of Tracy’s face. Her pussy was unshaven but neatly trimmed with her dark blond, wiry pubic hair. And even though Tracy had never, ever been so close to another woman’s quim, even though she could barely believe that she was actually in this position, after all her fantasizing with Peter, she felt instinctually that she knew what to do. She knew what she liked, after all. So she gently eased up Caro’s legs until her knees were bent, allowing better access, delicately used her two thumbs to pull apart her labia, lowered her head down and softly licked her clit with a single upstroke of the tip of her tongue.
            Caro gasped out and sighed, pushing her hips up. Tracy, still holding apart Caro’s lips, gazed at her friend’s sweet pussy. Her folds were a dark pink and glistening with her arousal. Her clit was poking out from beneath its hood, so stiff that Tracy felt a sympathetic throb between her own legs. She could not hold herself back from continuing to lick it.
            Softly, she delivered only upstrokes at first, lap, lap, lap, not too hard but steadily, over and over. Caroline moaned and moaned, shoving her hips up and up, not able to get enough of the sensation on her neglected little button. After a few minutes of the gentle lapping, Tracy began rolling her tongue in soft circles around Caro’s clitoris, before she started a slightly harder up and down motion, fluttering the sensitive nub like a tiny, slick speed bag, her tongue dealing the flickering blows.
Caroline was beyond trying to keep quiet at this point. ‘Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah, oh god, oh god, oh GOD!’ she cried. Tracy continued until Caro’s legs shook and her back arched tight, like a bow. She could tell her friend was close to coming already. In other circumstances Tracy might have liked to tease her, to go back to the slower licks just so she could hear her sigh of frustration, to make Caroline beg her to please, please lick her little clit. But knowing what she did, knowing the frustration and the god knows how long of inattention, of forced celibacy, Tracy knew she couldn’t do that. She wanted to bring Caroline this pleasure, this release.
So Tracy took the whole of it, all of that hard fleshy nub between her lips, sucked gently, pushed two fingers deep inside Caro’s tight, slick sheath, and began licking in earnest. Caroline screamed out as Tracy shunted her fingers in and out of her dripping pussy, keeping her tongue firmly moving back and forth over her clitoris, until she felt it spasm, once, twice. She licked that quivering flesh for 30 seconds more until Caro’s screams reached a crescendo, then she switched back to sucking, kept sucking as Caroline’s entire body convulsed and shuddered around the centre of her being, her cries becoming faint moans.

Tracy stayed there, at Caro’s, that night as planned. Unplanned, however, were the sleeping arrangements. Instead of the guest room where Tracy usually stayed, Tracy found herself in Caroline and Bill’s luxurious master suite, in Caroline and Bill’s king size bed – that Caroline said they hadn’t actually shared in a year and a half – with, of course, Caroline. Had Bill been there, Caroline giggled, still a little tipsy, he’d be the one in the guest room.
            The women completely undressed, fell into bed and kissed and fondled each other for hours. Initially Tracy sensed that Caroline was hesitant to perform the same act on Tracy as she’d just received herself, and Tracy didn’t push her. Instead Caroline moved her hand in between her best friend’s legs and masturbated her to a slow, pulsating orgasm. It was strange, wonderfully strange Tracy thought, to feel a woman’s hands on her body, working her to a climax. Not Tracy’s own rhythms but definitely not those of Peter’s, of a man’s, either. More gentle, more steady, and infinitely more knowing.
            Just before they fell asleep Caroline whispered, ‘Tell me it’s not going to be weird between us. I don’t know what I’d ever do if I didn’t have you as my friend.’
            Tracy had been worried about the same thing. ‘It won’t,’ she replied. ‘I promise.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Six 07/15

It's hard to believe but this will be my last Sunday Six post from Canada! I'm sitting here in my bedroom amongst boxes and suitcases trying to figure out how to pack up my life. It's daunting, to say the least. But enough moaning! That's not what you're here for! Here are six sentences from earlier in The Breaking of SubPaul. SubPaul comes to ask Mistress to take control...

He swallowed again, took a breath and spoke:
‘Mistress, I come before you humbly requesting your time, your gifts, your affection, your infinite knowledge about me and my inadequacies and your control. You alone are the person I desire to submit to because you somehow know exactly what I need to learn and you alone have the strength, the compassion, the wisdom to help me learn it. It helps, of course, that you are without a doubt the most beautiful, sexy, alluring woman I’ve ever known. So I ask that you allow me to submit to you. I pledge to do whatever you say or accept any punishments you deem appropriate.’
The Breaking of SubPaul will be out July 26th in the Mischief anthology, Captivated: My Very Own Slave. You can pre-order it here! Six Sunday rules and explanations can be found here

Happy Sunday everyone! Next week I'll be coming at ya from Down Under. Keep an eye on my Twitter feed though. I will keep you posted!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Six 07/08

Good morning! Another Sunday Six coming at you. I'm a little hungover from partying last night so you'll excuse me if I don't give a big preamble. This week's six continues from where last week's left off so have a look here if you want background. 
Together with the mild flavour and the faint but pleasant smell of the ocean, he could not help his cock – which had been growing ever harder at the first sight of her in the restaurant and then upon reading her raunchy text – grow even harder as he imagined performing this service on the object of his lust. He watched her engaged in her conversation with his wife, knowing she would also be keeping an eye on him through surreptitious little glances. He met her eye on the next glance and swirled his tongue around the fish.
She smiled brightly. ‘Paul, you seem to be enjoying the appetizer.’ And he nearly swallowed the piece whole as he felt her place her stockinged foot on his crotch under the table.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Bringing Sexy Back - Part 1

‘You brought them!’ Caroline smiled in delight and clapped her hands together in a childlike way that belied the girlfriends’ thirty something ages.
            ‘I did indeed,’ Tracy said with a mischievous little grin. She liked this role she had slipped into: smut girl. She was single handedly bringing sexy back, as it were, to her best girl friends with her collection of smutty books. After the usual conversation about books with Delia – the third in their ‘best girl’ trio, friends since university almost two decades ago – had turned to erotica, Tracy was surprised to find out that she was the only one in the clan who read it. Looking to rectify what she considered to be this egregious wrong, she loaned a few choice picks from her collection to Delia post haste. Needless to say, Delia’s Sebastian had been a very happy man the night Delia started reading.
            Caroline had wanted in too. ‘I wanna see the smut! Lend me one!’ she said, after a glowing report from Delia.
            But Tracy had been reluctant. It wasn’t that she didn’t want the same sexual satisfaction for Caroline. Of course she did. But Caroline didn’t have the support at home, shall we say, that Delia did and she didn’t want to frustrate matters.
            The three friends were all aware of Caroline’s situation. She had dated Bill for years and, on the outside anyway, they appeared to be the perfect couple. With her fair blonde beauty and his dark, dashing ruggedness, they made a striking picture. Caroline had waited patiently for a marriage proposal, watching as all her other friends got hitched, and for a time it looked as though it wouldn’t happen. How Tracy had fretted and hoped for her friend, wondering what in the world Bill was waiting for, what was holding him back. But a proposal did finally come and as Tracy watched her beautiful friend repeat her vows on her wedding day, her heart was full knowing that Caroline was getting the life she wanted for herself.
            And for a time it did seem like everything was falling into place. After years of shlepping at an entry level grunt job in a production company, Caroline was finally offered a more senior position. With a handsome husband and a rewarding job, Tracy had never seen Caroline so happy, so contented.
            In the end that time was the calm before the storm. One night, three years into what Caroline had thought was their happy marriage, she decided to surprise Bill at work and walked in on him pulling a Bill Clinton behind his desk. Except that the mouth slurping greedily on his cock was no Monica Lewinsky. More like Martin.
            Everyone was shocked. Caroline was devastated. When she told her friends that, after a horrible fight, Bill finally admitted to her that he was gay, nobody could believe it. He seemed to be the preeminent man’s man, and not in the way Mr. Lewinsky liked it. But everyone’s shock wouldn’t end there.
            ‘We’re going to try and work it out,’ Caroline said at their girls’ night, over drinks.
            ‘What?’ said Delia.
            ‘Bill said he still wants to be married to me and he’s willing to try and over come his… feelings.’
            ‘Caroline!’ Tracy gasped. Shaking her head in disbelief she sputtered, ‘Wait, what decade are we in here? “Overcome his feelings?” He’s gay! He’s a gay man. You’re not some senator’s wife, standing by her man. We don’t even live in the south! Why in the world would you want to stay married to him?’
            Caroline paused, her head hung. She couldn’t look up to meet her friends’ eyes when she said, ‘Because I love him.’
            At the time, Tracy had all kinds of judgments about her friend’s decision. She wanted to take her, shake her, tell her to run, run from this man who lied to her and turned her life upside down, run and don’t look back. But she didn’t. Trading looks with Delia, she remained quiet as they listened to Caroline continue to justify what they thought was this fruitless attempt at reconciliation. How could she judge? She didn’t know what it was like to be deceived by the love of your life. To realize your marriage was a lie. To have the rug pulled from under you. Caroline was desperately trying to cling to her life as she knew it, to put it back together in some way she could recognize. Who was Tracy to tell her she couldn’t do that? Marriages were tricky things. And the heart wants what it wants. Not to mention other body parts.
            Tracy herself knew that firsthand. And while she didn’t consider her situation to be as problematic as Caroline’s, she and Peter had their own hurdles to overcome. Namely that Tracy was an insatiable beast in bed. Peter struggled to keep up.
            Tracy spent years trying to get Peter more interested in her. She worked out, bought sexy outfits, rented porn, whatever she could think of. But no matter what she tried, Peter was just a once every couple of weeks kind of guy. ‘Of course I love you, I totally think you’re hot, babe. I just can’t do it all the time like you.’ So Tracy learned to satisfied herself with her erotica novels and regular and frequent masturbation. Still, she thought, there’s got to be something that gets him going.
Then one day she found it.
            One Saturday night they decided to stay in and sit back with a drink and relax. Peter had brought her a rye and ginger, her old standard when she was in school, and that got them talking about old times. The drinks flowed while they rehashed university and all their favourite crazy stories.
            ‘Our standard trick at the bar,’ Tracy told her husband, ‘was when Caro and I would start dancing together. We’d move close and then start pressing our bodies together, swaying to the music, rubbing our hands all over each other. Guys would be in a line to buy us drinks!’
            ‘Poor bastards.’
            ‘Yeah, we had that whole bi-curious, heteroflexible act down way before it was cool. We’re trendsetters, really.’
            ‘D’you ever take that act into the bedroom?’ Peter asked, one eyebrow raised.
            ‘Well, whaddaya know. You are like every other guy after all.’
            ‘Just curious,’ said Peter.
            ‘We did make out a couple of times…’ Tracy said, head down but eyes up checking her husband’s reaction.
            ‘What?? Oh my god!’
            ‘You asked!’ Tracy said, now regretting the admission.
            ‘Yeah, but I never thought…’
            ‘Forget it! Never mind.’
            ‘No, come on!’ Peter scrambled to get the conversation back where it was headed. ‘You can’t say something like that and not finish it. What happened?’
            ‘No way. I’m not telling you now.’
            ‘I’m not shocked, really babe. You just caught me off guard.’ He paused. ‘Okay, so you made out with your best friend. It’s no big deal. It’s just kissing.’ Another pause. ‘Right?’
            After a long silence, Tracy took a breath. ‘And I may have,’ she stopped and then quickly continued before she lost her nerve, ‘felt her up and kissed her nipples.’
            ‘Holy shit.’
            ‘See? I knew I shouldn’t have told you!’
            But tell him she did. Peter wrestled the whole story out of his wife, how she and Caroline had come home after a night of clubbing, tipsy, giggly and how they ended up making out on the couch with Tracy finally removing Caro’s top and licking and sucking at her stiffened nipples, Caro with her fingers through Tracy’s hair, sighing out her name.
            ‘Did you want to go down on her?’ Peter asked intently.
            ‘I don’t know,’ Tracy blushed. ‘She stopped it before it went that far. She was dating that English guy and she felt like she was cheating on him.’
            ‘I know, but would you have? If she didn’t stop you,’ he urged, moving next to her on the couch.
            ‘Maybe.’ She looked up at her husband’s intense stare. ‘Anyway,’ she murmured, ‘What does it matter? That was years ago.’
            ‘I would love to see you eat another woman’s pussy,’ Peter whispered as he began nuzzling her neck. ‘I would love to watch a girl go down on you and make you come.’
            That night Peter was the insatiable one. And ever since her confession Tracy had little need for her erotica and solo efforts. One little hint, a few words about her sexy blonde friend, and Peter was ready for her.