Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy Canada Day, eh? Plus Sunday Six

Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian readers and friends! I hope you are all inspired to do something fun and patriotic today, even if that means sitting back and enjoying a beer. What could be more Canadian? Hell, it's a long weekend, why not?

Today's Sunday Six is from the next short story I have due out in the upcoming HarperCollins Mischief anthology, My Very Own Slave. It is the continuation of "Something Twisted This Way Comes" from My Secret Life, entitled "The Breaking of subPaul."

In this scene our sub encounters his Mistress when he goes out for dinner with his wife to a Japanese restaurant. At her behest they join her, she orders them a salmon sashimi appetizer and then slips off to the restroom. While she is away from the table, subPaul receives a text from her with instructions about how to eat his raw salmon slice. Here, in part, is Mistress's text: 
Imagine that is my little clitty. Kiss it. Put it between your lips, suck it a bit. Take some time to use your mouth on it the way you would my clit. While you're doing it and imagining my pussy, think about the fact that this is as close as you're ever going to get to eating this pussy you're so horny for even though you’ve never even seen it. And remember: I’ll be watching.
Will Paul be able to bring himself to perform cunnilingus on a piece of raw fish? In front of his wife? While his Mistress watches? Seems pretty embarrassing to me. I'll let you know when the anthology is out so you can read on and find out!

Oh, by the way, while you're here have a look over to right side of the page. See my new pervy poll? I hope you'll take the time to vote. There are only a few hours left! Thanks for participating.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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