Monday, July 2, 2012

Jerking Joy - Poll Results!

The results are in! And, perhaps unsurprisingly, they show that people who read my blog (yes, my sample size is small... size doesn't matter! *looks around nervously*) are generally pretty wank happy people with the majority of voters saying they masturbate 5-7 per week. And that’s a good thing! IMHO if more people jerked it on a regular basis the world would be a much happier place. I’m assuming you agree but in case you don’t look here and here for people smarter than I am who say polishing your knob is healthy. So forget what your mother told you, pull up your favourite Kyoko Church story, grab your favourite toy and have at it!

Having said that, if you're in denial then you're a naughty slut and you should listen to your Master/Mistress. S/He knows what's best for you and will decide if and when you deserve pleasure. Aw, it would feel good to cum, wouldn't it? And I'm telling you right here it's good for you! But you know what's good for YOU, don't you? That's right. Suffering in thwarted desire for your Dom/me's amusement. :)

Ahem. Where was I? Oh yes...

Now that I’m done with my day job I am planning to dedicate more time to you, lovely readers and followers! Especially once I’m settled Down Under. So do let me know what kind of content you like to see here. My stats tell me you love the stories, so I’ll keep that up. Do you like the polls? What else would you like to see? Feel free to leave me comments or email me so I can tailor my blog to what you like.

Happy wanking! Or not. ;)


  1. hi there- personally (guess I mean selfishly, sorry!!) I love to read your work in any format but your BDSM genre is so specail an d a constant source of arousal for me that I want more more more!! May I ask when you relocate to Oz please? Thanks XX

    1. Thank you, Alex. That is the most fun stuff to write! Or usually I feel that way, anyway. So there will surely be more of that. I appreciate everyone here letting me test stuff out and giving me feedback. Like my own little focus group. Lol.


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