Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Six 07/15

It's hard to believe but this will be my last Sunday Six post from Canada! I'm sitting here in my bedroom amongst boxes and suitcases trying to figure out how to pack up my life. It's daunting, to say the least. But enough moaning! That's not what you're here for! Here are six sentences from earlier in The Breaking of SubPaul. SubPaul comes to ask Mistress to take control...

He swallowed again, took a breath and spoke:
‘Mistress, I come before you humbly requesting your time, your gifts, your affection, your infinite knowledge about me and my inadequacies and your control. You alone are the person I desire to submit to because you somehow know exactly what I need to learn and you alone have the strength, the compassion, the wisdom to help me learn it. It helps, of course, that you are without a doubt the most beautiful, sexy, alluring woman I’ve ever known. So I ask that you allow me to submit to you. I pledge to do whatever you say or accept any punishments you deem appropriate.’
The Breaking of SubPaul will be out July 26th in the Mischief anthology, Captivated: My Very Own Slave. You can pre-order it here! Six Sunday rules and explanations can be found here

Happy Sunday everyone! Next week I'll be coming at ya from Down Under. Keep an eye on my Twitter feed though. I will keep you posted!


  1. What makes this so delicious is that I can hear myself saying all of this!!.....Yes to have a mistress who ahs the strength and wisdom to get inside my head, explore my deepsest darkest desires and needs and then just 'take me ' is a wonderful sensation which, as ever, you articulate perfectly. And yes of course her being the most desirable sexually alluring female ever is the key too!!! Female supremacy is so obvious, so natural, can't understand why every man doesn't get it!!! Lucky Paul- oh and good luck with your move KC!! XX

  2. Thank you, Alex!! I always like to hear your thoughts. And thanks for your kind words re the move. It's a bit overwhelming ... but exciting as well! :)


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