Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Six 07/08

Good morning! Another Sunday Six coming at you. I'm a little hungover from partying last night so you'll excuse me if I don't give a big preamble. This week's six continues from where last week's left off so have a look here if you want background. 
Together with the mild flavour and the faint but pleasant smell of the ocean, he could not help his cock – which had been growing ever harder at the first sight of her in the restaurant and then upon reading her raunchy text – grow even harder as he imagined performing this service on the object of his lust. He watched her engaged in her conversation with his wife, knowing she would also be keeping an eye on him through surreptitious little glances. He met her eye on the next glance and swirled his tongue around the fish.
She smiled brightly. ‘Paul, you seem to be enjoying the appetizer.’ And he nearly swallowed the piece whole as he felt her place her stockinged foot on his crotch under the table.


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