Saturday, June 23, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday 06/23

This week's six is from a short story I'm waiting to hear back on. I really hope it gets the green light because it's my first time writing about pet play. This excerpt is not explicitly pet play but I think it shows the depth of feelings that can arise when you open yourself up to someone completely...
And when he said he was ready to go down and clean me up with his tongue he could see that lust was sending such strong tremors through my body it was hard to move. So he swept me up in his arms, laid me back on the bed and kissed all down my torso, whispering his sweet placations into my skin: shh, you’re doing such a good job, trying so hard, you’re so beautiful, you’re my good girl, you’re a good puppy, nice pet.
When he arrived at my pussy he made good on his promise. It felt like hours he was down there, it honestly did. He spread my legs wide, held my lips open even wider so I felt opened up, like there really could be nothing left to hide, I was all unlocked, there could be no more secrets.
Indeed, there was no need for secrets with him.
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