Friday, June 15, 2012

Mistress Carla Addresses the Unicorn Title and More!

I have a treat for you today! The Mistress in the story that I’m currently blogging is based on the real life Ms. Carla Croft. And guess what? She agreed to step into character and let me interview her about her motivations for enslaving our trifling couple. Isn’t that awesome?! Her wisdom humbles me. Here’s what she had to say…

Kyoko: How do you feel about the term "unicorn"? Does it offend you? Or make you laugh?

Carla: It makes me laugh to be honest, all these terms dreamt up by the vanillas to try to define people who can't be defined, who they don't understand. Don't try to define me. Don't try to understand me. I am happy doing what I do. It is natural for me. They miss the point completely.

K: Have you done something like this before - i.e. "captured" a couple in order to have your way with them?

C: Yes I have. These vanillas deserve it. They go out looking for kicks. They think they're going to get someone to play their little sex games their way. Well then they get me. This isn't a game for me. This is real life. This isn't playing at Fifty Shades. This isn't a little bit of fun or slap and tickle. This is the stuff beyond Fifty Shades. This is the stuff they left out or couldn't put in. It's a dangerous night out there and I'm in the shadows. Ha. They don't even see me coming.

K: How long have you had the "club" you mention? How many women are members?

C: The club is well established and there are as many women as men. I'm not going to say anymore.

K: Ah, so kind of like Fight Club then? What happens there stays there?

C: No, not really. What goes on in the club happens in the club but what happens in the club carries on outside. It has an effect on people that lasts into their lives outside the club. In effect they take the club with them into the outside world.

K: I think I’m beginning to understand. Is this how you normally acquire your male slaves? Or are there other methods?

C: There are as many methods as there are slaves. Each slave wants to be ensnared in his own way. The way he presents himself for the trap, the way he sets himself up. Often a sub will just want the illusion of being caught. There isn’t a lot of fun in those take downs. The real prize is the one who doesn’t know, who doesn’t even realise he wants it. The one you really do trap and turn. It is such a turn on to see him awaken in your hands, to wake him up to who he is and what his destiny is. He is asleep until I wake him up. Those moments are rare and wonderful.

K: Do you ever take female slaves, or are they always male?

C: I'll enslave anyone. It's not about who they are it's about what they are.  My dominance is a gift and I like to share it. I do it well. It's not just about dominating people it is about bringing more to them than they know they have. You can make people grow by subjugating them. Ironically, you can set them free. Free from care, free from worry, free from burden. You give them back to themselves magnified without their hang ups and baggage.

No doubt you’ll all want to check out the brilliant Carla Croft. Read about her and her work on her blog here. Comments about the interview? You know I want ‘em! Post below or email me your thoughts. I’m working away on the conclusion to this story so check back soon!


  1. Totally aroused by this interview, thanks KC!! I love the way she describes the shadows and the night and how the 'club' works......and why she prefers to ensnare the ones who don't know the are born to submit and be slaves!!!! Would be spellbinding to meet her but not sure I am brave enough 'cos think she would get too deep into my psyche and that blend of paradise and hell would enchant soooooooo much...oh hell yes I would want that wouldn't I!!??

    1. Well Mistress Carla IS in your part of the world, Alex! And no doubt she would be much stricter than I... I'm just a little softie. :) Yes, no doubt a meeting with her would be "spellbinding," as you put it. And not just for little submissive men either! ;)

  2. Ah, for little submissive women as well? Perhaps little submissive-when she wants to be-women with the initials KC????

  3. OK, eyelash batting is one of my extreme weaknesses.

    1. Is that so, JK? Mm, I do love when horny little boys freely admit their weaknesses to me... ;)

      But even more so when I have to torture it out of them.


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