Sunday, June 10, 2012

Some News with the Sunday Six!

Happy Sunday to all!

I have some more good news today. Unofficially, since I don't have a contract yet, I'd like to tell you that Affliction - the story I've been posting in chapters here on my blog - has been accepted for publication! And not just as a novella, but as a trilogy! Oh wow, everyone, I'm so very happy and once again so grateful for all of your encouragement along the way. I will give you more details as they solidify and become available. For now though, I am choosing my Sunday Six from the unposted, soon to be published Chapter 8.

Here the poor, afflicted Lillianne considers how she now experiences orgasm - or paroxysm, as her doctor refers to them - at the manipulative hands of her physician:

  And those paroxysms. Now she understood that was what she was doing with the sewing machine when she was at the mill. At least when she worked with the machine and pushed herself over the edge her relief was intense but immediate, controllable and complete. Like swallowing a bite of food. But when the doctor had her in his control, helplessly pinned down and teased to the brink of madness, when she finally managed to stay quiet enough, fought back her urges hard enough, that he deigned it appropriate for her to be eased over the edge, the resulting torrent of sensations as he slowly worked her flesh, rubbed her clitoris in those excruciatingly slow but insistent circles, was so intense that as the waves finally crashed over her, her body racked with spasms, she blacked out. And when she came to, she felt as aroused as ever.

As always I'll mention, if you don't know what this Six Sentence Sunday is about, check it out here. Actually, they have some news about their site over there this week so do have a look. 

And don't forget to comment! Good or bad, I always want to know how the story is sounding to you.

As ever, thank you all!



  1. brilliant KC- u deserve all your success XXX


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