Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Unicorn

If you were outside the door and heard the uncontrollable giggling emanating from the master bedroom, you might think the people inside were watching the most hilarious movie ever. But then if you stayed and heard the ensuing crying, begging and pleading, you would know otherwise. You might crane your neck, press your ear against the door, to try and hear words to help you figure out this dichotomy. All you would be able to make out, though, would be impassioned pleas of ‘Stop!’ ‘No more!’ ‘Please!’
            What would you see, if you dared to open the door to peek in? Well, wouldn’t you like to know! Could you figure it out from what you saw? It would certainly be a confusing scene to stumble across.
            You’re still here? You still want to know? Okay, twist my arm.
You’d see me, a 51 year old man who should have known better, naked and tied to a chair. You’d see my wife, a woman who, at 44, I still find to be the hottest piece of ass around – save, perhaps, for the other woman in the room, but I’ll get to her – naked and tied spread eagle to our bed. And yes, the other woman. Close in age to my wife. Petite. Brunette. Curvy. Sexy as all hell.
Sounds like a good time, right? That’s what I thought too, when I went online to a website catering to couples who want to find a unicorn. You know what that is, right? No? Urban Dictionary defines it thusly: ‘A bisexual person, usually though not always female, who is willing to join an existing couple, often with the presumption that this person will date and become sexually involved with both members of that couple, and not demand anything or do anything which might cause problems or inconvenience to that couple.’
Considering what happened that last part would be hilarious if things didn’t go so madly awry.
So how does a sexy little minx render two grown adults powerless, completely at her mercy? With drugs. The sly little thing must have slipped rufies or something into our glasses of wine during our cosy little threesome, get-to-know-you soirĂ©e because the wife and I both passed out. And when we woke up. Well that’s when everything went pear-shaped.
‘Stop!’ I rasped, all hoarse and weak. Weak from the hour of teasing hand jobs with no release. Weak from watching my wife squirm and struggle and plead at her devious hands. Hoarse from begging on her behalf, on my own. ‘Please!’
‘Please, Carla. Please, no more,’ my wife gasped, her body slumped, her words pathetic.
‘Now that isn’t what I told you to call me,’ Carla said, smiling seductively, trailing her wicked fingers back up my wife’s thigh, heading to that spot once again.
‘Mistress! Sorry! I mean Mistress!’ my wife spluttered, suddenly jolted out of her slump by terror that the torture might continue.
‘Hmm, that’s better,’ our new Mistress said. ‘Since you’re just learning I’ll let it slide. This time.’ I could see the relief all over wifey’s face as Mistress turned her wicked stare to me. I, in turn, stiffened visibly.
She chuckled. ‘You see, I hear him telling me to stop, trying to stick up for you. But it’s a little hard to take him seriously, what with that enormous hard on right in his lap.’
I hung my head in burning shame but nonetheless could feel wifey’s accusatory stare all the same. Because it’s true. My cock was as hard as it’d ever been. It wained slightly, when Mistress stopped her tickle torture and I heard my wife’s sad, meek little pleas. But only slightly. And when she leaned over and taunted her anew, slowly sliding her delicate but strong fingers with those bright red nails up my wife’s smooth pale skin, heading for that spot, those ticklish spots on her hips that Mistress had so deviously discovered, all while my sweet girl pleaded and begged her not to, I knew it was wrong, I knew I was a horrible, twisted, sick man, but I couldn’t help what the sight did to my body. My cock throbbed and twitched in anticipation of seeing my wife’s naked, helpless body writhe and twist at the hands of her sexy tormentor.
Mistress reached down into her bag and pulled out a long, white feather. Wifey immediately started moaning in anticipatory dread. ‘Oh, don’t worry, silly!’ Mistress said, looking over at my wife consolingly. ‘This isn’t for you.’
And suddenly her eyes narrowed on me.
If I hadn’t already been tied to the chair I would have felt pinned to it nonetheless, by her steely glare alone.
Slinking slowly over to me, brandishing that feather as though she could cut through all the synthetic ties with it that she used to fasten me to the chair, she said, ‘You wanna help the little woman get free?’
I gulped.
‘It’ll be so easy,’ she crooned.
Somehow I didn’t believe her.
‘All you have to do is hold your little cum in your little fucking balls,’ she said, all low and dangerous. My breathing hitched at her words. Said ‘little fucking balls’ tightened. ‘And I’m only going to use this feather.’
How could I describe the ensuing blissful torture? The soft, silky tendrils of that feather caressing my super sensitive, rock hard shaft in slow, lazy strokes. It was madness that it could be so hard to hold back with such limited stimulation. But I felt half out of mind with it. Somewhere in my addled consciousness I was aware that my wife was watching in embarrassing amazement at just how pathetic her husband was that he was struggling so hard not to come from a feather on his dick. And that just made it worse.
‘Now I’m going to set your alarm clock here for two minutes from now. And if you can last that much more, then I’ll tell you what? I’ll let the little woman go? How’s that?’
Wifey immediately looked awash with relief. But then she looked at my dick. Which was purple. And suddenly she looked fearful again.
‘Ready?’ Mistress asked. I think I must have nodded. ‘This is gonna be fun!’ she giggled. And pressed the alarm button.
I fought hard. I really did. As much as it turned me on to see my wife with our deviously sexy abductor I could see wifey really wanted to be untied. So as Mistress stroked me over and over, all over my stiffened prick, I breathed and clenched and did everything I could in my restrained state not to come. I almost made it too. But after a minute and a half she took the end of that feather and wiggled its silkiness in rapid back and forth motions under the sensitive head of my cock. It caught me by surprise. I wasn’t prepared. I gasped. And one shot of cum erupted onto my bare chest.
‘Oh god!’ wifey cried, almost as though she had just come, as Mistress snatched the feather away from my prick, halting all sensation and leaving my hips attempting to thrust up against the restraints while any pleasure from the release was as cruelly snatched away from my body.
I groaned loudly at the frustration of not being able to pump out all of my pent up seed. Mistress chuckled low again. ‘Aww, that’s a shame.’ Turning back to wifey she murmured, ‘Goodie. I get to keep you. And it’s your turn again.’
Wifey was whimpering a bit as she watched Mistress walk back to the bed. ‘It’s okay,’ Mistress whispered. ‘We’re going to try something a bit different this time.’
She adjusted the straps she’d used to secure wifey to the bed so that she was no longer spread eagle but her knees were bent and her feet were up almost alongside her ass. This way, wifey’s pussy was splayed wide open, clearly visible to both me in my chair past the foot of the bed, and to Mistress. To my shock, glistening glints of girl goo were visible in the folds of her pretty pink hole.
‘Well, well,’ Mistress chided. ‘What a slutty little mess wifey has made!’ She tied another strap across wifey’s abdomen that secured her torso to the bed. ‘Looks like someone enjoyed our show!’ She winked at me and moved back around to the foot of the bed. My wife had put her head back down on the bed so I could no longer see her face, but I could only imagine how it was flushed with embarrassment. We often teased each other in bed. Nothing like this, but I did know how it aroused her to see me struggling to hold my cum. Apparently she really liked the feather show.
‘We’ll have to clean you up,’ Mistress purred. And with that she dove between my wife’s thighs. And started licking.
If the partial orgasm I had, the ruined one that only allowed one spurt of jism to escape my tortured cock, had taken any of the edge off my arousal, the sight of our Mistress licking the silvery strands of my wife’s excitement from her pussy, and the screams of ecstasy that it elicited from my beloved girl had me ramped right back up again. Certainly knowing what it was doing to me, Mistress made sure she pushed wifey’s knees wide and put her own head off to the side just a bit, so that I got a full view of the tongue lashing. How it made my cock pulse and twitch to watch her lick and suck all of wifey’s juices from her cunt, only to reach in with her fingers, pull out more, and lick those clean too. On her second dive into wifey’s hole, she pulled those girl cum soaked digits out, reached up and made wifey suck them clean.
‘That’s a good little, slut,’ she whispered. Sitting up then, she looked from me, back to wifey and me again. You could practically see the wheels turning in her brain. It was terrifying.
‘I think turnabout’s fair play. Let’s see if your stamina is a little better than Mr. Quick Cum over there.’ My cheeks burned bright. I thought I heard wifey stifle a little moan. ‘I’ll set the clock again. Three minutes this time, since women are stronger than men in this regard. Wouldn’t you say so, Quickie?’ she said, looking over at me. I could only duck my head down in shame. Turning back to wifey again, she said, ‘If you can take three minutes of my tongue and fingers without coming, I’ll untie you both and leave you to your own devices.’
That sounded amazing to me! I was so fucking horny at this point, I was ready to fuck my gorgeous wife all fucking night. And she had always been someone who struggled to come via oral. So three minutes would be no problem for her.
‘If you don’t make it,’ Mistress continued, speaking to my wife but with her eyes pinned meaningfully back on me, ‘You have to give your husband to me for the night. I have some friends at a little club we have who would like to train him. I mean, meet him.’ Her eyes glinted.
Holy shit.


  1. Look okay - when you asked for ideas so you could make them 'real' I ddin't ..I mean, I never thought you could.....oh hell, this is only half through and I am not coping at all!!! I wil leave full critique to the end but let me just say i was harder and hotter than the guy in this tale - my arousal was helpless and relentless...the vision of me and my wife in this position, at her mercy, knowing we were in her power-feling just how red hot this tormentor is, well.....begging for mercy already and i know so much more to come (in every sense!!!) KC, you really should have a health warning slapped on you..oh actually, the thought of you slapping me,teasing my body tickling ne, making me yours...enough for now, please please.....

    1. Aw, Alex. You do leave the cutest little comments for me! Thank you! I'm very glad you are enjoying the story so far. And... are you begging me to stop at the end? No more stories for now? Hmmm... okay! If you say so. Unless anyone else has any objections...

  2. Objection! Please continue Mistress K! (What a hot story, Kyoko! Fantastic!)

    1. Always happy to hear from you, Mr. Wonderly! Glad you enjoyed.

  3. No no no please please please................more more more.....beggng for it.....

    1. Begging me to stop, begging me to continue... It's all a bit confusing for lil old me, Alex. Hm, what to do... ;)

  4. Dammit, I just ruined yet another keyboard! Before you continue this story, let me hit Costco to get paper towels. ;).

    1. Aw, making a little mess on your keyboard, Glenny?? What a naughty little boy you are. Okay, I was going to post the next bit but we'll all just sit back and wait until our messy friend gets back from buying paper towels in bulk since he can't control himself. I have half a mind to make you stand naked in the corner...

  5. PLEASE will u make me stand naked in the corner - will do anything u demand...


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