Friday, June 22, 2012

The Club (a continuation from The Unicorn)

If you haven't already, read the first part of this story here.

She set the alarm. And then Mistress Carla played my wife’s pussy like an instrument, plucking away with her tongue, strumming assuredly with her fingers. Wifey moaned and sighed and occasionally thrust her hips up, then seemed to remember herself, and visibly made herself relax. ‘You really like having your pussy eaten, don’t you, you greedy little slut?’ Carla said, looking up from between wifey’s thighs. My wife mumbled an embarrassed assent. ‘Does your darling husband do this for you a lot?’ A pause. ‘Answer me!’ she said, and began tonguing her hard.
‘Yes! Yes!’ wifey called out as her hips bucked. ‘He’s amazing at it!’
‘Is he now?’ Carla’s eyes narrowed on me momentarily. And then she did something unexpected.
My wife’s little clitty was a hard, red nub, by now poking out in stiff recrimination from beneath its tiny hood. Mistress gave that sensitive little button a few soft licks, making wifey’s body tense and quiver while she gasped out. Then I watched as Mistress puckered her lips in a perfect brass embouchure around that sensitive bit of flesh, and blow firmly against it, producing a high, faint buzzing noise.
Wifey cried out. Her body immediately went rigid. I could see her arousal sky rocket instantly. Mistress Carla kept up her buzzy assault on wifey’s clit and my poor girl was helpless to control anything. Mistress shoved two fingers inside wifey’s cunt in a final attack, shunting them in and out while continuing to be a mouth vibrator on her button. It was useless. My wife came in loud, powerful waves of ecstasy that seemed to go on and on forever, her body contorting and thrashing against the bindings.
When Mistress had rung every last spasm out of my wife’s pussy with her mouth, she sat up. Stopping the alarm 14 seconds before it was due to sound, she turned to me. Licking my wife’s cum off her lips, she smiled.
‘I can’t wait for you to meet my friends.’
If you listened outside the beautiful gilded doors of the exclusive club you would once again hear giggling, mirth-filled laughter. This time however, it wouldn’t be one sole female voice.
            And if you peeked in? Aw, again! So curious! But this is a very exclusive club. You have to be a member to know what goes on beyond these doors.
            Okay fine, I’ll tell you. But I may have to kill you.
            You’d see me. The same 51 year old man, in some ways. And yet totally changed in others.
            What would you see to start? Well, actually not that much at first. They didn’t just haul me in, tie me up and start touching me. No, these women are much more devious, their torment is infinitely more insidious than that.
            When I arrived at the club with Mistress Carla – after being put through a series of ablutions that included washing, trimming, shaving and waxing my most private areas by a no nonsense Asian man dressed in white – I was placed naked in a room with two other naked men. Our wrists were cuffed behind our backs and we were seated on a padded bench along the wall of this large room. Just the room alone was intimidating as it showcased a whole series of toys of all shapes, sizes and colours, as well as instruments of punishment: whips, floggers, paddles, you name it. And then the furniture. Aside from a king size bed, there was all manner of furniture that at first glance appeared unremarkable until you looked closer and saw the straps and holes in strategically placed areas. I looked at the two men seated down from me. They looked equally stunned and nervous. I wondered if they had been brought here under similar circumstances, if they were “won” away from their wives or girlfriends for a night.
            Finally Mistress Carla entered with two other women. Each of them looked mature, their bodies, scantily clad, without the roundness, the softness of youth. Instead it was obvious that each of these sophisticated women were tight and toned through physical activity, their bodies sculpted at the gym as the gift of youthful splendor receded. They were each different though. The brunette Carla was petite with sexy curves, but still slender. The woman beside her was also petite, slightly Asian in appearance and with fuller curves, more voluptuous. And finally the third woman was tall and blonde, statuesque. Together they made for a mouth-watering feast for the eyes of feminine allure.
            At first they completely ignored us. They put on music, poured each other drinks, and started to dance, having a private girl party all their own. They whispered to each other and laughed and kissed, making delectable all girl sandwiches, taking turns on who got pressed into the middle of the gorgeous sexy trio. Soon their playful kisses turned to full on make out sessions. Clothes started to get discarded, hands were on thighs, breasts, tongues flicked, nipples puckered. The giggling and chatter turned to sighing and moaning. I took a sidelong glance at my neighbours on the bench. As I was, each man was shifting around on the seat uncomfortably, watching in stunned amazement and sporting fast growing erections.
            And still not one of the beautiful creatures looked our way.
            Just when I was beginning to think that the torture would be that we were forced to watch this sexy display while being unable to touch ourselves and then being sent home frustrated, the blonde goddess turned a lustful glance in our direction.
            ‘Well, what little treats have we all brought in today?’ she said. Her gaze panned over the three of us as though she were surveying cakes in a bakery window. ‘Kyomi, which one is yours? You had the winning one last time.’
            The woman who had had Mistress Carla’s nipple in her mouth and had been tonguing it in earnest broke away from her then. She smiled slyly and gestured at the man seated beside me. ‘That’s mine in the middle, Nikki,’ she giggled. ‘To be honest, I’m not expecting much from this one.’
            ‘Oh?’ Nikki asked.
            ‘No,’ Kiyomi sighed. ‘He’s a total premature ejaculator.’ The shame from the man seated beside me was palpable then, I didn’t even have to look at him to know how red he was, how sweaty.
            ‘Why did you bring him then??’ Nikki’s exasperation was plain. ‘The last one you brought kept us entertained all night!’
            ‘I know,’ Kyomi said. She smiled at the man she brought a bit shyly. ‘But you know I have a weakness for the ones who are so cute and helpless! I mean, look at him. Isn’t he adorable?’
            ‘Well might as well get him up here first,’ Nikki said, rolling her eyes. ‘Sounds like we won’t be long with him.
            From experience I can tell you that the only thing more torturous than being in that man’s place and enduring the teasing they then put him through, was being in the place of one of us left on the bench. Left to watch and listen as the man pleaded and begged, knowing all the while that our turn was coming. Indeed the man was quick to approach the finish line. But that didn’t make his torment any less. Over and over they took turns with their hands, easing him to the brink and then denying him release. Since he was fast it didn’t take long but by the fifteenth time his desperation was palpable and my cock throbbed in aching sympathy for his plight.
            ‘Please!’ he intoned. ‘Please. Please let me come.’ He was barely able to stand, still with his hands cuffed behind him. Finally Kyomi spoke up.
            ‘Okay, little boy. I’ll let you come.’ And she knelt down before him, her face a mere inch from his cock, and stuck out her tongue.
            The sight of this exotic beauty before him with her tongue rolled out in invitation before his burgeoning shaft while being flanked by the other two goddesses was too much for the struggling man. You could see his entire body capitulate. He let out a tortured groan and spurted into her mouth.
            Mistress Nikki and Mistress Carla each grabbed an arm as he struggled not to collapse. As for Mistress Kyomi, she never touched the man with her mouth, but caught all of his load on her waiting tongue. Standing up and swallowing she said, ‘Mm. Why is it the premature ejaculators are always so sweet?’
So they did eventually get to me. But not before I was also forced to witness the other man on the bench – a man who Mistress Nikki referred to as her Pain Slut – strapped to a St. Andrew’s cross and alternately masturbated by Carla with a Fleshlight and lightly whipped across the back and ass by Nikki with a leather switch. Not being into pain much myself, I watched in amazement as the arousal from the Fleshlight mixed with the pain from the whipping to create a look of torment on his face that was so compelling it made me shudder with what I wasn’t sure was dread or excitement.
            It was probably both.
            Finally the man came, came into the Fleshlight Carla stroked him with while Nikki whipped him and chastised him for liking the pain so much and Kyomi looked on, one hand between her legs.
            And then they got to me.
            At that point I was so aroused by having watched the three nearly naked vixens manipulating helpless men over and over that my cock was twitching and pulsing without anyone even touching it.
            I say it changed me, what happened then. Well, it did. How, you ask? What did they do?
            Did they masturbate me?
            Did they whip me?
            Did they let me come?
            Not even that.
            Mistress Carla went first. She laid back on the bed and beckoned me over with the curl of one finger. Slipping off her skimpy panties she said, ‘Now it’s your turn. You get to be last. And in some ways, the most special. Because you are here to serve.’ She parted her legs as Kyomi came behind me to uncuff my wrists.
Carla’s arousal over the evening’s events was plain, as her pink folds glistened with moisture, her intoxicating scent rising and reaching my senses. I looked in her eyes and suddenly understood my purpose.
‘I have it on reliable authority that you are good with your tongue,’ she whispered.
Mistress Nikki and Mistress Kyomi settled on the bed too, one on either side of Carla as I started my oral worship on her. Normally I like to nuzzle and tease a bit with my lips and tongue on thigh and tummy. But we were both too far gone for that. Her little bud was wet and stiff and I took it between my lips and lapped it the way I was dying for someone to lap the aching tip of my dick. She tipped her head back and moaned out her pleasure, but then looked down again to continue watching me service her with my mouth. I increased my speed a little and pushed a finger inside, then two. Feeling her start to thrust up a bit I kept up the speed for a moment, then backed off a little. Her sigh at that moment made me shift up on the bed a bit, because even the pressure of the bed against my cock while listening to that sigh was too much.
‘Oo, yes, girls, he’s good,’ she moaned. ‘Oh god, wait’ll you get your turn. Fuck!’ she panted, as I upped the speed again, working her gspot with my two digits inside her.
That’s when I realized I would be their oral slave for the night. I would finish servicing Carla, then move to Nikki, over to Kyomi, before Nikki decided she needed it again, this time with me strapped to the bed while she rode my face with her cunt, screaming like the wild banshee she was in that moment.
And during all of my service they rarely touched me. But I stayed hard. And not just because serving three gorgeous women orally is the most intoxicating turn on of my life. But also because they tormented me with comments like:
‘Aw, look at how stiff his prick is! He must be really frustrated.’
‘You have to be a really slutty, naughty little boy to be so turned on by licking pussy.’
‘That’s it. Hold your little cum in your balls. You’re here to please us.’
‘You exist to give us pleasure. If we decide we want pleasure from your fuck stick we’ll let you know. Right now just keep licking.’
In between these comments, one of the two who was not being serviced might stroke my straining shaft quickly, up and down in a few, brief, amazingly arousing strokes. I would groan into the pussy I was licking and then hear giggling. ‘Hold it in, slave boy!’ But that was all.
After Nikki was finished with me, Carla lay down next to where I was restrained on the bed.
‘You’re in luck, slave,’ she said softly, drawing lines down my naked chest, pinching my nipples and making me moan with pent up lust. ‘I’m in the mood to fuck tonight.’ She sat up and moved to straddle me. ‘Just remember: your purpose is as my fuck stick.’ She swung a leg over. ‘So don’t you dare come.’
Oh god, the torturous bliss as she eased her tight, wet snatch down onto my aching rod. I was not normally so eager, I could usually manage some control, but the teasing, the pussy licking, all that I had seen all night, plus the words she had just spoken had me close already. I closed my eyes and battled my urges as she began to ride my cock.
‘Aw, are you close already?’ Carla whispered, no doubt noticing my struggling. ‘You’re in luck because I’m close tonight myself. Your hard cock feels so good. If you can last just a little bit longer, you’ll make me come.’
Oh, how her words did not help the situation! I hovered close, knowing I’d never last watching and feeling her thrash on top of me. But suddenly I felt a sharp, jarring pain on my inner thigh and I yelped out. I looked down to see Mistress Nikki leaning over my legs from the foot of the bed with an evil smile. ‘Thought you could use a little helpful pinch,’ she said.
The pinch of course didn’t slow Carla down. She took advantage of my suddenly decreased arousal and began riding me in earnest, grinding her pussy down hard, fucking herself onto me, over and over. Her orgasm, when it came, was nothing like I’d seen, not soft or lady like, but hard and animalistic. She came, eyes closed, with hard grunts and guttural growls that, I must admit, were way sexier than anything I’d ever seen in porn or real life. At that moment I knew I really was just a pole, a piece of meat for her to assuage her lust. The physical sensation of her pussy contracting around my cock coupled with this feeling of being used as a sex toy made my seed boil in my balls once again.
But Carla was easing herself off of me. ‘Phew!’ she giggled, looking at the girls. ‘That was good.’ She yawned. ‘I don’t know about you girls, but I’m pretty tired. Shall I send this one back now? Call it a night?’
‘Maybe,’ Mistress Kyomi nodded. ‘I have an early Pilates class in the morning.’
‘Mistresses!’ I said, still tied to the bed. ‘Please!’ I glanced down at my throbbing shaft.
The three of them sat blinking at me, then looked at each other. Finally Nikki spoke.
‘I don’t know. Are you in the mood to watch a slave come again?’ she asked the other two.
‘Not really,’ Kyomi said. ‘We watched the first two! I thought this one was our winner, our work horse.’
Oh god! Were they really planning to leave me like this? Send me home with this aching hard on, only to dream about the nights events, hold it in the spank vault?
‘Please, I beg you! I’m desperate!’
‘Shhh,’ Carla spoke to me then, stroking my hair. ‘That really wasn’t what you were for, little boy. But I’ll tell you what. I’ll give you a choice. I will stroke you now and make you spurt your little mess, if that’s what you want.’ Oh god, yes it was. ‘Or,’ she went on. ‘Or you can understand that your desire is not relevant here. Here, you exist to please us. And if you understand that and you’d like to choose that option,’ she paused a moment and smiled at the two others, then back at me. ‘Well then… you may return.’
The 51 year old man you see now may look the same. He may sound the same. He may wear the same clothes and do the same job. But let me assure you, he is not the same. I am not the same. I am changed.
            I was not given an orgasm that day. Nor the next time I spent with them, nor the next. I don’t know if they’ll ever let me come with them, if they’ll ever release me in their presence. That is not the point. The point is that I am theirs. When I am there I live to serve them. I put their needs always above my own. I am their toy. Their slave.
            And in being their slave… I am free.


  1. Really am not sure I have the words to convey my emotions here..I'm supposed to be an erotica writer myself, aren't I but...KC, if okay with you I will send a personal mail when i have 'recoverd' but for the benfit of all u read this to have this written partly for little old me is amazing, arousing, satisfying and just plain wonderful!!!! I feel as if u have reched into my deepest sexual fantasies, played with them, reworked them and made tem a thousand times more exciting. Ur simply in a class of your own ,woman.. XXX

    1. Thanks Alex! I'm so glad you like it. People's sexual fantasies are so personal, so I did not take writing out your idea lightly. I would have hated to mess it up for you. I tried to stay true to what you expressed, but then also derived inspiration from Carla's embodiment of her character. I think it worked. I'm glad it did for you!

  2. Excellent, KC. I was shagging along and hoping I would get to cum but held back as he did. Oh my. Very nice.

    1. Oo, Mr. Prez. What an obedient little sub you are! Now how long can you hold it for?? Or is it already too late, you naughty slut? ;)

    2. You know me all too well, Kyoko, all too well.

  3. Hi Kyoko,

    I just stumbled upon your blog and found this story and had to leave a comment, as this is excellent and incredibly hot.
    Tease and denial has always been a fantasy of mine, and I read quite some stuff in the past, but you get to find something well-written and really hot at the same time.
    I will definitely check out more of your writing.

    1. Lovely to have a new fan! Glad you found me and thank you for leaving me a comment, Mattic. I so appreciate hearing from you. I have a bunch of short stories in HarperCollins and Xcite Books anthologies available on Amazon. Feel free to email me if you want suggestions!


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