Monday, June 4, 2012

Contest results!

Yes, I have made a decision! Actually, I have chosen two. Two story ideas that, with some tweaking, fit together well, IMO. The first comes from everybody's favourite dead president, Jack Kennedy, who posted this comment on my blog:
One of my favorites has always been a team of teasers capturing my wife and I. In this scenario I am tied to a straight back chair at the foot of our bed facing it and she is tied spreadeagled on the bed. It can be any combination of teasers doing just about anything that teases. I almost always imagine a feather being lazily ran up and down and back and forth on my cock and her being teased unmercifully and tickled relentlessly.
Totally hot, no? Then the second story idea comes from Xcite published author, Alex Severn. Alex's idea was about a man forced to be a sex slave for an exclusive club of rich, powerful woman, to fulfill the women's every desire, to be their sex toy, their man whore. Also hot! 

So I am slightly tweaking and combining these two ideas. And I will post them in two installments.

The first installment is almost done so expect to see that tomorrow. The second installment will follow as soon as I can churn it out!

Thank you to all of you who participated! It was a pleasure to read each submission. And I can say, in all honesty, they were all extremely imaginative and creative. If I didn't choose your idea it wasn't because it wasn't good. I just happened to connect with the two mentioned above. But each idea I received could certainly be made into a hot story. I seriously did not receive a single "bad" entry.

Of course, me being me and not, like Emma Holly, Portia DaCosta or Charlotte Stein  - if you don't know who these authors are, check them out! They are all smart, witty, sexy writers - I didn't receive a ton of entries. Lol. But that aside, the ones I did receive confirm my suspicions that the T&D community are generally sexy, creative, thinking people. Vanilla sex if fine and dandy but sometimes we like to let our imaginations run wild. Why not? Life is short and sex is fun. Kinky sex, even more so! 

Congratulations to Jack and Alex! Thanks again and check in with me tomorrow.

Till then!


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