Sunday, June 3, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday 06/03

Sorry for the delay in posting this week! But I am going to give you another excerpt from At Her Feet. Here Mistress has taken her little sub to a strip joint and has arranged for him to have a lap dance from his dancer of choice. Our protagonist chooses the lovely Kyomi. Kyomi begins to dance for him...while Mistress watches. Naughty Kyomi is breaking the rules a bit, pressing her toned ass into poor Paul's lap.

His face must have been a comedy of panic. Because as Kyomi continued circling, his frustrated cock ramped up to nearly blowing within moments. He was about to say – what? Something! Anything to get it to stop – when the music changed and Kyomi twirled back around, swaying her hips and fondling her breasts in front of them once more.
‘Mistress, I, I …’
Mistress giggled uncontrollably. Which made his cheeks as hot as his crotch and
 pin pricks of sweat start to break out at his temples.
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  1. Ok, own arousal is deepening in too obvious a way now!!! To have a charcter with a name so similar to your own is very wicked of you!!! Hod this story is so hot.......What I would give to be the male lead here!!!!You have no mercy on your poor 'enslaved' readers do you!!??? Thanks, KC. XX

  2. Aw, thanks Alex! I wondered if these sentences would be hot or not, taken out of context. I'm glad they worked for you! And yes, that character's name is very similar to mine. Hmm, I wonder why I would have done that?? Would I have done that on purpose?? ;)

  3. God u r SUCH a tease......he said gratefully!!! U never get anything wrong do u..what a gift u have!!! XX

    1. Oh now Alex, you'll have to stop or I'm likely to get a big head! Or wait, maybe that's not the head that's getting big... ;)

  4. Alex said it all. Agree 100%.


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