Thursday, April 21, 2011

An excerpt from "Delayed Gratification," published in The Affair by Virgin Books

He had a small loveseat in there and that’s where they landed. She kissed him and her kisses were like questions, seeking out his attention, his attraction. It was unlike anything Lola had experienced before. Granted her experience was fairly limited to high school fumblings in cars and parents’ basements. Those encounters had always made her feel like she was playing defense, blocking this hand here, heading off this pass there. Guys called her a cock tease. They didn’t understand. She wanted to be touched and caressed. How badly she did! At nights she lay awake in her bed, her head brimming with horny fantasies of faceless men working her to shuddering orgasm after orgasm. In her favourite ones, the faceless man’s head moved down, between her legs. The thought of a slick, warm tongue sliding repeatedly over that sensitive little button sent her over the edge every time. She had never experienced it. Never dared ask for it. But she craved it.
In reality the boys she had been with always went for broke way too early. They’d just barely be alone together and suddenly she’d be under attack. She spent way too much time playing defense to get horny. And the one time she had allowed it to go further, when she lost her virginity, it was over before she had time to register what happened.
But not this time. And while she was glad, no glad didn’t cover it. Ecstatic. While she was ecstatic to finally enjoy slow, passionate kisses, to revel in the way it made her feel, pretty soon she was wondering why he wasn’t trying to touch her. And that wondering gave way to desperately needing his hands on her.
He broke the kiss and she looked at him.
‘Lola, you are such a beautiful girl,’ he started. And then she saw it. The lust mixed with tortured conflict in his eyes. The simultaneous wanting and self-loathing. And she realized that, though he may want her – and she gathered by the huge bulge in his pants that he did – badly enough that he couldn’t stop what they were doing, he also wouldn’t allow himself to push forward. That would have to come from her.
So when she started kissing him again she put his hands on her body. And she guided them where she wanted them to go. She slid his hands over her breasts, her breath catching as he grazed her taut nipples under her thin Tshirt and bra. She pulled them under her shirt, undoing her bra so she could feel his bare hands on her flesh. She guided his fingers to her nipples and he pinched and pulled at them as she exhaled audibly, the sensations going directly to her increasingly wet pussy. Swiftly she pulled her shirt off and guided his head to her breast. Slowly, almost timidly, he began licking at the puckered tips. His lips surrounded it and he sucked on it softly as he continued pinching the other one between his fingers. She could barely sit still, could only squirm and sigh and moan.
She pushed him to each new level. Several times she faltered. What was she doing? This was Hailey’s father! What about Hailey’s mom? But her libido pushed those thoughts aside, urgently compelling her to act in this brazen way that seemed like a different person.
By the time he was naked from the waist up and she was clad only in her panties, her body felt like it had been plugged in and charged up, fairly humming with pent up desire. At her urging he had kissed and caressed, licked and tugged every part of her exposed skin. There was only one place he hadn’t kissed. And although she desperately wanted him to, though her clitoris was pounding a relentless beat between her thighs, she just couldn’t bring herself to guide him there.
Instead she went to undo his belt. As she started to pull the tongue out from the buckle, he stopped her. And taking the lead for the first and only time that day, he knelt down on the floor in front of where she sat on the sofa.
She could barely breathe as he slid her panties down her thighs, exposing her cleanly shaven sex. When she saw the dark spot where her wetness had seeped onto the material, her cheeks burned bright with embarrassment. She saw him notice it too. It seemed to spur him on.
Wordlessly he pulled her hips toward him so that her pussy was even with the edge of the couch. Gently he parted her legs. Her embarrassment over how wet she was almost made her want him to stop. Almost. But then his thumbs were on her labia, carefully pulling them apart. His head was inches away. She felt his warm breath on her. He dipped his tongue deep into her well, pulled the slick honey up and spread it over her clit with his tongue.
Her mind could only register one syllable thoughts. Fuck. Fuck. Oh. God. She pulled her feet up on either side of her, opening her cunt up to his mouth more fully. Her clit was beyond sensitive after the hour of drawn out foreplay. It was a jangled bunch of nerve endings all crammed into one hard little bud. And now his wet tongue was stroking it, lapping that bud over and over.
‘Oh god,’ she moaned. She was shaking uncontrollably under the slow stroking ministrations of his tongue. Then he sucked her clit into his mouth, she bucked and gasped, and he started flicking it rapidly.
‘Ah! Uh, uh, oh, uh, guh, guh ’ she panted and grasped at the couch. She was vaguely aware the sounds emitting from her mouth were like those of a heart attack victim or mental patient. But she couldn’t control it. His tongue! Oh god, it just kept flicking her clit, faster, faster, licking, licking it, over and over, harder now, harder, oh god, oh god, she was coming.
She had only ever experienced an orgasm before by her own hand. And now, to have the explosion licked out of her by his strong, persistent tongue was almost more than she could handle. She screamed wildly as her body convulsed but he held her steady, one hand firmly on each hip, and continued to lick and suck until only soft whimpers escaped her lips.

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