Thursday, February 21, 2013

More release day fun!

Hello everyone!

I have more fun news to share with you on the eve of my book being released. That is, I have a release mate! If you're familiar with many of the other authors over at Mischief or with awesome UK erotica writers in general, then I'm sure she needs no introduction. Ms Justine Elyot is one of their best! And today she has a brand new book out too, Confessions of a Kinky Wife. Great title, huh? And check out the fun cover:

Justine and I thought it would be fun if we did a little cross interview in light of our books dropping the same day. So today you get to learn a little about another Mischief author and her kinky new book! Without further adieu, I give you... Justine Elyot!

KC: How did you start writing erotic fiction? Did you try any other genres? Do you write any other genres now? 

JE: I started with fanfiction, wanting to peek into the bedrooms of my favourite characters. For some reason they didn't tell me to get out. Perhaps they're exhibitionists. 

I hadn't written in any other genre before selling my first erotic story, but always wanted to write historical fiction. Watch this space. 

KC: Tell us how the magic happens! Where do you write? How do you get inspiration? 

I write in my living room and inspiration comes from all over the place. Really, most of what I write has been in my head for a long, long time – decades, in some cases. Now and again I'll get an idea for something new, but it usually creeps up on me with a cosh. I don't go looking for inspiration – it's an elusive swine anyway. 

KC: How much of Justine Elyot is in Philippa? Have you wondered what being a submissive woman in the 21st century means for sexual equality? 

JE: I wanted Philippa to be as close as possible to an 'everywoman' kind of character – and I'm certainly not that, so she's not terribly like me, although we do share some characteristics. An interest in kink for one thing…haha. 

As for wondering about the implications of being a submissive woman in the 21st century – I rarely do anything else! I always felt guilty for having these feelings when younger, as if I were spitting on the grave of the Pankhursts or whatever. To be honest, I don't think I've come to terms with it even now. 

KC: What are your thoughts on the balance of power between a Dom and a sub? 

I know it's called power exchange, but the whole relationship hinges on how much each partner is enjoying it. So I think it's actually pretty balanced. 

KC: What do you think drives people who want to explore spanking or other types of corporal punishment in their sexual relationships? 

It turns them on. Before trying it out, people will have been fantasising about it. I think it's predisposition in some people, curiosity in others. 

KC: Do you have ideas about how to approach a partner if you want to explore aspects of BDSM and your relationship has been vanilla? (I’m asking for a friend…;) 

Hahaha! Buy one of my books and leave it lying around? I think it's easier nowadays, with information about sexuality and kink being much more freely available and accessible online. It takes confidence and nerve to just bring the subject up, but that's probably better in the long run than trying to drop a million hints. 

KC: What’s your favourite kinky movie and why? 

I haven't watched that many kinky movies, strangely enough. I get embarrassed. I do love Secretary though. 

KC: What’s your favourite quote and why? 

I don't have one particular favourite. Re-reading Pride and Prejudice the other day I clapped my hands at Miss Bingley's line 'How much sooner one tires of anything than of a book'. Well said, Miss B (however insincerely). 

KC: What’s your favourite part of writing? 

JE: Living in a fantasy world and getting paid for it. 

KC: Can you tell us what you’re working on at the moment? 

JE: I'm working on several things – a Victorian erotic novel, a country house romance and a non-erotic historical series. Two of these have homes with publishers, the other is still at an early stage. 

Thank you to Justine for stopping by! To get your copy of Kinky Wife, here are the links:

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