Sunday, May 13, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday - 3

It's that time again! If you want to play or know what it's about, check it out here.
This week I am giving you another bit from my newest character: recently dumped cougar who's exploring her underlying sexuality for the first time. This is from earlier (than last week) in the story, when she's found her broken heart has one silver lining: she's lost weight.
I took my skinny ass to the mall and bought the hottest, sluttiest outfit I could find. Black, lots of skin, lots of cleavage. I put on all the makeup my mother forbade me from wearing in junior high.
And I went out.
Oh yes, there’s a new sheriff in town.
She’s fucking guys and not taking last names.
 So there you go! Comments? You know I want 'em! Don't be shy, post below!


  1. Cougars need fucking that's for sure! Great as usual, KC.

    1. Indeed they do and I know whereof I speak. Lol. Thanks JK! Knew I could count on you. ;)

  2. You're a cougar?

  3. Well, define cougar? Or, is it relative? If I'm say, 56, would you be a cougar to me?

  4. LOL! Aw, JK, you're so cute. "Say, 56"? *giggle* Okay, let's play this game! I love games. "Say" you're 56 and you're trying to solidify your fantasies about someone you've never met. I could be 98 living in someone's basement and getting loaded every night via dial a bottle. Or I could be a nubile college girl who has lesbian orgies every Thursday and Saturday night. Would the former have you fantasizing less? Would the latter mean you jerk it more? Or maybe you're just trying to narrow it down, like if I'm a cougar to you then your fantasy is that I tie you up and tease you until you beg me to let you cum. Or if I'm younger it'll be YOU tying ME up and tickling me until I beg you to stop. Yes, I guess cougar is a relative term... *giggle* ;)

  5. OK, you're a cougar.


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