Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The first Sex In Words. Or: Standing Beside My Poo

I did something last night that scared the fuck out of me. And it was awesome.

I think of myself as a pretty shy person who sometimes does a good job of faking otherwise. I guess as you mature and gain experience with putting yourself out there in the world that gets easier to do. But inside I think I will always be the shy little high school girl with braces, a bit of a dreamer who liked to disappear for days into a great book and who occasionally penned her own little snippets, the best of which contained naughty words a “good girl” most definitely should not be accustomed to using in any such fashion.

Yes, I’ve had my share of shame over writing what I do. I blogged about it here. And last night I shared the fact that because of that shame, in my head I had been treating my writing the same way I would as if I had done a huge poo in the middle of a room. Run away! Deny responsibility! Feign innocence! If someone says, ‘That’s disgusting!’ agree and shake your head sadly.

I also shared coming across this post from Ashley Lister on Justine Elyot’s blog and how watching these authors read for an audience, for me in that moment, was like watching them … stand beside their poo. Proudly. Confidently. Without a moment of shame.

I was horrified.

And mesmerized.

And I could Not. Stop. Thinking about it.

I wanted to contact someone here in Adelaide and say, okay! Twist my arm. Sign me up. I’m game. I’ll give it a shot. But there was no such event. There is no Ashley Lister Down Under. So if I wanted to do this, if I wanted to have this experience, I would have to create it. And to do that, I would have to step WAY out of my comfort zone.

Hence the birth of Sex In Words. With the totally supportive and open-minded help of the team at Dymocks Adelaide I was able to put together an event for authors to showcase explicit scenes in their work for everyone to enjoy. And on top of that, thanks to our sponsors, Sweetmeats Press and Xcite Books, we were able to offer guests some great ebook swag! Yup, those in attendance can help themselves to 50% off downloads of Made For Hire and Sweet. Sweeter. And they can get Nymphomania for free! Now don't cha wish you joined us?? *

Angela Castle shared a fun and totally sexy shower scene from The Purrfect Picture, Book 2 of her Australian Shifter series. Kate Belle read an intense and thrilling moment from her tale of forbidden lust and love in The Yearning. And yes, I shared too. A fun little story called Spinning that will be published next year.

I stood beside my poo.

Okay, what I write is not poo. Well, maybe it is to some people… but it’s not to me! And I’m not thinking of it that way any longer. I should probably change the title of this blog post. But it’s kinda funny so I’m not going to.

But here’s something else. Another secret, while I’m laying all my cards out on the table. I went a little easy on myself last night. I figured since hosting an event and reading my work aloud are two totally new and scary experiences, I would give myself a break in choosing what to read. Now don’t get me wrong, Spinning is a great story, I’m really proud of it! It’s a style I’ve always wanted to try my hand at. But it’s not my typical fare. In fact, it’s the only story I’ve ever written without an ounce of kink.

It’s one scary experience to read about sex aloud. But, generally speaking, all adults have sex. Not all of them have kinky sex. And Spinning aside, that’s what I write about. Kink. BDSM. Dominance and submission. So hang onto your floggers, everyone, cause that’s where we’re going next. Don't have a flogger? We just may be able too hook you up. *gasp!* 

Oh yes, we have plans for the next Sex In Words! **


*Okay, if you email me and ask nicely, I may just be persuaded to pass on the promo code for the free/discounted books. If you follow me on Twitter, I'll be even happier!

**You want a sneak peek of me reading some kinky stuff? Come to my book launch for the print version of Made For Hire, July 26th at the South Australian Writers Centre! Deets to follow...


  1. Getting up in front of people and reading your own words is hard. Getting up and reading sexy words can be doubly hard! Good on you for doing it, fear aside. :D

    1. It was hard... but also fun! Thank you so much for attending and for your comments. :)

  2. I hope you very proud of yourself- and your writing- Poo indeed!! Daft woman! It is addictive- the fear of standing up and reading- there will be no stopping you now!! Well done hun xxxx

    1. I know. *blush* You're right, I didn't realize how addictive it would be! Can't wait to do it again! Thanks Kay! You and KD are always so supportive. It means a lot.

  3. Bravo, Kyoko! What a great wrap-up. Cheers to many more great events. x

  4. Kyoko you did a wonderful job. An accomplished reading and a very enjoyable event. Thank you for inspiring us to participate and to Dymocks for bravely going there. It's a wonderful celebration of female sensuality.

    1. I can't thank you enough for coming, Kate! It was a celebration and I think we showcased three very different approaches. And so many more to come! It was so great getting to meet you. Best of luck with The Yearning!


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