Thursday, January 17, 2013

Blog Tour Starts Monday!

Hello everyone!

I hope you're well and surviving the winter, since I think most of you are in the colder parts of the world. I, however, am experiencing my first sweltering January Down Under. And wouldn't you know it, the air conditioner in our new house up and quit on us. Yesterday it was over 40 degrees all day and over 35 degrees until well past 10pm. Normally if it were that time of night and hubby was using ice cubes for something other than drinks I might get excited. Unfortunately this was to actually cool things down.

Today it's a balmy 28 degrees and we are much more comfortable. And my news is that my first ever blog tour starts on Monday! I am really excited to be appearing at various fun and interesting blogs to talk about Book Two in the Draper Estates Trilogy, Sapphic Secrets. Whether you've already read any of the trilogy or not it should be fun and I hope you'll join me in visiting each stop on the tour. I worked hard to make each post interesting and to give you a bit of 'behind the scenes' insight into the writing, the story and the characters.

As luck would have it, I'm going to be camping in the wild Australian outback during the beginning of the tour! Okay, it will be in a trailer park along the harbour with my family... but we writer types like to call that poetic license. Anyway, I will be tweeting the blog links for you so have a look along the right side of my blog here for where to go.

Cheers all!


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