Friday, August 2, 2013

Launch deets and Shameless antho

Hello lovelies!

I hope you're well in whatever corner of the world you're reading this blog post from. For me Down Under, it's still all blustery and rainy and I have become a true Aussie, complaining about the cold when there is not a snowflake in sight!

For those of you who don't already know (if you're not into the Facebook and Twitter thing) I am happy to say the book launch for Made For Hire was a success! Hosting the evening with panache and finesse was my new friend, Ms Victoria Purman (another author you should check out - her new romance Nobody But Him hits shelves in less than two months). Not only did I read from my short story, Sweet. Sweeter., but I also managed to secure the amazing talent of Mr Vince Fusco from The Beautiful Strangers to read from Esmeralda Greene's Gardening Days. There were nibbles and drinks and smut! What could be better? A good time was had by all and the lucky Ms Khloe Wren won the raffle for a free copy of Made For Hire! (Khloe is a lovely smutty author in her own right - you should check her out too!)

And then, what fun, Dymocks Adelaide are now stocking the Sweetmeats Press library. And they've even given me a little shout out in their display! Have a look:

With all the excitement over the launch and such, I haven't even mentioned that I have a
brand new short story coming out this month with a new (to me) publisher, Go Deeper Press. My friends, I was compelled to submit ... not in the BDSM way ... to this anthology! Amidst all the usual calls for sexy mommy porn starring bisexual cowboy vampires (okay, I just made that up, but sometimes they all start to sound like some version of that!), here was a publisher asking for stories that "show the world that recovery from sexual shame is both positive and hot." How refreshing! Anyone who has read For Her Pleasure knows I have an interest in this topic. 

This time I approached things from a female POV. The result is a story entitled Wet. Want a little peak? Okay, here is a snippet:

There were things Beth would always remember about that first time with Jeff.
               The blue of the ocean out of the honeymoon suite window glimpsed from the bed over her new husband’s shoulder. The faint smell of bleach the Caribbean cleaning staff used before each new guest. A few small cracks in the plaster ceiling.
               The intensity with which her normally jovial and easy going boyfriend of ten months and spouse of twelve hours said, ‘Okay, let’s do this.’
               The other things, honestly, she didn’t try to recall. But they played like a damning loop in her head. A recording she switched on every morning after that first time, one she would painstakingly add to with only the most searing words from each subsequent and progressively awkward coupling. In the end she would have a highlight reel of the worst moments, a ‘greatest hits’ from those years of shame, a humiliation compilation.
               She didn’t play it willingly, exactly. But out of a masochistic need to remind herself each day:
               This is who you are.
               A woman whose husband finds her repulsive.

I know, so short, and it sounds really sad, right? The thing is, there is really no other part I could sample that would make any sense without the back story. But trust me, it goes somewhere hot. Oh, there is naughty fun, my friends, don't you worry. I wouldn't lead you astray! So stay tuned for details on where and when you can download the upcoming Shameless antho.




  1. Can't wait to see what you've got in Shameless Behavior! I am a huge fan of Go Deeper Press, and I too loved the substance of that call. :)

    1. Thanks Annabeth! I'm just getting to know them myself but so far I have to agree. Wonderful ladies heading things up there. It's been such a pleasure to work with them. Have you published with them before?

  2. Kyoko...I'm in Connecticut, USA where last month we set an aii-time daily average temperature of 78.2 shading the old record of 108 years standing. We have cold here also but the the real pits is the rain. The lone exception is frolicking and playing in the rain with a lover.

    Your post made me aware of another of my favorite authors - Esmeralda Greene. I think I have almost all of her books. Her story in Made For Hire along with you other ladies will (ahem) perk up my reading on Kindle momentarily! LOL

    1. I hear it's been scorching hot in your neck of the woods, mikey2ct! I understand it's cooled off for you now. Happy reading and thanks for your comment!


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