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Oh there's more sexy fun in store! After the success of the last Sex In Words erotica reading night at Dymocks Adelaide I was eager to plan the next one. This month's evening will push the boundaries even further... and I hope you'll be along for the ride. Read all the details about it here. Take note, this is not for the young, faint of heart or easily offended! There will be graphic kink content. You've been forewarned. But really, if you're here, that's what you're looking for, right? So get busy RSVPing!

In other news, Book Three of my historical erotica, The Draper Estates Trilogy, is set to come out next month. I will do a reveal of the title and cover closer to the release date. But in the meantime I thought I'd tease you with a naughty little excerpt. I know, that sounds exactly like something I'd do, doesn't it? 

May cause eye rolling
Before I get to that though, I want to confide something. The conclusion of this look into 1860s Boston, a time when hysteria and nymphomania were still valid diagnoses that needed to be treated by doctors, was a bit of a departure for me. I definitely delved into the more romantic side of erotica. My hardened kink side can sometimes roll her eyes at those softer feelings. But this time even kinky li'l me developed a soft spot for a certain character. So if you're a romance buff as well as someone who likes some smut, this book is for you! 

That's not what this excerpt is about, though. The bit is all filth and depravity, proof that sometimes it is just so much fun to write the baddies! And that's what Dr Phillip Samms is...

           Attending to Ms. Rodham’s girls with his vibratory massage chair was allowing Phillip a modest income, but nothing like he dreamed of. It was a steady income at least, if not a grand one. News spread quickly through the brothel that the doctor had an invention that could sate a woman where most of their clients neither knew nor cared that such a thing was possible.

Initially it had been mildly amusing for Phillip to administer the therapy. Eventually though, it became rather tedious. After seeing one strumpet complete in his chair he’d seen them all. And none was as exciting as Lillianne had been. The only excitement left in it for him was when Josie Rodham brought one of her new girls by.
            He shifted himself in his trousers as he thought of the last one.
            ‘Phillip,’ Josie had said low, with a sultry smile. ‘This is Polly. Polly, say hello to the good doctor.’ Phillip had noticed with mild distaste how she sneered out those last two words.
            ‘Hello,’ Polly whispered. She was a tall girl, slightly stooped, with sandy blonde hair and rather a plain face. But she had a demeanour Phillip liked, shy and reluctant.
            ‘Get down on your knees now,’ Josie said in the same way someone else might ask her to fetch a cup of coffee. ‘Give the doctor a proper hello, there’s a good girl.’
            ‘The doctor has been very kind in accommodating us on short notice,’ Josie said. ‘You will show him your appreciation by sucking his cock.’
            ‘But I… I don’t even…’
            Phillip’s staff grew harder in his breeches. Often one of Josie’s new recruits would be shocked into simply following orders. But Phillip enjoyed it more when the girl would protest.
            ‘You’re refusing then?’ Josie said, nodding to Phillip. He took the girl by the wrists and led her to his refashioned chair, which he saw her notice for the first time. Josie lifted the girl’s skirts while Phillip forced her to sit, fastening her wrists and ankles to the bindings he’d installed on the chair. While Josie continued to hold up Polly’s skirts, Phillip slid the massage post forward until it rested snugly against the girl’s undergarments and consequently her vulnerable and sensitive flesh beneath. Polly protested some more but both Phillip and Josie simply smiled at each other knowing how the protests to stop would soon turn to pleading for more.
            As Phillip clicked on the vibrations to the first setting, sure enough Polly let out a startled little gasp and fell silent. Josie rubbed Phillip’s quickly stiffening rod through his trousers as they watched the girl begin to squirm, leisurely biting his ear. ‘God, I love it when they protest, don’t you?’ she whispered into Phillip’s ear, echoing his thoughts. She reached over at this point and clicked the vibrations one notch higher. Polly gave a little squeak and then let out a low sigh. Now Josie stepped in front of him, shoved her hand down the front of his trousers, grasping his dick in her hand as she pushed her tongue into his mouth. ‘Just the thought of how she’ll beg is making me so wet,’ she sighed, lewdly gyrating her hips into his. Letting go of Phillip’s turgid flesh she turned back to the machine and set it even higher, causing Polly to moan out and squirm harder against the vibrations. Reaching behind her Josie caught Phillip’s hand and slid it between her thighs. Under her skirts Phillip reached into her drawers and, true to her word, they were drenched in her arousal. He found her hard bud and diddled it with one finger. ‘Ah!’ Josie cried out at the same time Polly did. But Josie slammed her hand down on the machine’s switches, causing the vibrations to cease.
            ‘No!’ Polly cried.
            ‘Aw, were you enjoying that?’ sneered Josie. Quickly she yanked down her drawers and tackled the fly of Phillip’s trousers, freeing his completely hard cock before pushing him onto the table beside the massage chair. Papers scattered and fluttered to the floor as Josie climbed on the table herself and, straddling Phillip, undid the buttons of his shirt, reaching in and harshly tweaking his nipples between the long nails of her fingers. Phillip jumped at the sharp pain mixed with pleasure and Josie chuckled. ‘That’s too bad,’ she said, still talking to Polly but looking at Phillip. ‘Since you refused to pleasure the doctor, why should he allow you pleasure in his chair?’ Phillip’s desk that the two occupied was close enough to the massage chair that Josie could still reach the controls. She clicked the lowest setting on again and Polly moaned low.
            ‘No,’ Josie sighed, stroking Phillip’s rigid member beneath her and making him moan. ‘Instead you can watch us fuck,’ she said, taking obvious delight in enunciating the last word, her eyes lighting up in evil anticipation. ‘You will learn your trade and watch how I use my body to give pleasure to a man.’ Again, she upped the intensity of the chair’s vibrations. ‘And you, for your completely unacceptable disobedience, can sit in that chair. And suffer.’ Polly, slowly realizing her predicament, squirmed and whimpered. The way the buzzing was working through her, causing the previously shy girl to gyrate and moan, made Phillip’s rod pulse with arousal in Josie’s hand.
            ‘Then perhaps you’ll learn to do as I say without question and understand the reason I have you in my employ,’ Josie continued to explain, her voice betraying only the slightest tremor to indicate just how much she was enjoying this lesson. As the vibrating chair continued to move the girl to obviously more increased arousal, Josie lifted herself and slammed her slick, molten quim onto Phillip’s pole. Phillip let out a howl of pleasure, grasping at the madam’s writhing body and struggling to get hold of his own spike of arousal. Josie purred in bliss as she slinked her body up and down, a cat at a scratching post satisfying a carnal itch. Continuing to toy with the controls, she worked Polly up to a fevered pitch.
            ‘Oh, oh, please, Ms Rodham, please don’t switch it off again!’ Polly cried. ‘I’m right … I feel… so close, I just…’ Her pleading was cut off by her own cry of frustrated torment as Josie flipped the vibrations off once more. ‘Please, Dr Samms, Ms Rodham, I’m sorry, I’ll do what you ask! Give me another chance. Just please, no more, I can’t take any more!’
            Phillip felt Josie’s sex tighten and pulse around his stiffened flesh as the girl begged. He forced himself to breathe slowly, knowing his place in this scenario meant that he had to show as much control as he could muster.
            ‘Oh, you’re only beginning to learn what you can take,’ Josie rasped out. ‘This lesson is just getting started.’ She switched the chair back on and Polly began to gyrate again. ‘These mid-level tremors hold that release just out of reach, don’t they?’ Josie said. Polly only whimpered. ‘And oh, it feels so good to come. Do you know that, you slutty little girl? Do you touch yourself, in the dark, at night, under the bedclothes? Do you stroke your little kitty, wiggle around under your hand, until you bring yourself off? Let me assure you, coming in this chair is a thousand times more powerful than anything you could do to yourself. It feels so good,’ Josie purred, picking up speed as she continued to impale herself on Phillip’s shaft. ‘You can imagine it, can’t you?’
            Polly groaned. ‘Please, Ms Rodham, please!’ she mumbled deliriously, bound hands straining, her body moving, no doubt her sex seeking out as much of the vibrations as it could. ‘Ah, NO!’ she cried, as Josie set the tremors back to low.
            ‘Yes, coming in the doctor’s massage chair is so deliciously gratifying,’ Josie said, obviously delighting in Polly’s cries as Phillip could feel her tighten even further around him. He gritted his teeth and dug his fingers into the arms of the chair in his effort not to spill his boiling seed. ‘Almost as gratifying as coming on a cock,’ Josie panted, riding him now for all she was worth. ‘Which, you worthless little whore, you will watch … me do… right… now!’

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