Monday, October 21, 2013

New covers, new talks, new books, oh my!

Hello lovelies!

I hope you are well. I am crazy busy and not finding all the time I wish I could for writing and writing related activities these days. Gosh darn real life and day jobs and all that.

But I do manage to sneak a few things in. So I have LOTS to tell you! 

Even though I've already mentioned it, I have to give a shout out again to the Shameless antho. I've blogged previously about how refreshing the call for this collection was, the idea of recovering from sexual shame. It's compelling and sex-positive and what I want erotica to be and do. But now that I've got the entire thing on my ereader I can brag about the quality of the work as well. My friends, these are good reads. They are hidden gems. They are thought-provoking and thrilling and hot and really, really wonderfully written. I encourage you to have a peek. I would love to know your thoughts!

And while you're on Amazon, have a little look at this. True, it's not
going to be out for a while yet but I just had to mention it anyway. I've always wanted to publish with Cleis Press! And for those of you who came to the first Sex In Words you'll recognize my contribution to this antho as none other than my short story "Spinning." I hope you'll agree that it's a fun little romp! 

Speaking of "Spinning," if you missed it the first time around and want to hear, I'll be reading it and talking about smut at Stirling Library this Thursday for Girls' Night In. And we'll be making fabric buttons. Yep, you heard that right. 'Cause really, what goes better with smut but crafting??  See all the deets in this month's library newsletter. Remember you have to book!

Last but certainly not least.... my trilogy books have new covers!!! Omg, I'm SO excited and thrilled and over the moon with the results! Check it out on the newly created FB page here. I hope you'll give them a Like!

Well friends, I hope to be back very soon with details on the next Sex In Words and an excerpt from Shadows Deep, Book Three in the Draper Estates Trilogy. 

Oh and if you are curious to know more about little ol' me, including a couple of cheeky little photos, you'll want to pick up the Spring Issue of Adelaide Hills Magazine. Lainie Anderson and I get up close and personal! 



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