Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Skipping class and book two excerpt

Friends, did you ever skip school when you were young?

Okay, perhaps you’re all much more serious and studious than I. University was a time when I was on my own for the first time in my life. I was young and passionate and curious … mostly about things that happened outside of the classroom. So I was often naughty and skipped class. (I know, I deserved a spanking, right? Unfortunately I hadn’t even had those thoughts yet!) But it was definitely a bad habit to get into because often once I’d skipped one class it was harder to go to the next one knowing I would be behind from not attending previously. So then I’d skip again. You can see how this would have a snowball effect. It’s a wonder I ever got my degree!

Why am I telling you this? Because strangely, getting out of the habit of posting on my blog felt similarly. There were things I wanted to tell you about but the more time that went by without an update the more and more shy I felt about posting one. Pretty soon the thought just made me want to crawl under the covers in my bed and hide!

Left unchecked I’m sure this could balloon into some kind of social disorder. Before it does, I’m going to jump right back into posting on a regular basis. So without further ado, here is another post from The Draper Estate Trilogy, Book Two: Sapphic Secrets. You may recall in book one, Lilly was left in fear of being at the mercy of Celeste in the lab. It appears her fears were warranted…

Celeste tightened the bonds firmly at Lilly’s wrists.
                ‘I’m so glad you are here to play my games with me now that I no longer have Yvonne, madame,’ Celeste said.
                ‘Celeste. No. I didn’t say that,’ Lilly said. Her housemaid had succeeded in slowly peeling off all of Lilly’s clothing while only undoing one bond at a time to get the clothing completely off while still ensuring Lilly could not get free. Now Lilly lay totally naked, more helpless than ever.
                Celeste gazed down at her. ‘You look so beautiful,’ she said, as she circled Lilly’s body, trailing her fingertips all over her, making Lilly shiver. ‘I know you will enjoy them too, nos jeux, our games,’ she said as she ran her fingers up Lilly’s arm to her breast before slowly circling the pucker of her nipple. ‘See? Look how your nipples stiffen for me,’ she said, tweaking each one. Currents of sensation ran straight down to Lilly’s sex as she gasped.
                ‘Celeste, no. Please. We can’t do this.’ But Lilly’s protests sounded weak, especially as Celeste continued to pluck at her sensitive peaks and her body was bathed in arousal. Celeste bent her head down and began to tongue the little puckered bit of flesh closest to her as she rolled the other between forefinger and thumb.
                ‘No, Celeste! No!’ Lilly panted, all while her hips bucked up.
                Celeste looked up then. Suddenly the faraway look in her eyes was gone and the darker shadows were back.
                ‘You want me to stop, madame?’ She went down and stood in the V made by the narrow tables Lilly’s legs were strapped to. ‘If I part your nether lips,’ she whispered, ‘will I find the seed the doctor speaks of?’
                ‘Please, Celeste,’ Lilly breathed. ‘Don’t.’
                Celeste sat down on the chair and, with fingers on either of her outer lips, she eased Lilly apart and peered between her legs. ‘You are very wet, madame,’ she said. Lilly moaned as Celeste pressed two fingers inside her and with a scooping C motion along the inner walls of her clenching hole, pulled out an abundance of clear gooey wetness.
                Lilly had never seen the evidence of her wanting like this, never had it studied, sampled and presented to her in this manner and she squirmed in embarrassment as Celeste held her sticky fingers up. Celeste, however, was unabashed as she stared in her mistress’s eyes and hungrily licked Lilly’s arousal off her fingers. ‘Madame,’ she whispered silkily. ‘It is necessary for you to be bound here with me all day, non? Perhaps we can find a way to make it a little more pleasant,’ she said, standing and stripping off her own clothing. ‘Then maybe I could clear away the evidence of your seed each day before Monsieur Draper gets home.’ Totally naked now too, she came close to Lilly’s bound frame and leaned down so that her mouth was by Lilly’s ear. ‘With my tongue.’ Oh god. Her tongue. Lilly shivered to her core at the memory of what Celeste’s tongue could do. She knew she should stop her, tell her no, but her sex pulsed hungrily in desperation for that slithery tongue.


  1. Please please more more, yes? Delicious, sensual, totally arousing - how are we expected to keep calm and cool when u do this to us KC!!?? I always feel I am there in ur stories -if a guy is involved, I am him, if, as here we have two beautiful sexually desirable women (I really really want Celeste for my own!!!) i just want beg to be allowed to watch and wallow in their pleasure- with u, begging is so natural for me!!! Don't tease me any more, eh? give me next bit and let Celeste really take Lily deeper into her own world of joy and abandonnment...XX

  2. What he said......


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