Thursday, August 2, 2012

Bringing Sexy Back - Part 3

Tracy had made a deal with herself, when this whole lesbian fantasy of hers and Peter’s began, that if anything were to ever happen between the two friends, that she would disclose all of it to Peter, every last detail. But coming home the next day, exhausted from lack of sleep, she began to feel less sure of her commitment. It was one thing, in the heat of passion, to be turned on by a fantasy. But fantasies don’t turn into reality everyday. Would Peter be angry to know she’d been with someone else? Was she cheating on him?
            But the fantasy becoming reality only served to spur Peter on. If he was intrigued by the idea of the two women together before, that it had now actually happened seemed to nearly overwhelm him with lust. When Tracy relayed to him that she had asked Caro if he could watch next time and that she had responded yes, he practically tore Tracy’s clothes off her, physically picked her up, carried her to their bedroom and threw her on the bed. He would not even let her go shower first. He got down between her legs and gazed between her folds with an almost reverence. ‘She put her fingers here?’ he asked, sucking his own fingers and stroking the hood of her swelling clit.
‘Mm hmm,’ she murmured dreamily.
‘Her fingers were here and she rubbed you and rubbed you,’ he bent his head down and began kissing her clitoris now, making out with it. Then he switched back to his fingers, rubbing faster. ‘She stroked you over and over, faster, faster, until you came. Came on her hand.’
‘Un hunhhhh,’ her pitch rising now as she neared her peak.
He broke away then, sprang up on top of her and slammed his erect cock deep inside her. She shrieked, surprised, but soon the base of his cock had picked up where his fingers had left her, quickly working her back up to where her orgasm loomed.
‘Tell me again,’ he growled in her ear. ‘Tell me again what she said about next time.’
‘I told her that the next time I ate her pussy,’ she rasped in his ear as he groaned and continued pistoning in and out of her, ‘that the next time I had my tongue inside her hot, wet snatch, that I wanted you to watch.’
‘Oh god.’ She felt his cock thrum inside of her, ready to blow. The feeling of it swelling against the walls of her tight hole, the pressure of the base against her clit had her at the edge too.
‘And she said yes.’
He pushed two more hard thrusts inside her and they came, came together, clinging, riding, gasping, humping, each lost inside the fantasy and the renewed vividness of it.
The waves eventually subsided, leaving them sweaty, limp and more than a little dazed. As they were drifting off something flipped in Tracy’s mind. Sleepily she asked, ‘Hon, you’re not in love with Caro, are you?’
‘Don’t be ridiculous, babe.’
The last thought that Tracy had before sleep enveloped her was of her promise to Caroline from the night before.
The promise that it wouldn’t get weird.

 ‘So I’m just calling to tell you what time to be here tonight,’ Delia said.
            Oh, shit, Tracy thought. It was Saturday and she’d completely forgot about Delia and Sebastian’s dinner party.
            It had been a long week. Tracy could not get out of her own head, it felt like, lost in her thoughts about Caroline and about Peter’s reaction to what happened. She couldn’t be mad at him, really, but she also couldn’t shake the feeling that he was a little too turned on thinking about her best friend. Without a legitimate reason to be upset but left feeling vaguely pissed off, Tracy was snippy, shitty with Peter all week, snapping at him over little things and making excuses to go to bed early, turning her back to him when he tried running his hand up her leg in bed. Tracy had always thought of Peter as being like a sexual camel, she’d marveled at his apparent ability to go weeks without the need to get off. But after a week of her rejecting his advances for a change, on Friday Tracy walked in on something she’d never seen in their entire ten year marriage: Peter furiously jerking off in the shower.
            ‘Come around five o’clock,’ Delia was saying. ‘Caro said she’d be here around then. Bill can’t make it. Again.’ Delia paused, waiting for Tracy’s reaction. When none came she went on. ‘God, poor Caroline. Do you think she’s okay? Tracy?’
            ‘What? Oh, sorry Dee,’ Tracy said, coming out of her own thoughts. ‘Yeah, I don’t know. I haven’t talked to her all week.
            That was true enough. Not only was Tracy neglecting her husband but she was dodging her best friend’s phone calls, letting her emails go unanswered. She felt terribly guilty, knowing how lonely Caroline felt in her marriage, her promise echoing in her memory. But she couldn’t get over her feelings of jealousy, couldn’t explain them to Caro.
            Jealousy wasn’t normally a factor in Tracy’s marriage. She made sure she didn’t do anything to give Peter reason to feel jealous and she felt he did the same for her. It was like an unspoken rule in their relationship.
            Now these new jealous feelings made her feel like a petulant child, made her want to get back at him, make him feel what she was feeling. She knew it was stupid and immature. But as she donned her sexy, proverbial little black dress for dinner at Delia’s that evening, as she stood in front of the mirror and swept her long, dark tresses in an updo, she couldn’t help but stare at her reflection, think of Sebastian and give herself a wicked little smirk.
            She didn’t often let her mind go where it was going. Sebastian was not her type, is what she usually told herself. Her type was tall, blond, not thin but fit. Her type was Peter. Sebastian, on the other hand, with his thick black curls, stocky, muscular frame and large, dark eyes, was more swarthy. Tracy had always felt an easy camaraderie with Sebastian, a feeling that they genuinely liked each other. And maybe something a little more.
            God, what the hell was she thinking? Giving her head an actual shake, she reminded herself that Sebastian was the husband of one of her best friends. What was going on with her? It was like what happened with Caro had rewritten all the rules.
            ‘Fuck, you look hot babe,’ Peter said, coming into the bathroom and putting his arms around her waist from behind, staring at her reflection in the mirror. ‘I wish you would give up whatever it is you’re mad at me for,’ he said, kissing her neck.
            ‘We’re gonna be late,’ she said, not stopping him though, closing her eyes and putting her head back on his shoulder, temporarily forgetting everything between them and just enjoying his kisses.
            When he began moving his hands down to cup her ass, she pushed them away. ‘Come on, we better go.’

Caro was already at Delia’s when Tracy and Peter arrived. Standing in the kitchen with a glass of Chardonnay, she was chatting with Sebastian while he stirred something on the stove when Tracy walked in.
            As soon as Tracy saw her friend, saw the worry in her eyes as she turned to greet her, she was overwhelmed with guilt. Saying a quick hello, she grabbed Caro’s arm and said softly, ‘Can I talk to you a second?’ She noticed Sebastian raise a quizzical eyebrow but he remained silent.
            Alone with Caroline in the hallway, Tracy nearly broke down in tears. ‘I’m so sorry I haven’t called you this week, Car.’ She grasped her friend’s hands in hers. ‘I know I promised you it wouldn’t get weird but I guess it did, for me, a bit.’ She glanced down, then looked into Caro’s blue eyes. ‘But just in my head, really. Now that I see you, now we’re here, I’m fine. I’m really fine,’ she repeated, realizing it herself as she said the words. ‘I’m so sorry, Caroline,’ she said, hugging her.
            Caroline accepted her apology and dinner went smoothly. Sebastian was a wonderful cook and the friends enjoyed the delicious meal he prepared for them.        
            But as the evening wore on Tracy kept noticing how Peter’s eyes would settle on Caroline, even when she wasn’t talking, how they would move down, apparently taking in her whole body. Had he always looked at Caro like that, she wondered, and she’d just never noticed?
            ‘So Tray,’ Delia said, as she poured her guests some after dinner cocktails. ‘Read any good books lately?’ She giggled and gave Sebastian a wink.
            ‘Yeah, Tracy,’ Sebastian smiled at her. ‘Any time you want to suggest more reading material for Delia, be my guest,’ he said, grabbing his wife’s ass as she was bent over pouring Peter his drink.
            Turning her attention from Peter’s gaze on Caroline, Tracy smiled flirtatiously at Sebastian and said, ‘Sexy Sebastian, I’m sure you don’t need any help from little ol’ me in that department.’
            Sebastian, obviously pleased at this attention, retorted, ‘Hey, I’m good but any marriage could use a little boost after a while.’
            ‘Nothing like a little extra spice,’ Delia said, smiling.
            Tracy took a sip of her cocktail, keeping her eyes on Sebastian as she put the straw in her mouth, and could feel the alcohol coursing through her veins. A little liquid courage, she thought. Putting her drink down she glanced at Peter, laid her hand playfully on Sebastian’s knee and purred, ‘Well, if there’s anything else I can do to spice things up, you just let me know.’
            The shameless flirting continued and Delia, for her part, looked anything but pissed off. In fact, if Tracy didn’t know better she’d say Delia was encouraging it, like the three of them were flirting with each other. She also noticed that the sexy banter was having a physical effect on Sebastian. His pants bulged and he kept readjusting himself, moving in his seat. Caroline, seated on the loveseat across from them with Peter, wasn’t vocal but she also appeared amused with the show. The only person who wasn’t amused, it seemed, was Peter.
He met her in the hallway as she was coming out of the bathroom.
‘Having fun?’ he asked, a little menacingly.
            Tracy stuck her chin out and smiled. ‘I’m having a great time.’
            ‘What the fuck are you doing?’ Peter whispered harshly.
            ‘What the fuck am I doing? What the fuck were you doing?’
            ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about.’
            ‘I see how you look at her, Peter. I know how you feel about Caro.’
            ‘Shit, is that what this is about?’ he asked incredulously. ‘Is that what you’ve been stewing about all week, that you think I have feelings for Caroline?’
            ‘Well, what the hell do you expect me to think? I mention this thing with her and suddenly you’re horny all the time, you’ve been staring at her all night, you’re practically undressing her with your eyes!’
            ‘That’s because I’m thinking about what you did with her!’
            ‘Hey you two!’ Delia’s voice called out from the living room. ‘You gonna rejoin the party, or what?’
            Tracy forced a smile and yelled back, ‘Be there in a minute!’
            Peter took a seat on the bottom step of the staircase and pulled his wife down beside him. ‘Look, babe,’ he said, his anger subsiding a little. ‘I will admit to you that I think Caroline is very sexy. Shit, so is Delia.’ Tracy opened her mouth but Peter stopped her. ‘Wait a minute, just wait! I think they’re sexy but so what? I mean, obviously you think Caro’s sexy too. And just because I’m attracted to her, that doesn’t take away from what we have. I love you, Tray.’ He grabbed her hand. ‘You’re the one I want to be with everyday. You’re the one I chose to marry.’ He leaned in then and said softly, ‘Can you blame me if I’m turned on by the thought of my beautiful wife going down on her sexy friend?’ He kissed her then, gently first and then a little harder. ‘And besides,’ he added, breaking their kiss. ‘Apparently I’m not the only one who’s attracted to somebody else in there,’ he said, glancing in the direction of the living room.
            ‘Well, no, not really,’ she said defensively.
            ‘Don’t bother denying it,’ he smiled smugly at her. ‘I’ve always known you totally have the hots for Greek boy in there. Delia and I laugh about it all the time.’
            Peter laughed. ‘It’s so obvious that you and Sebastian are into each other.’
            ‘But, but you were so angry just now,’ Tracy sputtered.
            ‘Well, you were so blatantly doing it to piss me off!’ he scoffed. ‘And I didn’t know why.’
            ‘So wait, you and Delia talk about this?’ She was incredulous.
            ‘Sure. Come on, we’re all human, we all have feelings.’ He laughed again and added, ‘I would hazard a guess that she and Sebastian probably talk about it too.’
            Before Tracy could respond Sebastian’s voice rang out, ‘Are you two fucking out there, or what?’
            Tracy and Peter walked back into the living room. And that’s when everything went a little pear-shaped.

The first thing Tracy saw was that Sebastian had his dick out and was stroking it. It wasn’t hard to miss, his member was massive in girth, not long but thick. Just like the rest of him, Tracy thought, her pussy throbbing. She looked beside her to Peter but his attention was on Delia and Caroline. The two women, her two best friends, were seated together on the love seat, kissing passionately, each with the other’s hand nestled firmly between her legs.
            ‘Holy shit, I’ve created a monster,’ Tracy murmured.
            Delia heard and looked up at the two standing but neither she nor Caroline moved their hands from where they were busy rubbing. She smiled a little drunkenly and said, ‘So Caro here was talking about what she and Tracy got up to last weekend.’ She giggled and then went back to making out with Caroline.
            ‘That is so fucking hot,’ Peter whispered to her and pulled her in for another kiss, this one harder, urgent.
            ‘Pe-ter,’ Delia sang out, and Peter looked over. ‘Why don’t you come help me out over here,’ she said, cupping Caro’s breast. Peter turned back to Tracy, then over her shoulder noticed Sebastian’s state of undress for the first time. He chuckled and said to Tracy, ‘So are we really going to do this?’
            Tracy kissed him and said, ‘I think we fucking are.’


  1. Wel this is not to be read with your clothes on is it KC!!??? u leave us on the brink of an orgy but give us enough 2 lust after.....there are lots of treasures to drool over but maybe best of all us how Peter talks about Caro and Tracy were together, how Caro ennjoyed his wife's succulent pussy, all the clit nuzzling and pussy licking...makes me want her myself, want to be allowed to watch them...and Delia too? yes yes yes please!!!!! Time for a cold shower i think.....XX

  2. It sounds like you identify with Peter, Alex! Hm, would you like sloppy seconds from your wife's sapphic lover?? ;)I'll be interested to hear which part you'll think of as "best of all" after the orgiastic conclusion. Thanks Alex!

  3. identify with Peter?? my wife's sapphic lover? So u really have no mercy no us guys at all do u honey? Will inbox u later!!!!!! XXX


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