Monday, August 20, 2012

Review: Lust Ever After

Hello fellow smut readers!

Today I wanted to introduce you to a lovely little smutty gem, Lust Ever After by Rose de Fer. I was delighted to discover that the lovely Ms De Fer and I share a horny fascination with the Victorian era’s notions of female sexuality and the doctors who tended to the poor, pent up women of the time. So if your mouth – or other parts of you – were watering over Lillianne’s ordeal and you are hungry for more, you don’t have to wait for the next installment of the Draper Estate Trilogy. Look no further than this…

London, 1881. The brilliant Dr Frankenstein has a thriving practice in the city, treating ladies for ‘hysteria’ and seducing them along the way.

Through his pretty chambermaid, Justine, he spies the perfect opportunity to create what he has always dreamt of – a truly liberated woman. When Justine wakes in the laboratory she has no memory of her former life. All she knows is that she has a ravenous sensual appetite and she will let nothing stand in the way of her desires, least of all Frankenstein. Soon Justine finds herself drawn into a world of forbidden delights, first with her female friends, and then with a mysterious young man named William, with whom she feels a strange and unearthly bond. An unbreakable connection that her creator will do anything to destroy.

Sound good? It’s even better. Justine has a friend, Daisy, and the story actually begins with the doctor experimenting on her. There’s something so deliciously devious and wrong about the idea of a wealthy doctor exploiting a poor little book store clerk, paying her for access to her body to demonstrate female sexual reactions to his colleagues, all in the name of science, don’t ya know. And the fact that the demonstration leaves Daisy panting for further assignments – perhaps with the device she’s heard something about, the aptly named Alleviator – is all the more enticing. 

The book is worth a look for that first chapter alone. But lucky for us, it goes on from there with Justine’s delectable transformation from innocent maiden to insatiable, unearthly creation.

But it’s not just a horny premise that makes this book a great read. I believe it was Nathaniel Hawthorne who said ‘Easy reading is damn hard writing.’ That said, the ease with which you can slip into this story demonstrates the finesse of the writer. The settings, the clothing, the passions are all delivered in a tightly written yet richly emoted package.

You can read more about Ms De Fer’s book, including an excerpt, on her blog here. Purchase it from Amazon here.

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