Thursday, August 9, 2012

First book ever! Freaking out!

Well, here we are. My very first book ever is coming out on Amazon tomorrow. I’m pretty much having a conniption over here.

              If you are envisioning a book launch party with caviar and champagne, large stacks of my books displayed beautifully on tables, big posters from the inside book jacket of me looking all serious but sexy, and me there in a really hot but still writer-y looking outfit, being passed around from editor to publisher to adoring fan…well, then we obviously watch the same movies. The reality is me alone in my parents’ basement on Twitter and Facebook and email, madly contacting everyone and anyone who has ever heard of me who I think might download the book and just put a little rating on Amazon.

                It’s a little like being in the ninth grade and having a birthday party. What if no one shows up? Or worse, what if they do but they think my party sucks? What if they tell everyone, don’t hang out with her, she’s a total dork with lame chip and dip and no booze parties? (You’re beginning to get a picture of my first year of high school.)

                Hubby often tells me I’m my own worst critic. He must be right because I feel the need to put a proviso on my book. I know the writing is cheesy. I know the cover is hideous (through no fault of anyone but me, mind, the publishers had a much prettier cover to begin with until I started toying with it and well… the result is what happens when a writer who should just keep to writing sticks her nose into the cover art – In my defense I’ll just say I had this whole Downton Abbey thing going in my head and it just didn’t translate). But these are obviously not good things to say to promote one’s own book! So I instead I’m just blogging about it. You won’t tell anyone, right?

                So yes, my book comes out tomorrow. I’ll blog again then with a link because I know you’re dying to find out how you can get your hands on this cheesy, hideous creation! But don’t worry, I’ll also have info on how you can get it for FREE. 

                And if you want to comment and soothe my overwhelming fears that no one is going to show up to my party, I mean, download my book, my quaking ego would really appreciate it! Damn EL James and her fan fiction base. I bet she never felt like this. Lol.



  1. I'm so glad the Draper Estates Trilogy is coming out*_* I'm going to purchase it as soon as it becomes available. The idea for the story is very intriguing, and I liked the writing a lot-- it isn't cheesy!
    I'm not sure the title and the cover image are the best in marketing terms, but I guess these days one has to rely on self-promotion rather than on cover fairies and slick fonts^^
    By the way, I read "Something Twisted This Way Comes": definitely one of the best stories in the anthology! I'm really not wired for Femdom-- I kept feeling sorry for Paul (LOL), which in a way proves that you did it right XD

    1. Thanks for your comments Eve! Your post prompted me to check Amazon because I didn't know you could see the cover yet... and lo and behold it's there already! You can buy it and everything! Holy cow, must tweet! Thank you for saying you'll buy it. It will actually be offered for free on Tuesday if you can wait. And if you like it I only ask for you to click on the stars on Amazon to rate it. I would be very grateful. :)

      Yes, the Femdom thing surprised me too. I feel sorry for Paul myself sometimes, if you can believe it! I have a story coming out in an upcoming anthology "Cougars" that is the opposite. So you might like to read that!

  2. Oh, thanks for the heads-up, I'll wait until Tuesday then! I've already liked it on Amazon and will be posting a review there and on GoodReads. I'll buy the other two ebooks when they become available, hopefully very soon :D
    I'm really looking forward to read the complete trilogy and see where the story is headed! By the way, if it has a "romance" angle, I think that should be emphasized in the presentation-- after all it's the romantic side that made erotica so wildly popular these days...
    I'll keep an eye open for "Cougars" in the meantime^_^

    1. Thanks so much for your reviews, Eve! I'm so glad you enjoyed the book. Please let me know what you think of the story in Cougars! It's a much more recent work for me and because it's not historical I think it's a little edgier and more fun. Look forward to your thoughts. :)


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