Friday, August 17, 2012

Bringing Sexy Back - Part 4

Hello friends!

I've been super busy writing and promoting Nymphomania (which is, at this point in time anyway, still free to download!) but I haven't forgotten that I promised the final part of Bringing Sexy Back. So here it is! Enjoy. And don't forget to comment!

Tracy watched as her husband walked over and pulled Caroline’s top over her head, unsnapped her bra and grabbed her breasts firmly in his hands from behind while Delia continued kissing her from the front, one hand still between her legs, the other stroking her hair. Tracy imagined what it must feel like for Caroline, neglected for so long, now to have four hands on her, completely engulfed in sexual attention. The thought made her so horny she practically drooled. She looked over at Sebastian again but this time, instead of watching the other women, he had his gaze on Tracy.
            Tracy’s immediate inclination was to go straight to him, to kiss him like she was just kissing her husband. But instead she held his gaze for a while then looked down, down where his hand stroked lazily at his enormous cock. She looked back up in his dark eyes and ran her tongue slowly over her lips. She thought she heard him groan. He crooked his finger at her, motioning her over to him and she slowly obeyed, sauntering over and settling herself down next to him.
            ‘I want to take you up on your offer of spicing things up,’ he said softly, staring at her but not taking his hand away from his shaft, continuing his slow stroking.
            ‘Uh,’ Tracy looked over at the other three who were now almost completely naked, still with Caro at the centre of the attention, then back at Sebastian. ‘I’d say mission accomplished. I can’t imagine much spicier.’
            ‘I could,’ Sebastian grinned sexily. ‘Besides, I’d have thought that someone who’s done such extensive reading on the subject would have a better imagination.’ He leaned in then and kissed her. Tracy’s stomach did flip flops as Sebastian’s full lips pressed against hers, his tongue sweeping into her mouth. God, he really is so sexy, she thought, and moved her hand to join his on his cock.
            This time she definitely heard him groan and he took his hand away letting her take control. As she stroked him, picking up speed a little from his slow tempo, she marveled at how her hand came nowhere near to encompassing him, her four fingers separated from her thumb by a couple of inches of hard, veiny flesh. She tore her gaze from it to look over and see Caro performing the same task with her husband, Caro’s slim hand sliding over Peter’s longer but thinner member while Delia sucked at Caro’s nipples. Peter was staring down at the two women completely enraptured. Tracy couldn’t believe that, instead of feeling jealous, she was completely turned on.
            As if reading her mind, Sebastian grumbled, ‘Fuck, that’s hot,’ and he put his hand up Tracy’s short dress. With one finger he carefully drew a line down the centre of her cunt, feeling the thong she was wearing as it disappeared between her ass cheeks. ‘Mm, baby, I’ve been wondering what’s under this dress all night.’
            As Sebastian pulled her thong over to one side and began gently investigating her folds with his fingers, Tracy looked over again to see what the threesome were up to. Now Delia’s head was between Caro’s legs, but Caro’s moans were being stifled by Peter’s cock which was thrusting deeply into her throat. Peter glanced over at Tracy just as Sebastian found her clit and started rubbing it. ‘Ah!’ she gasped and gripped Sebastian’s rod harder in her hand, still pumping it. ‘I’ve got to have this huge thing inside me,’ she whispered, her stare still on Peter.
            Sebastian guided her on all fours on to the floor. He lifted her dress and was easing down her sopping thong when Caro’s cries suddenly reached a fevered pitch. With Peter’s pole again in her hand, she pumped it as Delia’s head shook back and forth between her legs, working Caro into a screaming climax. As she watched Caro’s body convulse around Delia’s head, Tracy felt the huge glans of Sebastian’s cock slide between the folds of her slippery cunt, felt Sebastian position himself at the entrance of her hole. God, he feels so wide, Tracy thought. But she was wet, she couldn’t remember when she’d been so wet. When he started to ease into her, she felt stretched but her slick walls provided no resistance. He pushed his way slowly inside her and when he was all the way in she felt so completely filled up, so wonderfully skewered on his thick meat.
            Sebastian began slowly sawing in and out of her. Their doggy style position allowed them both to watch the show in front of them, and what a show it was. Caroline and Delia were now both on their knees in front of Peter and, from what Tracy could tell, Peter was not going to last much longer. Tracy imagined what it would be like for Peter to look down and see her two gorgeous friends with their tongues dueling around his cock. Delia had it in her hand and was passing it back and forth between her mouth and Caroline’s. Caroline’s hands had Peter’s balls cupped, massaging them, and Peter was grunting, huffing, trying to keep his eyes open to take in the delicious sight but occasionally closing his eyes and throwing his head back in sheer ecstasy.
            With Sebastian pumping into her from behind and the sight of her husband about to come in front of her, Tracy was close too. Then Sebastian leaned over her, reached around with one hand and began sliding his finger in quick strokes over her sensitive nub as he kissed the back of her neck. He whispered in her ear, ‘I’ve been dreaming about fucking you since the day we met.’
            She heard Peter cry out then and she looked up to see a burst of semen shoot between Caro’s and Delia’s lips. Then Delia put her mouth around the head while Caroline jerked the shaft with her tongue and Peter huffed out high pitched, raspy grunts Tracy had never heard before.
            It was all too much for Tracy. ‘Oh GOD!’ she wailed as Sebastian’s finger worked her over the edge. Her pussy began contracting but it could barely do more than flutter, so crammed full of Sebastian’s huge cock as she was. Then she felt his impossibly large shaft throb impossibly larger and he groaned, ‘Fuck, I’m coming! Oh, fuck,’ and at the last second he thought to pull out, jerking it and covering Tracy’s back with his milky load.

If Tracy felt jealous any time after she and Peter had their conversation in the hallway that night, it was only of Delia, later in the evening. Tracy and Caroline watched, kissing and touching each other, while Delia had Sebastian sucking her nipples and Peter worked her clit with his tongue to three consecutive orgasms. Tracy desperately wanted to know what it would be like to have two men at the same time fondling her, licking her and making her come.
But she imagined there were all kinds of combinations and permutations the five of them could come up with. And perhaps Sebastian was right. Somebody who’d read as much erotica as she had certainly had the imagination to come up with them.


  1. Wow.... I'm loving it! That would be so fun..... I enjoy talking dirty to my hubby when we have fantasy is having a woman go down on me while he fucks her doggie style. It does make his cocktail extra hard thinking about it! Can't wait for the 2nd book of Nympho to come out. When will that be? THANK YOU!!!!!

    1. I'm so glad! Oo, that is a lovely fantasy. Might have to throw that one in there next time. You don't mind do you? Lol. Anything that makes the hubby's cock extra hard has to be a good thing, right? I will let you know re Book Two. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Don't u get ANYTHING wrong, ever!!!?? The whole scene drips with sheer pulsating physical treasures - 'screaming climax' the 'drawing a line across her cunt' - the raw passion and total sexual abandonment...the way their tongues duelled around his cock...working her clit to three successive only trouble is whether i want 2 be Peter or Sebastian now...Kc, u have a astonishing and rare gift...please please never stop thrilling all of us fans!!!! XXX

    1. Aw, Alex, trust me, I get lots of things wrong, all the time! But we seem to have similar... tastes. Wouldn't you say? Glad you liked the scene. I know you were looking forward to a good orgy!


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