Monday, April 9, 2012

Chapter 4

Phillip Samms and Ewan Draper had been friends since their time together as boys at Andover. Afterward, while Ewan was growing his entrepreneurial enterprises, particularly the mill, Phillip went on to study medicine at Harvard. If you could call what Phillip did studying. He was bright but easily distracted and he considered his studies more like a hobby, a sidebar to his real passion… which was women. Needless to say, anatomy class was the only one he never missed. He came from money and as long as the old man was continuing to subsidize Harvard’s growing campus, Phillip could hardly be thrown out. Ewan was not even sure if Phillip ever graduated.

After what Ewan saw late on his wedding night, he could not get his wanton new bride and her lascivious actions out of his head. He bid James ensure she did not leave the premises as he’d commanded and sought out Phillip for consultation.

‘I have heard of women such as this one,’ Phillip had said after Ewan recounted a detailed description of the night’s events. ‘You were right to consult me. It could be that she is in need of medical assistance, Ewan. She should be kept under close scrutiny.’ It was decided that Phillip would stay in the adjoining room in secrecy, so as to monitor Lillianne’s actions. If he suspected a repeat of what Ewan had witnessed he would summon him immediately. ‘In the meantime,’ Phillip said, ‘I will consult my medical journals and educate myself on this sort of behaviour.’ Unbeknownst to Lillianne, Ewan set up his friend in the guest room next to the master. The next night, when Phillip perceived soft sighs and stifled moans from the other side of the thin wall that separated them, he immediately summoned his friend. Ewan came at once, and so it was that the two men stood over Lillianne in the master bedroom at Draper Mansion.

For her part, Lillianne had at least kept the bedclothes covering her this time and the candle had not moved from the bedside. But there could be no mistaking the rapid movements under the covers that the two men perceived as they walked in.

‘Phillip, you see now with your own eyes!’ Ewan said, still incredulous himself as he tore back the covers to reveal the young woman’s hand rapidly retreating from its work between her legs. ‘Slut!’ he spat. ‘Whore!’

‘Now calm down, Ewan, until we see what we’re dealing with,’ Phillip said as his eyes roamed over Lillianne’s quivering body. ‘I’ll need to do a thorough examination.’ She feebly attempted to cover herself with her hands but Ewan grabbed them and, as he had previously, held them above her head so his colleague could perform his exam.

Phillip slid his hands over Lilly’s soft skin, studying her closely and measuring her every reaction. Her eyes appeared glazed with a far away look. When he drew his hand down her cheek and ran his fingers over her lips, she wet them with her tongue and parted them slightly. He traced her lips and then ran his fingertips along her neck and down between her swelling breasts. When he gently cupped them and lightly pinched her nipples the two men watched closely as she closed her eyes, sighed and pushed her pelvis up. Pinching the puckered flesh a little harder caused her to gasp and moan.

‘This will be the true test,’ Phillip murmured almost to himself as he slowly moved his hand down between Lillianne’s legs. Holding two fingers together and with his palm up, he slowly pushed inside of her dark canal. Sighing loudly, Lilly pushed herself down to meet him, until his fingers were completely enveloped within her flesh. Slowly Phillip retracted his fingers to reveal that they were covered with a slick, viscous wetness.

‘What is it, doctor?’ Ewan asked.

‘Seed,’ Phillip said quietly.

‘I don’t understand.’

Phillip cleared his throat. ‘Women of this nature have an abundance, an accumulation of fluid just as a man does.’

‘Of this nature?’ Ewan questioned.

‘Well, I can’t be sure yet. There is one last thing,’ Phillip mumbled as he carefully parted her labia and pubic hair to reveal her swollen clitoris. He bowed his head.

‘It is as I suspected,’ he said. ‘Nymphomania.’

With his finger still wet from her fluids, he began to stroke Lillianne’s turgid bud of flesh slowly up and down. She cried out and wriggled under his hand but Ewan still held fast to her wrists above her head.

‘As you and I know, normal women do not desire nor even need physical gratification the way a man does,’ Phillip explained as he continued stroking his patient. ‘Most women never think of such things and, in the case of married women, just tolerate their husbands’ advances in the course of their marital duties.’ He paused briefly as Lillianne’s cries were reaching a crescendo, waited a moment and then continued stroking more slowly. ‘A woman suffering from this affliction has a compulsive and irrepressible desire for intercourse with a man. Physically, even, she is different. Every woman has what is called a clitoris, a small collection of nerve endings normally hidden beneath what is known as the clitoral hood. In a case such as this one,’ and he stopped rubbing again, pulled Lilly’s legs farther apart and again spread her labia wide open with two fingers for his friend’s view, ‘you can see the clitoris is swollen, distended and discoloured from all the blood rushing to it, not unlike a small cock. If I rub gently here at the tip,’ and he began to move the pad of his wet finger in small, quick circles at the peak of her flesh producing ever more feverish cries, gasps and writhing, ‘you can see there is a significant reaction.’

‘Good God. It’s indecent! What can be done?’

Phillip removed his hands and took on a grave demeanour. ‘Ewan, there is no cure for this illness. Only maintenance. If someone does not assume her care she can be thrown into the asylum.’

Releasing his grasp on her wrists, Ewan stared into Lilly’s eyes. He could not allow the woman he had chosen as his bride to be locked up. The scandal! It would be worse than all of the stories of his philandering put together! She gasped, sobbed and clung to him and he shifted himself uncomfortably in his trousers, trying to hide the effect of Lillianne’s affliction on his body from his friend. Even as she sobbed into his chest, the wretched woman’s body still writhed, betraying her. Ewan pushed her back on to the bed.

‘What is the maintenance you speak of?’

Phillip turned his attention back to Lillianne, placing his fingers again on her wet and swollen clitoris. ‘Massage until hysterical paroxysm is reached cures the patient temporarily,’ he stated matter-of-factly as he rubbed in earnest this time. In no time Lilly began to gyrate her pelvis furiously against Phillip’s hand. Her cries were reaching a fevered pitch.

‘It’s abominable!’ Ewan puffed. ‘I can barely stand to watch.’ But his eyes remained glued to Lilly’s bucking body, her gaping hole. He had never seen a woman for this long from this angle, in this proximity. His own flesh was so stiff it ached and he surreptitiously attempted to rub himself through the coarse fabric of his trousers. The memory of Lilly’s slick, tight passage around his steel-like shaft maddened him and seeing her there, in front of him, his friend’s fingers working her hard as she writhed and cried out was more than he could bear.

In a flash he had shoved his friend aside and had his trousers around his knees.

‘No, Ewan! You mustn’t! Paroxysm must be brought about only by massage. Physical male contact of this nature will only serve to progress the madness further!’

Phillip’s protests were but background noise to Ewan. He no more could have stopped himself from sliding into Lilly than he could have stopped a train barreling down a track. He slammed himself in to his hilt and began sawing in and out. Just as before, Lilly’s tight sheath contracted around him and almost immediately began to spasm. She screamed and he pulled her to him almost violently. As at in the backroom of the mill, the spasms seemed to milk Ewan’s own orgasm from him, and he grunted loudly as his seed pumped out in long bursts into his wife’s body.


  1. That was different. While I'm looking for tease and denial, feels like I'm being teased and denied.

    1. Different... LOL, okay ya, I hear ya. This was the part of the story that fascinated me most, that actually spurred the story on. That there used to be doctors who made money from giving women orgasms! It's based on some research of that time period that I did. And also their views on nymphomania...

      But I'm a little freaky like that. Sorry if it didn't appeal!

    2. Oh, don't get me wrong KC, if you write it, it appeals.

    3. Oh wow. High praise. Thank you. :)

  2. White hot and very the 'clinical ' explanation of Lilliane's desires and sexual needs - I'm panting for more and just know so many wickedly stylish twists and turns await us......

    1. Okay, I'm glad it's not just me who finds that clinical stuff hot. Thanks Alex!

  3. You've got That RIGHT, Alex!

  4. Well, We need MORE, KC!!!

  5. Patience, luv, patience. It's coming! Are you?? ;)

    1. Naughty girl, you won't let me!

  6. I love the clinical stuff, too, but now I'm crossing my fingers over here hoping there's going to be an interlude with a chastity belt in here somewhere...


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