Saturday, April 7, 2012

Power Play Review

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In the absence of an update on poor little Lillianne, check out my review of a much more talented writer than I, Charlotte Stein. Here are my thoughts on her amazing book Power Play...

There are so many things to like about Charlotte Stein’s novel, Power Play, I keep changing my mind about what I like most. It could be her mastery of language, the gorgeous way she crafts her sentences in this irresistible rolling, rambling, wave of words that leaves you unintentionally imitating the protagonist’s voice in your head (exhibit A, this review). It’s perhaps that, while it’s really horny, lewd, filthy, awesomely naughty and perverse, in the moment before those moments you actually chuckle. You actually “LOL” or perhaps GOL, Guffaw Out Loud. (This lends itself to the erotica-reader-on-the-sly, as your chuckles might throw off an onlooker into perhaps thinking you’re reading some Dave Barry or maybe Steve Martin’s latest tweet. Your slutty secret will be safe.)

But I think, in fact, what makes Power Play the amazing read that it is, is Charlotte’s knowledge of the strange yet wonderful cyclical nature of the D/s relationship. How on the surface it may seem that the Dom holds all the power and the sub is, well, exactly that, submissive. But in fact it’s so much more layered and complex, little mini microcosms of power displays all winding down within themselves, like putting two mirrors facing into each other. Her understanding of that, and her ability to weave believable characters from that understanding, is what lies at the heart of what makes this a great, read-in-one-gulp, sigh-in-satisfaction-at-the-end sort of read. Love!

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