Saturday, April 28, 2012

YOUR interview... with me!

Via Twitter from @Carla­_Croft…
What gets you in the mood to write erotica?
Lots of things! A sexy comment in a TV show or movie, reading something weird  about anything sexual on Wikipedia (I know, I’m a total freak), reading an interesting string on the Tantalism website (dedicated to female tease and denial, if you’re not familiar), and so many other things. I think about sex a lot. All the time. So I’m always conjuring sexy ‘what ifs.’ Also, I tend to get good ideas in the shower. If I’m stuck I’ll often strip and head under the spray.

What keeps you in the mood to write erotica?
For me this one is simple: Time. As a wife, a mom, an employee, I don’t often have a big chunk of alone time to write. When I do, it’s amazing and I can write like a wealthy sex addict let loose at the Chicken Ranch can fuck.

What can pull you away from writing erotica?
My child yelling, ‘Mom, I’m done! Come wipe my bum!’ Like a deluge of cold water every time.

From eve h. on my blog
As someone who's always been interested in "all things Japanese", I'm very curious about "Kyoko"... Is it a pen name, and is there a "story" behind it? :P
Yes… and no. Kyoko Church is a pen name. But Kyoko is part of my real name. It’s not much of a story. I’m half Japanese!

What were the first erotic books you read?
Well, the first erotica I read was the forum letters in the Penthouse mags I snuck from my dad! First books were borrowed copies of
Nancy Friday’s My Secret Garden and Women on Top. I don’t know if you’d define those as strictly “erotica books” since they are not stories exactly, but a collection of real fantasies from real women. But they were important to me because it made fantasies okay, showed me I was not alone in being a women who had sexy thoughts that I had previously thought were “wrong” or “bad.” The first erotica book I ever bought was Fiona’s Fate published by Black Lace, which, incidentally, was the publisher to accept my first short story, “Delayed Gratification.” Full circle moment. Someone call Oprah.

And... what is the biggest "taboo" subject you'd like to write about?
Oo! GREAT question! Hmm. Actually, the novella I’m working on right now for HarperCollins is based on my short story, “Something Twisted This Way Comes,” my first foray into Femdom. In the sequel, “The Breaking of subPaul,” (just accepted by Mischief this week, actually!) there is an adult nursing scene. This is not something I even realized was a thing! And not something I had ever thought of as arousing before. But it’s something that just ended up fitting as a loving act between the characters within the story. I hadn’t thought of whether or not it was taboo before now. I try not to consider taboos as I’m writing and just let whatever comes come. (Especially if it’s me.) But thanks to Shanna Germain’s Facebook post, just today I read this article. So considering these are the kinds of attitudes people attach to breastfeeding, I guess that subject could be considered taboo.

From Tickle Lover on my blog
See a lot of tickling making it's way into these great BDSM novels and novellas. Ticklish, Kyoko?
OMG, this totally makes me squirm! Lol. To be honest, I am very ticklish but I used to have nightmares about being tickled till I couldn’t breathe. So it kind of scares me! But I do have a bit of a kink-on for POT, post orgasm torture. Mostly watching/inflicting. Not so much as the victim. Mostly. ;)
Ever tried it as part of your sex life?
Never really thought about it… UNTIL NOW!

Emailed questions
What does Kyoko Church signify? (My imagination hopes it means you are cutely Asian. My imagination is usually stupidly wrong.)
So I answered this one. I am half Asian. Cutely so? I guess that’s a matter of opinion!

If you mentioned which country you’re in now, I missed it.
And why are you moving to Australia?
I have family there. Hubby likes the more ‘work to live’ rather than ‘live to work’ lifestyle.
I hope so!

Did you ever take any writing courses or is your excellent style self taught?
Excellent style? Wow. Thanks! (I swear, someone sent me this question, I didn’t make it up myself!) I have taken two writing classes, one at a university level and one college. Plus a few workshops. But I read. A lot. Always have. I love to read!

If I were to write a Kyoko into one of my stories, what kind of role would tickle you most?
Again with the tickling! Lol. Hm, what a different question! Most of the fantasy roles I dream about I write into MY stories. But I think, despite currently being in Femdom mode, I do identify more with my submissive side. So any kind of naughty little (of age!) school girl would probably do it.

What are your favorite 'little games' and how do you rate them?
Any kind of power exchange games are definitely my favourite. Rate them? Hm, like one clitoral erection out of three? Lol. I don’t know!

From John Wonderly on my blog
 Do you ever get off on what you receive from your loyal followers as far as comments, emails or whatever that might be somewhat "suggestive"?
First, I think you overestimate how many “loyal follower” emails and comments I get! When I tweet I mostly feel like I’m talking to myself. ;) Second, I guess it depends what you mean by “get off on.” Like, I need to excuse myself and have some alone time with my toy? No, I don’t think that’s ever happened. But if you mean, get a little frisson of sexy happiness, for sure! Or sexy naughtiness, yum! Yes!

From spdy on my blog
It seems unlikely or even impossible that you have personal experience with all the scenarios you write about in your stories. Yet, you write with incredible detail and realism. How do you conduct your research or gather information that helps you write so vividly about such a wide variety of erotic activities?
Unlikely or impossible, huh? Actually I have a guy I keep shackled up in my house. Whenever I get a wicked little idea I just haul him out to touch, tease and torment. I call him The Gimp. Hubby doesn’t mind. He’s very sweet and non-threatening, is my little gimpie. ;)

So there you have it! Everything you ever wanted to know about me. Comments? You know where to put 'em! And thank you to everyone who participated. I really enjoyed reading and answering your questions. I appreciate you taking the time to write to me. :)


  1. Thank you for answering my questions :D I've read several books by Nancy Friday, it's interesting that not so long ago women weren't even supposed to have that "Secret Garden"...
    By the way, I really enjoyed 'The Game' in the "Submission" Anthology! It's not easy to find short stories that feel this "fresh" :)
    I'll be reading 'Something Twisted' soon-- broadening my horizons to femdom, LOL.

    1. I'll be interested to hear your thoughts on the Femdom stuff then Eve. It's fairly new for me too. I'm so pleased you enjoyed The Game! Thanks for commenting. :)

  2. Thank you for being so open, Kyoko. It's a very important part of your appeal. Please don't change too much as you become wildly popular.

    1. I'm glad it appeals to you, Jack. I can hardly help it, it's just the way I am. Wildly popular? Ha, yeah, okay... I'll try and remember I'm still KC from the block. Lol.


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