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My Kingdom For a Name

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Now didn't I promise you something in return? What was it now... Oh yes! The next installment of Affliction.

Okay, no more teasing. (Although you love it, don't you, you naughty slut!) Here it is...

Chapter 5

‘Ewan, this is serious.’

Ewan Draper and Phillip Samms sat in the library at Draper Mansion, each with a cognac.

‘I know it is, dammit,’ Ewan said, draining his glass and reaching for the bottle. ‘You inspected her … afterwards. Is she cured?’

‘She is,’ Phillip replied hesitantly. ‘I inspected the clitoris after your union. Your ill-advised union, I must repeat. Nevertheless, the swelling was significantly reduced and I daresay she’s now most likely returned to a normal state. For the time being,’ he added, leaning forward in the oxblood leather chair. ‘But this is what I was attempting to explain to you, Ewan. I did considerable research on this topic after what you initially described to me and in preparation for what I would be faced with here tonight. I’ve consulted all the foremost experts in this field. Nymphomania is a disease for which there is no cure.’ He paused here, took a drink from his glass. ‘I explained to you how women of this nature accumulate seed, semen, as it were. It is the retention of this fluid that causes the illness. You heard how she panted and gasped. The uterus is being suffocated.’

‘This is all so confusing,’ Ewan muttered. ‘And if we do nothing?’

‘According to my research, left alone this condition can only lead to madness. I mentioned the asylum to you. I did not mean to alarm you, Ewan, but that is the reality of the situation. She needs regular therapy to purge her body of the fluid.’ Seeing the look of despair on his friend’s face, Phillip rose and put his hand on Ewan’s shoulder. ‘Really, Ewan, she is a lucky woman.’ He looked up at Phillip in confusion. ‘You are a man of means. Not to mention you have me. Together we can provide her with the best care available. I will prescribe a regular course of therapy. But we must be careful, my friend. Paroxysm must be brought about slowly and by manual manipulation only. Nymphomaniacs are excitable and must be treated with extreme caution.’

‘But Phillip, this woman is my wife. Are you suggesting I may not bed her?!’ Ewan barked in frustration.

‘Actually, there is some research to suggest that male seminal fluid can have a healing effect,’ Phillip said, as he consulted one of the medical journals. Ewan responded immediately.

‘I see! Well, naturally as her husband I would want to be involved in her healing. You will of course be including my contribution of seminal fluid in the regular course of her treatment.’

The two men discussed the particulars of Lillianne’s treatment for another hour before they retired for the evening. By the end it was decided that Phillip would move into Draper Mansion so that he could assume Lillianne’s care. Had either man been less engrossed in the details of tending to Lilly’s affliction he might have noticed that their entire conversation was being monitored. Monitored very closely.

Characteristics normally attributed to Phillip Samms were: spoiled, frivolous, aimless, lackadaisical. Boston elite largely saw him as a little boy in a grown man’s body, casually flitting between interests as only a man born with the proverbial silver spoon in his mouth could do. But with regard to Lillianne’s affliction, that Phillip approached his duties with anything other than enthusiasm could not be said. Once the details of his position as resident physician at Draper Estates had been established, he earnestly studied all of the existing literature he could find on the subject of nymphomania, at the university and through the colleagues he knew from his brief time there. Straight away he spoke to the entire Draper household – Ewan, James, Celeste, as well as the other kitchen and house staff – and impressed upon them the severity of their mistress’ illness. His treatments were to be heeded at all costs and were not to be tampered with.

He began by recommending to Ewan that one of his guest bedrooms be converted into a lab room, of sorts. This was where Lilly would be kept, monitored and treated. The bed in the room was fitted with restraints, as it was obvious from her previous actions that she could not be left to her own devices, as well as storage for his medical equipment.

Phillip did his best to explain his findings to Ewan. ‘Left unchecked,’ he began, ‘the patient would masturbate continuously and furiously which would progress the illness into madness. What I must do then, as Lilly’s physician, is to take control. As I explained earlier, paroxysm must be reached only by medical massage. And it is to be brought about slowly, extremely slowly, so as not to excessively excite the patient.’

‘And what of my regular … contributions?’ Ewan asked.

‘Yes,’ Phillip paused, donned his spectacles and consulted his notes. ‘I’ve made allowances in my treatment for regular marital consummation. I’m hoping this sort of normal activity will aid in her mental health.’ Ewan exhaled and smiled a little. ‘But with caution, my friend. And at least for now,’ Phillip pulled off the specs and looked directly at Ewan, ‘For now it will have to be engaged in only under my direct supervision.’ Seeing Ewan frown, Phillip added, ‘This is an extremely tenuous situation. I’m not sure how my therapy will work and we cannot have it thwarted if you were to, say, inadvertently bring about paroxysm through your exertions with her.’

Lillianne could hardly believe what had become of the fantasy life she dreamt for herself. The happily ever after image of she and Ewan living out their lives in wealthy ease and wedded bliss had seemed the inevitable conclusion. And yet somehow it had slipped away. How had it gone so wrong?

Her mornings weren’t so bad, if closely monitored. Generally she spent them with Celeste, once the maid’s early kitchen duties were attended to. Celeste was her sympathetic ear, her true confidante. If Celeste were busy though, James was never far away. Lillianne was all too familiar with what Dr. Samms had told the staff about her illness and James took the task of supervising Lilly’s actions very seriously. He was forever lurking in her periphery.

The afternoons, however, belonged to Dr. Phillip Samms.

After undressing Lilly and strapping her down in his newly converted laboratory for the first time, Dr. Samms explained that he was committed to ensuring her mental well being and that he needed her full cooperation. Lilly’s head, torso and arms were secured to one padded examination table while her legs were each secured to two smaller wheeled ones, thereby allowing the doctor to wheel her legs open or shut. He then tightly rolled up a towel and placed it firmly between her legs which he wheeled shut, locking the wheels in place. This, he explained, was to soak up any fluids that her body emanated. What it served to do, though, was place firm pressure on that button of flesh that was the cause of all this in the first place. The clitoris, the doctor said it was called. With the pressure there, Lilly felt her body, her clitoris, swell as the doctor proceeded.

Phillip Samms finally understood his calling.

His significant success in bedding a multitude of women had all led up to this point. Finally his medical studies (albeit incomplete) had intersected with his passion. He knew what he was supposed to do. He was Lillianne’s saviour. It was up to him.

‘I need to have a clear understanding of all of your body’s triggers and reactions,’ Phillip said quietly as he ran his hands over Lilly’s naked flesh. He had always been entranced by women. Their bodies, so soft and mysterious; he wanted to know them, to discover all their secrets. In all his experiences with women though, never had he had one so available for his perusal, so open to his scrutiny. Now it was not his diversion, but his duty, his obligation to study and understand. To help Lillianne. Clearing his throat, he began his thorough examination, stroking and circling his hands and fingers over each and every part of her and noting any reactions. All the places that caused her breath to catch or quicken: behind her knees, under her arms, the base of her neck, her abdomen, her inner thighs and buttocks, at each of these points Phillip stopped and duly recorded them in his notebook. When he got to her breasts, her nipples were hardened into tight peaks and as his fingers grazed them gently, Lilly gasped in the most significant reaction yet. Phillip noted this and continued to pluck and circle them while Lilly vainly attempted to suppress her reactions. ‘Amazing,’ Phillip muttered as he watched her hips move subtly.

‘I would like to try something here, Lilly,’ he said and then leaned down and placed his lips around her nipple. He experimented with his tongue first, hard flicks, soft laving, light circling, then switched to grazing the nipple lightly with his teeth. He then went to the other nipple and began the same course of stimuli again. All of this caused very significant reactions of gasping and writhing and by the time Phillip was finished with the second nipple, Ewan’s wife was thrusting her hips forcefully into the air.

‘Mm, yes, I think it’s time we check the towel,’ he said, unlocking the wheels on the tables supporting her legs and taking the sodden material from between Lilly’s thighs. ‘Even more wet than I’ve come to expect,’ he said to himself, inspecting it. ‘Well, Lilly, I think it’s time we commence with your treatment.’

‘Please, Dr. Samms,’ Lilly entreated, even as her body continued wriggling slightly. ‘I know you’re only trying to help me. But if I could just see Ewan. I’m sure there’s no need for all of this.’

‘Shhh. Now, now. Everything’s going to be fine,’ Phillip assured as he moved a small stool between Lilly’s legs. With her still protesting, he sat down to her body and labia spread before him. He gently placed a finger on top of her clit and rubbed in small, circles with minimal pressure. Suddenly Lilly’s protests ceased.

Lilly could feel the familiar pressure begin to rise as the doctor manipulated her sensitive flesh. She wanted him to stop, she wanted her husband. But soon, as his finger became wet with her juices and began sliding over and over that little button, her body betrayed her. Now all she wanted was more. She wanted him to press harder, rub faster. She cried out and bucked her hips as his finger continued to tease her engorged bud. ‘Please!’ she gasped. ‘PLEASE!’ she pleaded, her limbs taut against the restraints. And the doctor did rub a little harder then, a little faster. The pressure mounted as Lilly panted and thrust when suddenly the doctor removed his hand.

‘Lillianne, I know your illness makes this difficult for you, but for your therapy to be successful I need you to try and remain calm while I set the pace. I need to concentrate and bring the paroxysm on slowly or this will not be effective.’

‘O-of course, doctor, I’m sorry,’ Lilly whispered shakily. Her bound body twitching, her heart pounding, Lilly lay helpless while the doctor recommenced. Choking back her cries, she tried her best to control her reactions while his fingers stroked her increasingly sensitive flesh. Slowly. Ever so slowly.

Outside the door where Lilly’s screams and pleading had been heard quite plainly, now the eavesdropper had to strain hard to hear.


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