Friday, April 20, 2012

Lots to say!

Hello lovely readers,

I’m back from my self imposed sequestration (yes, it’s a word, I looked it up and everything) in the woods. I wrote furiously (and, um, did something else so, but that’s neither here nor there) and got over 10,000 words written so it was a success! As long as what I’ve written is not crap. Is it crap? I have no bloody idea. It’s so hard to have perspective on one’s own work. Anyway, this means I’m half way there to having my novella written and the contract is “being organized” so it’s all good. Want to know what it’s about? You can read the short story that inspired the novella! It just came out yesterday. More on that further down.

In the meantime, I’ve found out about the free books from HarperCollins. Amazon US will have the adjusted pricing available on Monday, April 23, 2012. It won’t be often that I tell you NOT to buy my book, but… don’t buy it! Yet. Get it free here on Monday.

Also, my newest story, “Something Twisted This Way Comes” just came out yesterday! And Mischief is offering that at 50% off on Monday too. So get that one here. It’s my first foray into femdom and I’m a little nervous about it. So be gentle with me! Wanna little peek at it ahead of time? Sure you do, you naughty thing. See the excerpt below.

I’m told this free and discounted material is being offered “for a limited time.” So don’t delay! Free stuff rocks!

And if you do use Amazon and want to write a review of these or any other books on there, please do. It’s always great to have feedback.

Time is almost up on my latest pervy poll. Thanks to all who voted. It looks like everyone is pretty meh on the whole period topic… so I won’t be diving into that area in my next story! LOL. Do you like the pervy polls? Comment and let me know!

If you are thinking my blog header looks weird, you’re right. I know. I started messing with it right before I left, screwed it up, and haven’t had time to set it right. So bear with me. I’ll get it fixed ASAP.

Phew! I had a lot to tell you. See what happens when I don’t have wifi for a couple of days??

Okay, without further ado, here is a little snippet from “Something Twisted This Way Comes…”

After lunch one day she called him in his office.
‘I’m going to send you an email,’ she said, the sultry tones of her voice coming through the phone like ribbons of silk weaving around his body. ‘When you get it, don’t open it. You are not allowed to open it until you are ready to go home.’
The email came through. He looked at it sitting there in his Inbox, subject line ‘For Your Drive,’ in its bolded print indicating it was unread, the darkness of the lettering making it appear so much more intense than the other pathetic emails beneath it and eventually over top of it.
He glanced at the clock. 1:35. He had almost four hours until it would be appropriate, usual for him to leave. Maybe he could squeeze it to three and a half. The hours stretched out like a long road in front of him. It was torture wondering what the message said, being semi hard over words he hadn’t even read yet. How was he going to sit for all that time without reading it? What did it say?
From: MistressD
To: SubPaul
Subject: For Your Drive
Hi! This email is for your drive home. If you have opened it before then, stop, close this up. Open it back up when you are about to drive home. Put it away. Now.
Okay. Are you alone now? Good boy. Have you been thinking about me? Of course you have. You’re always thinking about me, aren’t you? I’ve taken up residence in that naughty little brain of yours.
I have to address the fact that your wife doesn’t go down on you. Have you wondered why I haven't commented on that in our emails? Did you think I hadn't noticed or maybe it wasn't important to me? Oh no. No, no, no. I took very keen notice of that. I have thought about that. A LOT. Because here's something you should know about me. I LOVE to suck cock. I fucking love it. The power. I really get off on the power of it. I know that if I had my lips and tongue anywhere near your cock right now I would have complete control over you. Total.
So, Mr. I-haven't-had-a-blowjob-in-20-years, when I get my hands on you again I’m going to strip you down, sit you on a chair, cuff your hands behind your back and start licking. That spot. You know that spot? Oh yes, the one just under your head, that sensitive spot that you told me you couldn't touch because it gets you there too quickly? Aw, poor baby. Too fucking bad. I like that spot. I would flick and tongue and kiss and suck that spot until you were a pleading, begging, weeping, sopping fucking mess. Don't you dare cum in my face. I mean, Mistress loves cum, but I don't want it yet. You fucking hold it back, slut.
Now. Put your phone away. Start your car. And think about this email the whole way home. Try subtly to get wifey to fuck you tonight. Report back to me in the morning.

Oh. God.
Oh god. Ohgodohgodohgodohgod.
Like a zombie he turned the keys in the ignition. He started the engine. His cock was so hard he could feel the vibrations of the motor right through his body. Her words ran through his brain. He could see himself, in her office, strapped to her chair, helpless with her tongue on his trigger and her ordering him not to explode. Don’t you dare cum in my face. Oh god. You fucking hold it back, slut. Oh fuck.
His cock gave one hard pulse. And then the combination of his pants pressing down on his stiff flesh, the vibrations from the car engine and, mostly, her words whirling around in his head sent pressure through his body it was helpless to combat. He swallowed hard, let out a strangled cry and released in one large spurt.


  1. Nice to have you back KC. I will advise folks, your contribution to the Amazon freebie coming up is delightful.Very nice!

    1. Aw, thx! When I didn't hear from you right away I thought maybe you didn't like it. So nice to hear otherwise!


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