Sunday, April 1, 2012

Tell me!

I want to post some free erotica and get your opinions!

I have two options for what to post.

First is a modern day story involving some girl on girl action, sex between friends, culminating in a group sex scene. It never sold as it’s too long to be a short story and too short to be a novella! It does not have a denial aspect to it, just lots of steamy fucking.

Second is a novel I was/am working on. I posted an excerpt a while ago here. I got distracted by other projects so it’s still sitting in limbo. I thought, why not let you read more! And get your opinions!

So… Please tweet me @kyokochurch or write on my Facebook or blog wall to let me know which you’d like to read! Does this seem like a shameless ploy to get social media traffic? Because it is. A fledgling smut writer’s gotta do what she’s gotta do. It’s worth it to read some free stuff, right? I hope you’ll think so!

So let me know which you'd like to read and I'll post installments daily of whichever you choose! I'll count up votes, let you know the outcome and post the first installment by Tuesday afternoon. Sound good?


  1. I vote for the doctor tease!

    And I *really* vote for more from Lesson Learned. I'm gasping after reading that.


  2. Oo! Always nice to know I can inspire gasping! Well, I have nothing more from Shirley and MasterG for the moment... But in my humble opinion Lillianne and Ewan Draper are even hotter. So hopefully they'll encourage further gasping! You'll have to let me know. So far the evil doctor and innocent farm girl are in the lead!

  3. C'mon sweetheart, we're waiting!

  4. Aw, are you waiting on me? That's sweet. Sorry to keep you but until I start making money from these little smutty tales, momma's gotta work a day job. Which is unfortunately sometimes at night. Check back in about one hour. Should be up then.:)

    1. Who else would be our sweetheart here? Didn't mean to rush you. Just love reading your work.

    2. Not at all! I'm flattered you were waiting. It's up now... let me know what you think, Mr./Ms. "Anonymous"! LOL.

    3. Tantalizing, Ms. Church, very tantalizing.

    4. Ah, Mr. Kennedy, is that you, you scamp!

    5. Of course it is, Kyoko! It was superb by the way.


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